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Withings Pulse Wireless Activity TrackerSince we have many of activity trackers on the market, it is very easy for you to get confused when time comes to make a purchase decision, that is to why I review some of the best activity & sleep trackers to ease on your search and at the same time make it easy for you to make a final purchase decision.


When I look at customer reviews of this product via Amazon, I can tell it’s not popular, but 3.7 out of 5 rating stars give me a clear impression that the product is good. To put that aside, Withings activity and sleep trackers can integrate very well with Withing mobile application, so you will always see results about your heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, distance covered and pace via your smart phone in real time.


  • Sleek Design: – Withings pulse trackers comes in two designs, the one promoted here can be put in the pocket, attached on your shirt and the other model can be worn as a normal watch. However, both models are sleek in design and very light, you might even forget that you have one with you. It’s very accurate and data can be synced to your phone using a Withing App, in this case, you don’t have to look at your activity tracker, the app displays data in graphical format which makes it easy to read and compare.

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Withings Pulse is a little bit similar to most activity trackers; however, it has a few unique features which make it different from the most pulse trackers. Withings is wireless and it works 24/7, this means it will keep on tracking each movement you take and then calculate covered distance in a day, calories burned, heart rate, fitness level and so much more. After buying this gadget, download a free Withings mobile App from iTunes / Android and connect this device with your phone. When all is set, wear or put this device in your pocket and start exercising, it will gather all essential data and send it on your Smartphone, you will be in position to view data in graphical format, making it easy to know which days your fitness level was low / high.

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  • Track each and every activity: – Withings was crafted for people who want to keep track of their health and fitness. It works 24/7, so you don’t have to be worried about results, just keep your body active and Withings will calculate burned calories / distance covered, steps, pace and fitness level.
  • Heart Rate Measurement:- This device monitors your heart rate instantly and syncs data with its Within App in real time. When your body is not physically active, your heart rate will be low but normal, but when it gets involved into an activity, the heart rate goes high because the blood flow at that moment is high. However, if you notice a high heart rate level when the body is resting, go to a doctor, because that’s not right.
  • Sleep Quality Monitoring:- Withings works 24hr/7 days a week, it will work even when you’re asleep and monitor your sleeping status. After a few days, you can compare your sleeping patterns, if they seem normal, that’s fine, but if you notice abnormal changes, go and see a doctor and explain to them your problem. Sometimes our behaviors affect our sleeping habits, for example: if you smoke and drink too much, think too much, go to bed with too much food in the stomach or drink caffeine.
  • Compatible with most smart phones:- Withings App can be used on both Android and iphone smart phones. This feature makes Withings App user friendly.
  • Light Weight:- Withings pulse wireless activity tracker is very light and portable, it weighs only 0.02 pounds, which makes it easy to carry on a day-to-day basis.
  • Strong Battery Life:- Once charged fully, you don’t have to worry about its battery life for at least 2 weeks, because it keeps power for 336 hours which is almost 14 days.
  • Track your run:- Both long and short marathon runners will fall in love with this wireless activity monitoring device. Simply put it in your pocket and get down on the road, exercise as much as you want, it will track each and every progress, calculate burned calories and automatically display your progress your running results on the screen.


  • Easy to navigate:- After working out for a full week, Withings will track and store all your data on its internal memory system, but it’s very esy to browse through data history. You don’t need to connect it on a smart phone / tablet to see your history that is how wonderful it is.
  • Measure your heartbeat:- Our heartbeats change every minutes basing on the activities and situations we go through. Don’t wait for a doctor to measure your hear rate, at least be in position to diagnose yourself in real-time. If you see wired readings, you can go to a doctor and get a professional check up, if not, try to exercise at least for a week and see if their is an improvement.
  • Create a perfect balance between your heart rate and diet:- You can use ”MyfitnessPal Application to register and track what your nutrition. Combine results from MyfitnessPal App & Withings App to know how many calories you have burned, how much weight you have gained / lost, what you should stop eating and so much more.
  • Network with people like you:- It is very easy to share your health & fitness results with people on Withings App and other health and fitness Apps. Over 100 apps are compatible with Withings App. When you connect with others, you get inspired to work out even more.
  • Stay Motivated:- All data collected by Withings App is collected by the App, this makes it very easy to access and read data as you wish. The trick is that data is displayed as graphs, making it very easy for you to read and track your progress.                  

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