What To Consider Before Having Breast Implants – Breast Implant Surgery

What are breast implants? Breast implants surgery is a procedure that women go through to increase the size of their breasts. It also includes having the breasts changed to a new shape. This process is clinically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty.

Lately women have taken their love for beauty to another level; they had all types of surgeries just to

have the kind of look they want. Probably many of the celebrities you have seen or love so much have under gone through different types of surgeries from the facial surgeries to body surgeries and this round they have even gone as far as having breast surgeries using breast implants as their first option. Many women have go in for breast implants because they want have bigger breasts than their natural ones because they think bigger breasts look much better than small ones and give you a much sexier look. One of the commonest and easiest ways of helping women to have bigger breasts is using breast implants.

 As we all know women’s most attractive part of the body is the breasts so this gives one of the reasons as to why women have gone ahead to have breast implants. This helps to add on the attention as they can stand out from the crowd with looks that are exceptional from anyone else.

Now that you know the reasons as to why women go in for breast you have to know some of the factors that you should put in mind before taking the decision to have breast implants.

We have seen many celebrities being seen as the most inspiring when it comes to breast implants, below are some of the celebrities that will inspire to have yourself one;

If you take a look at Beyonce’s breast implants you will agree that she is absolutely amazing with the breast implants and in at strapless dress her appearance is just attractive. I think you can see how she looked before in the red dress. Although, it is true she is a natural with or without the breast implant but I also have to admit that she looked a lot sexier after having the lift from breast implants.  Now for all you Beyonce lovers that look at her as your inspiration in whatever she does; you can try out the look.  We can also notice that the implant not only made her breasts bigger but also gave her a nicer shape of breasts. Looking at how she turned out, I am very sure you will love to get the same results from the implants.


  • Saline breast implants; this one is mostly recommended for women starting from the age of 18 and above.  It provides the breasts with a really uniform shape and also gives your breasts added firmness.
  • Silicone breast implants; this type of implant is mostly recommended for women starting from the age of 22 and above because it requires you to visit the doctor really often.
  • Gummy breast implants; this one is much more serious all the rest because it is meant to maintain the shape of your breasts
  • Round smooth breast implants; this is another type of implant that also helps to maintain the shape of your breasts.
  • Smooth breast implants; these are made to specifically help to make increase the softness of your breasts and give them a really smooth texture.

There are some clothes that you will love but will not have that confidence that people expect you to have. This because with small breasts; you will not look good in particular clothes most especially those that leave the chest open. In the photo above, is a beauty who also had a breast implant procedure and in the first image where she is wearing a blue swim suit, she still had small breasts. When we see her again on the next image where she wore black and brown outfit, she has a more balanced appearance. This is just because she had bigger breasts on the second image. There is no doubt the cleavage will grab her lots of attention. She looks much better with her chest exposed with bigger breasts better than when she still had small breasts.

The risks of having the breast implants

Before you have the breast implant you must be aware of the risks that you are taking on and the results that may come out of having something that is not natural being implanted into your breast. It is very true that you will love the positive results that may come out from having the breast implant but you also need to be aware that this type of surgery is very dangerous and could turn out  to be a total disaster.  The number one risk of having breast implants is that you may end up suffering from breast cancer so you must think deeply before having your decision made. For those of you that have ever had someone suffering from breast cancer in your family it is better to stay natural than go in for something that will leave you suffering the rest of your life.

Cost of the breast augmentation

You also have to look through your budget and be sure that you will be able to foot the budget of having the breast implants. You will find different people mentioning different prices to you therefore have to know the exact cost of the surgery before you go ahead to have it. Since many of the insurance policies do not have bills like this catered for; you have to be sure what your insurance policy is able to cover before going for the breast implants. Do not go in for the surgery if it will leave you penny less.



  • Have a detailed report about your breast health; you must visit a Healthcare professional to find if your breast health is good enough to let you have the surgery. The Doctor should take through a series of laboratory tests before you can actually go about the implantation.
  • Do not smoke before having the surgery; when heading for a surgery you are advised to stop smoking.  This is a very delicate procedure and you do not want any interruption from within the body that may make the procedure much more complicated than it would have been.
  • Do not take any herbal supplements or dangerous tablets like aspirin; such medicines could increase the bleeding during the process of the implantation hence causing big risks for health.



  • It adds up on the fullness and projection of your breasts hence giving you a much sexier look. Everyone will fall in love with the look of your breasts after having breast implants. You have to get used to having people admiring your breasts and the constant comments about your chest area.
  • It increases your self-image and self confidence. We all know some of the most noticeable parts on a woman are the breasts therefore having sizable breasts will increase on your level of self confidence. There is no doubt that will more beautiful with your new set of breast implants.
  • There is a way it improves the balance of your figure especially for those who have extra large hips but have smaller breasts.  Having a breast implant procedure will help you to have your figure well balanced.



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