What is hair regeneration?


With this modern technology, there is most likely no hair problem that can’t be solved depending on your knowledge and how much you are willing to spend. Well, with that said, hair regeneration is a non-surgical treatment that is used for hair that is thinning and other forms of hair loss in which the stem cells of the adult involved is made use of and by taking advantage of wound healing properties as developed by hair restoration specialist. In other words instead of hair being removed from another part and transplanted to the next, this one will regenerate new human hair growth just with in the head. With hair regeneration, only a particular fraction of hair follicle and the stem cells found in it is removed then the remaining and the transplanted stem cells will stimulate the growth of new hair for you to see in just a few weeks time. These two, that is the remaining and the transplanted hair stem cells will generate the same quality of hair like the ones that already exists. After that the results are evidenced after a full hair growth cycle that takes about nine months.


How hair regeneration works;

First of all, it has been proven after scientific studies by medical doctors that new hairs can be created using only portion of the hair stem cells rather than using the entire follicle. The hair stem cells will result into growth of new hair both in the receptor areas and the donor area as well. So this hair regeneration method will wisely make use of natural stem cells that are paired with a particularly developed medium that ensures the feasibility of the grafts and arouses further growth in the stem cells.  What makes this hair regeneration process one of a kind is that both components are necessary in acquiring the desired results are readily available. Using hair regeneration, a hairline that is very natural can also be created with the use of smaller grafts than the ones that are used in other methods.


Advantages of hair regeneration;

  • No scarring; unlike the other methods which involve removing hair from another part like for instance hair from the back and placing it at the crown area thus leaving a scar behind; with hair regeneration that won’t happen because it’s the cells that are transplanted so that there is complete new growth of hair like the rest.
  • Almost Painless treatment; this procedure is also less painful as compared to the other procedures and it will heal sooner like actually in a period of 48 hours in the donor area then the receptor area will take about 4-5 days to fully heal which is faster than the other procedures that take a much longer time to heal.
  • Multiple transplants; hair regeneration allows multiple hair stem cells to be performed in a single donor area. This makes the process a lot much faster as compared to other steps that allow only a single transplant at a time.


  • Expensive; this method is quite expensive considering that it has a lot of more advantages as compared to the other methods of obtaining fuller hair. Plus another thing that makes it expensive is that it is only performed by experts that are not easy to come by.


In conclusion, with hair regeneration, with is no need to take out the entire hair follicle because each hair follicle contains different areas that have hair stem cells in them. With that said only a very small portion of the follicle is able of produce new hairs. The  hair regeneration process can be used to generate two follicles from just a single one so as to generate hair growth which makes it more efficient compared to other procedures out there.






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