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Cleansers like the word suggests are meant to clean the skin and remove any dirty particles that do not belong there. Facial cleansers are meant to mainly clean your facial skin.  Cleaning your facial skin is very important so it should be done on a daily basis and may be done occasionally in just one day.



….Using cleansers is just a part of the process involved in the general cleaning the skin but is equally important as the other forms. Facial cleansers are categorized in three essential forms namely, cleansing lotion, face wash and cleansing cream. You may choose any of these options to clean your facial skin depending on the type skin you have.  However, there are additional forms such as the home made cleansers and others may be classified as organic cleansers. Cleansers should be used in the place of soap because they have a lower acidity level compared to regular soap. More so, higher acidity levels found in soap are known to harbor bacteria so use of soap on skin should be used carefully.



Cleansing cream.  This takes the form of a semi solid oil based mixture. It is advisable to use for dry and older skin to be applied for cleaning preferably twice a day. Use a sponge or soft cloth while applying this product. Tonic lotion should follow use of the cleansing cream in order to remove the cream together with the dirt on the skin. The type of tonic lotion chosen must be tough to get rid of any form of residue on the skin.

cleansing cream


Cleansing Lotion.  The cleansing lotion is water based and can also help remove make up and dirt from the skin. Use this type of cleanser on normal or combination skin to achieve the desirable results. Depending on the manufacturer; supplementary ingredients may be added to accommodate certain skin conditions such as dry skin, sensitive skin and other capillary issues.



Face wash. These are made with varying texture and the strength too may differ. It usually takes the form a liquid detergent and is of either neutral or mild acidic pH. This type of cleanser works for that skin troubled by either dry, oily skin or skin affected by acne since it is effective in cutting down huge amounts of oil. In cases of serious acne an antimicrobial agent is used to supplement the face wash to kill the disease causing bacteria. The process of using face wash is very similar to using regular soap whereby it produces foam reasonably when added to water. In addition, it leaves the skin with a fresh feeling after it has been rinsed off.




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