What Causes Hair Loss in Men and Women?


Hair loss is actually one of those nightmares you wake up to and it’s indeed a reality. It so devastating seeing your hair just breaking off every single day and there is nothing you can think of to stop it or maybe you even get to try but your hair just goes on thinning every single day. Usually before you go into any sort of hair treatment; you should first find out what exactly is the cause of your hair loss because it is normal for someone to shed hair daily because others strands are growing,  you won’t notice the loss but when you’re losing hair and isn’t growing then now there will be a problem. So what causes hair loss in women and men?


  • Hormonal changes; both men and women have androgen DHT that is created by every human body and its related to hair loss with women having hair thinning issues throughout the entire head while in men its responsible for the receding hair lines or balding. This is also a very effective method of losing hair but it’s usually a temporary one that happens especially during pregnancy, menopause and so many other hormonal changes. To solve that you will either have to take anti-androgen treatments so that your follicles have a lower number of androgen receptors for DHT. These hormonal levels can also be greatly affected by thyroid problems or even the thyroid glands leading to hair loss in both women and men.


  • Strong medication; most times the effects of strong medications like some drugs used to treat arthritis, cancer, heart problems, depression, birth control and high blood pressure can greatly lead to hair loss in both men and women and the same goes for a high intake of Vitamins. Another form of medication is radiation therapy that is direct to the head will also cause damages to the scalp thus leading to hair loss.


  • Lacking a good diet; if you have a low intake on foods that are low on proteins that is great for healthy hair or even if you have a bad eating habits then that will greatly lead hair loss due to protein nutrition. This way the body will shift the growing hair into a resting phase because it wants to save proteins. The good thing is this situation can be prevented or the hair can be restored by going on a good protein diet or taking supplements rich in proteins.


  • Scalp infections and other skin disorders; if the scalp is not healthy like if its greatly affected with conditions such as ringworm then you will have a temporary hair loss and the same goes for skin disorders like alopecia which is not usually permanent hair loss and so on. So make sure you always keep the scalp healthy to avoid these problems.


  • High level of stress; stress levels greatly have the ability to affect the body with over 80% of people having the effects of hair loss especially when there are stressors for a period of three or more months. The good thing is if you don’t have any androgen alopecia or genetic issues then the problem won’t last long after the stress is over with.


  • Hair treatments and plaiting; chemicals like relaxers, dyes, bleaches, tints, permanent waves and so much more that greatly be damaging to the hair due to the strong chemicals in them leading to skin burns and hair loss especially when used regularly. When plaiting your hair whether you are a man or women and the hair is pulled too tight then you will most likely get hair loss due to weakening especially when you are constantly in the saloon braiding and plaiting only after a few days or weeks.


Conclusion; the above reasons are not the only causes of hair loss but they are the most common ones as some other causes of hair loss include; low serum iron, major surgeries on the scalp, family history and so much more.









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