How to Get to The Weight You Want


Getting the weight you want may happen in one of two ways which are gaining or losing; when you are obese or have extra weight on your body you will work upon losing some of that weight or when you are too skinny you may want to gain some weight for one reason or another. I will break the post into two  to make it relevant for those who want to lose weight and those who want gain weight.

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Gaining weight is not as easy just like losing weight because the strategies to help you gain are  similarly not easy as those that will help you to lose weight. Now as everyone else is struggling to lose some weight you can change the trend and gain some weight by following these simple tricks.

Eat all the three meals and on time; always eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and in the right proportion and accompany them with a snack or two. This will help your body to get just the right amount of calories, not too much and not less. Your meals should contain more of heavy foods, not necessarily foods with too much fat but foods that can help you add more weight to what you already have.

Weight training can also be an option; people who lift heavy weights tend to eat more because they need that food for the training, this does not make you get excessive weight but converts extra weight in body mass. The secret behind gaining more weight is by gaining more calories and these are got from how much food is taken and digested into your body and weight training fuels your appetite.

Be patient with yourself; if you are working towards gaining more weight and you put too much pressure on yourself, trust me, however much you eat; you may not be able to gain the weight that you need. So the moment you start you weight gaining, struggle not to get your hopes to high.

Do not eat too much; excessive eating is found to be one of the causes of damage in your metabolic system, instead of gaining weight it will just make cause your body problems. What you should do is eat more of proteins it will help you to gain weight  the healthy way.

Keep away from stressful events; the more you strain your body and mind the more weight you lose so you should always try to stay motivated and happy instead of being frustrated all the time.

How to get to your ideal weight


Most times people will confuse losing weight and losing fat yet these are two different things; you may not be that overweight or over size yet you contain unhealthy fat levels in your body. That will call for exercising as the main remedy along with other ways but if you want to lose weight exercising may not be your main solution though it is also part of it. Therefore, if you are looking forward to burning that unnecessary weight, below are the steps that you should follow;

Make a list of what you eat and determine how much weight you want to lose; write down all the things you usually eat starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner and even the beverages that you take. But know the exact weight you really want to have because it is not healthy to over lose weight. Studies revealed that 15% of people who make this list actually achieve their goals and they burn over 2.75kg compared to those that do not write it all down.

Eat all meals and they must be balanced; the meals you have should contain all food types and you must take all the three meals to avoid over eating on your next meal. People who skip meals gain more calories because they eat a lot due to hunger unlike people who have all their meals the way they are supposed to. On all your meals you must take the right proportion of food this way you will find it easier to burn calories than you gain.

Drink water frequently; from research I realized that men should take in at least 3 liters of water a day while the ladies must take in at least 2.2 liters a day. It further revealed that people who drink water a few minutes before meals lose 44% weight within about 3 months.  Water contains no calories yet it keeps your body hydrated unlike other beverages that you love so much.

Consider aerobic exercises; you should first of all purchase a pedometer or fitness tracker, it will help you keep perfect track of all your movements and give motivation to work harder whenever you see your progress day by. These exercises involve jogging, walking, swimming and don’t force yourself to this daily, 3 days a week is good enough. Take 30 minutes off your time, for a start 5,000 steps every day are okay, you will keep adjusting as time goes by.

Engage in different sports or work out at the gym; not everyone is gifted with sporting talent so you may not be a fan of any sport so you can just work out on machines in the gym such as treadmills, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is perfect choice. If you are a fan of any sport then the better it will help you burn even more calories.

Eat more of low calorie foods; such foods include vegetables, fruits, low fat cheese and yogurt. There is a whole list of such foods that can help to keep your level of calories really. In this you must also try as hard you can to stay away from already prepared food from the super market because you don’t know how it has been prepared or how much fat it contains.

Ensure to have the biggest percentage of your food at home; when you eat at home you are more likely to keep up with your rules unlike eating at the restaurant. You will eat more high fat foods and in large portions therefore it is much better to eat 95% of your meals at home.

Stay away from white foods; these usually contain large amounts of carbohydrates such white flour and added sugars which cause increase in weight. It is therefore advised that you stick to whole grain foods because they are less likely to make you gain weight.





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