Ways to prevent irritation or razor burns after shaving a beard

Razor burns scare people who love to get a clean or close shave and can be best described as an itchy red rush that you get after shaving. At times they even turn into razor bumps (these look more like pimples). Some people have given up on trying to prevent irritation or razor burns because they actually think it is impossible to get a close shave without getting irritated and this is where they get it all wrong. The reason as to why you getting razor burns or irritations is because there is something you are doing wrong and this is what I am about to take you through. This post is to help you have a clean shave and not suffer any kind of irritation.

  • Always use sharps razors: Before using the razor ensure that the blades are sharp enough to remove hair in a single pass so any razor that has been used three to five times should be thrown away because after that kind of usage it will not be sharp any more. A blunt razor will definitely bring you razor burns since it drags long the skin and you have go over an area multiple times for it to remove hair. Besides razors that have been used several times also cause infections.
  • Ensure to clean the blades after every stroke: each pass that you make clogs the blades with shaving cream and oils so when you are making a stroke the blade will not be smooth enough therefore you must clean the blades with each pass that you take.
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth: most people love to shave in direction opposite to that of hair growth as it helps to achieve a much closer shave but the best way to shave is to shave in the direction of hair growth. It not only reduces the risk of getting irritations but also prevents you from getting nicks and cuts.
  • Avoid shaving with pressure: When you are shaving, do not press the razor too much on to the skin this will badly irritate your skin causing razor burns.
  • Apply moisturizer or after shave balm: It doesn’t matter whether you skin is sensitive or not, after shaving the skin will need some kind of soothing and there is nothing that will calm it down like a good quality moisturizer or after shave balm. Try a moisturizer that is 100% alcohol free.
  • Rinse your face with cold water: People always make a mistake of rinsing the face after shaving but warm water open the pores making your skin more vulnerable to infection and irritation. After shaving, rinse with cold water as it helps to close the skin pores.
  • Thoroughly clean the razor after shaving: Using an already contaminated razor will definitely cause razor burns so to kill the bacteria you should wash the razor under running tap water and there after clean the blades with some alcohol. This will make the razor very safe to use the next time you shave.

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