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Personal fitness may be defined as the ability to do with ease the activities of daily life such as taking a shower, simple walking around the house and also being able to get involved in the activities that you love such as swimming and the like.

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Weight loss and fitness training, go together, most of the time because with unnecessary body weight, one cannot be fit. Thus, in order to be fully fit, one has to lose weight up to a point that is safe for him or her depending of factors such as age, height and not forgetting the nature of work done for a living. Therefore, it’s paramount to deal with the issue of fitness and weight loss while considering all the probable risk factors.


Exercise Myths about how to lose weight and get fit that need to be dispelled

  • Few calories are spent with exercise thus it’s not realistic measure for losing weight. It’s not true that exercise is useless as a measure for trying to lose weight. Walking for about thirty minutes a day is good enough to get to a path of losing weight.  Exercise encourages the production of enzymes that are necessary in the process of breaking down fat and releasing energy. Scientists still argue that the effects of exercise are not fully realized in the human body until a couple of days have passed so do not expect to see real results right away.
  • Appetite increases with exercise so it will only increase weight.  Like in the case before, this is false. Exercise does facilitate weight loss and some studies done by scientists have revealed that small amounts of exercise do not increase appetite. It is only increased amounts of exercise that truly lead to increased appetite. In fact, according to the studies done, people who exercise for about an hour a day will eat less compared to those who exercise more and those who do not do any exercise whatsoever

 General Health and  fitness tips

The  health and fitness tips below are just some of those that you should not forget if you plan to get fit and lose weight. There are others but I thought these were more important and that you have know them by heart.

  • Begin with the least effort. Any amount to start with is surely okay so start with that little bit you can. Some exercise is better that no exercise at all.
  • Advance in a steady way. Take for example you may start with about 200 yards a day and after a while you progress to double the amount of yards.
  • Avoid stress to your body while exercising. Try to maintain normal body functioning while exercising. Stop if the heart is beating too fast or in case you notice irregular function of your body
  • Exercise regularly. In order to benefit from exercising it’s vital to stick to the plan to do it all the time. One should not simply do exercises to lose weight and then give up but it is recommended for every one especially all those above the age of 30.

      Fitness Wear

Before you start exercising, you have to think about the essential items you will need in terms of fitness clothing and footwear.


Impact short sleeve by New balance

              Fitness/Exercise Footwear

Fitness shoes or footwear are required for fitness training to protect your feet the nature of exercise and other nearby objects or equipment while you exercise. For example, if you are walking, fitness footwear will assist with reducing the shock without affecting the natural movement of the foot. Shoes are designed according to their purpose, say; walking shoes are made with lower heels while running shoes are made with slightly higher heels.

As you go shopping for exercise shoes or footwear, consider visiting an outlet where you will be given expert advice on the exact shoe that you need. Your choice of shoes should be the one that you feel comfortable in. It should not sag at all and not be tight either. As you try them at the store, make sure you have your socks on and even go ahead and practice walking or the running motion to make sure they will serve the purpose.

                Women’s Casual Athletic shoes – New Balance 661


Womens casual athletic shoes


For almost every activity in a woman’s life; this stylish shoe will be fit for almost every exercise opportunity that you have. It’s a light weight type, has a rubber out sole and is definitely comfortable. This kind features flexible cushioning, a rubber out sole and suede upper.

                Women’s Walking shoes – New Balance 1765


Womens walking shoes


If you are thinking about buying walking shoes look no further than these awesome shoes from New Balance. It’s not just comfortable but stylish as it features a great color combination. This kind is also light weight ad is sure to deliver to your satisfaction.

                Women’s Running shoes – New Balance 890v4


Womens running shoes


Designed by the best, this running shoe is absolutely what you need. Check out the features from the manufacturer and you will agree before you purchase it.

                How to Care for your shoes

Your exercise footwear has to be under very good care in order to serve you for a reasonable period of time. Avoid trying to remove your shoes without untying the shoe laces as you may end up damaging the heel. Do not clean your shoes by using the washing machine or the dryer.

Another brilliant idea is using two pair of shoes for you exercise, one at a time. The goal is give one pair time to reinstate itself to the normal state after use.

Finally, if the shoes indicate that they are worn out; please do not hesitate to replace them.

                Exercise clothing/wear

Your choice of exercise clothing should also be comfortable to enable you move freely. If you will exercising to a point of sweating then your choice of fabric should be one that allows moisture to keep your cool and dry. That choice should definitely allow aeration with help of back vents and under arms to get you the comfort you desire while working out.

Light weight shower proof jacket for that chilly weather


Boylston light weight jacket


This nylon material jacket has cool reflective added for safety and visibility. It is wind and water resistant making it ideal for that chilly weather. It also has aeration capabilities with mesh on the back and the under arms which is ultimate.

                Exercise Pants &Tights



Womens absolute exercise knee tights


Try this exercise wear for exclusive wear for its  comfort ability, ventilation and style.


                Benefits of Exercise

Fitness and weight loss exercises

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Exercise improves the effectiveness of the heart and lungs. It prepares them to process blood and air more efficiently, respectively.

The tone of muscles and blood vessels develops with exercise. It makes them firm which in turns aids lessening the blood pressure.

Exercise trains the body to endure the stress of daily living. Someone who exercises will not be affected by the adverse effects that come with the unavoidable stress in our daily lives.

It also anti aging benefits that aid in reduction in the rate of deterioration of the human body and its organs.

Other benefits include; improved digestion, better sleep, boosts immunity evidenced by the reduction in colds and other minor infections



How to get to your ideal weight

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        Staying on course

Sticking with your exercise or fitness routine is very important because so many will start but only a few are strong enough to stay the course. The tips below will assist you to stay on course with your plan so can actually achieve your goal of either getting fit or losing weight for general health and fitness. They include but are not limited to;

  • If you are not comfortable working out alone, it’s advisable you get an exercise group to help you stay motivated.
  • Listening to music has been suggested by some people to help with supporting exercise. Choose your relaxation music to keep you inspired throughout the exercise routines.
  • You can also make your exercising more significant by attaching a purpose. For example, joining a walking group to raise funds for a charity and other related ventures will keep you on course since they would have some kind of reward at the end.

Finally, I can only wish that you take some of the advice above if not all to enable you achieve your goal of either weight loss or general body fitness.

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