Ways to Stay Cancer Free – How to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

Cancer, depending on the type, is one of the most deadly diseases along with heart disease, you can ever suffer from. It is caused by a variety of risk factors but if you take good care of yourself then you will surely be able to prevent many of these factors because cancer does not develop over night.

There are various forms of cancer and usually depend on the body part or organ that is being affected such as lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer and cancer of the esophagus, among others.

Many studies have found that smoking has caused over 30% of the deaths caused by cancer as the other percentage has been caused by things such as poor diet, failure to exercise and obesity, among others. Almost all cancers are caused by diet, however, diet can also greatly help to protect or prevent the risk of getting cancer. Research has revealed that it is possible to reduce the risk of getting cancer by 80% or even more. Though women are more prone to cancer infections it does not mean men are safe; anyone can get cancer so we all have to cautious.

In this post we will explore ways to stay Cancer free but before that let us first of all look at the most common cancer types and what causes them.

Common Types and Symptoms of Cancer

Breast Cancer

It is very a dangerous type and as such it has accounted for most of the female cancer deaths all around the world. It could be caused by a defect in the cellular DNA system, pregnancy after 30 years, late menopause, having no pregnancy at all and getting periods very early.


  • Any form of swelling of the breast or just part of it
  • Irritation of the skin surrounding the breast area
  • Retraction of the nipple
  • Scaling, redness, swelling of the nipple or skin around the breast
  • Discharge from the nipple that is not breast milk.

Screening through a mammogram will help detect breast cancer that is usually identified by a lump or mass within the breast.

Prostate cancer

This type of cancer may not be easily detected in its early stages and as a result may be seen in later stages of the disease.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

  • Drops of blood in urine
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Frequent urination or the need to go more often especially at night
  • Difficulty passing urine; enlarged prostate will make it difficult to pass out urine even if you feel the urge to go.
  • Reduced control of bladder or bowel movements
  • Pain in the body areas such as chest, hips or back where the cancer has spread

Testing is done through a blood test or a direct rectal exam.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer takes mainly three forms with the non small cell lung cancer being the most prevalent and other types are small cell lung cancer and lung carcinoid tumor.


  • Decreased appetite and unexplained weight loss
  • Shortness of Breath
  • General body weakness or feeling tired most of the time
  • Respiratory infections that will not go away such as cough, pneumonia and bronchitis
  • Coughing up spit that contains blood
  • Notable chest pain or abdominal pain
  • If it spreads to other body parts; lung cancer will cause pain to bones surrounding those parts.
  • Yellow skin due to cancer spreading to the liver

Test for Lung cancer are done through an X-ray and screening of sputum through a microscope.

Colo-rectal Cancer

This form can be easily identified with bleeding so reduced amount of blood is a sign of this cancer.


  • Extraordinary Weight Loss
  • Fatigue and Weakness
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Appearance of blood in stool
  • Unusual abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea or constipation that may last more than a few days

A colonoscopy or blood test may be used to reveal the existence of the disease.

Other forms of cancer may include the types below;

Cancer of the Liver; this type of cancer is characterized by pain in the upper right abdomen and a fluid distension of the abdomen. It is more common in men and is usually caused by liver infections, high consumption of alcohol or it can be cancer infections from any other part of the body.

Cancer of the Esophagus (Throat Cancer); this can be recognized by hardships in swallowing and a sharp pain in the throat at this stage it may even be hard to treat. This is also commonest in men and is caused by smoking, drinking too much alcohol and taking very hot fluids.

Cancer of the Cervix; this cancer is only found in women and to a large extent the cancer is associated to a virus known as human papilloma virus (HPV). They are several other causes of cervical cancer including having many sexual partners, early sexual activities, more pregnancies, over use of oral contraceptives as well as smoking and alcohol.


We can now get down to the things that you should do in order to prevent the risks of getting cancer;


Stay away from tobacco.

Smoking is known to be one of the main causes of the very many different types of cancer such as cancer of the cervix, throat cancer, cancer of the lungs and the kidneys so all the smokers out there you know how much danger you are putting yourself into. Passive smoking is also as dangerous as direct intake of tobacco so you need to distance yourself from smokers as much as you can. Each cigarette you smoke contains over 60 ingredients that can cause cancer to different parts of your body. Ask your doctor to help you out on how you can quit smoking since it is the healthiest decision you can ever take for your life.

Take part in physical exercises to keep your body active.

Exercising helps you to maintain a weight that is healthy and protects from obesity which is one of the causes of cancer. Physical exercises prevent you from prostate cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the intestines as all the foods that you take in are well digested and used up by your body. Younger people are advised to use 30 minutes of their time for full body exercises every single day and the older people who are not so energetic can take part in any kind of exercise reason being any activity they take part in will be useful to their body. Always try to find out whether you have a healthy weight and if not take part the necessary exercises to put your life back on track.

Be aware of any signs of cancer

Research about different types of cancer and find so that you the symptoms and signs to always look out for. Such early signs will help you to know if you are suffering from any type of cancer and take care of them before they can get to the complicated stages. Pay great attention to all the changes that your body under goes and immediately see a doctor for confirmation. This way, you will always take good care of yourself hence reducing your risks of getting cancer.


Safeguard yourself from the sun

The sun is sometimes important for your skin however it depends on the time you choose to enjoy it; the morning sun before midday is very healthy for our skin. Even doctors advise you to spend some time under it because it does your skin really good.

Vitamin D from the sun and not from supplements or food sources can be obtained in sufficient amounts and it will support suitable growth and reproduction of cells. Abnormalities in these processes are likely to lead to cancer growth.

On the other hand, from midday on wards this sun is too hot that it will expose you to skin cancer. On that note you are advised to always stay under the shade, wear shades and clothes that cover up your skin when you are moving out on very hot hours, stay away from tanning beds and lamps. Skin cancer is one of the easiest cancer types to prevent so why not prevent yourself from it when you can.

Immunization should be a priority

It is very important for adults to get themselves immunized from viral infections such as Hepatitis B and Human papillomavirus (HPV) which are well known for infecting the genitals hence causing genital cancer. This virus is spread through having many sexual partners, sex between people of the same sex, or having sex at very early age. It is through these acts that the squamous cells get cancer. There is a vaccine known as the HPV vaccine that can be administered to both men and women to prevent them from the risk of getting genital cancer.

Cut down on your alcohol in take

I am sure you have come across all sorts of tabloids telling you that excessive consumption does not only cause diseases but is also very accountable for very many types of cancer. High alcohol intake causes cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the liver as well as breast cancer in the women. Regular drinking of alcohol in large amounts is very dangerous for both men and women though alcohol affects the women much faster than they do for men.

Do not experiment with your health

Your health is in your hands and everything you do to keep it safe depends on you so you should never ever test your health. If you know that a certain behavior is risky then do not take part in it. For example, having unprotected sex with different people is dangerous. This increases your risk of not only getting cervical cancer for the women and genital cancer in the men but also hikes the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. You are therefore advised to greatly treasure your life because you only have one life and once you waste it there is no other opportunity to get it back.


Always eat healthy

A lot of our health problems are related to the how we eat and what we eat that means besides eating the right foods you also have to eat a well-balanced diet. To prevent the risks of getting cancer you should be extremely careful with the foods you eat because much as you might not notice the changes that fast; in the long run you will be able to see the results. There are many different foods that can help reduce the risks of getting cancer and these include;

  • A well balanced diet must have proteins (milk, meat, eggs and beans), foods rich in starch (rice, bread, pasta etc.), some foods rich in sugar but these should be in very small amounts (biscuits, cakes) so that they don’t become harmful instead. Eating a balanced diet will give your body all the necessary nutrients it needs to fight the risks of getting cancer.
  • Avoid eating too much of processed and fresh red meat; when taken in small amounts meat can be a very good source of proteins and are recommended but doctors but eating these excessively will increase the risks of getting cancer. Processed meat is prepared with a lot of chemicals and preservatives that are very fast at causing cancer therefore you must eat these types of meat in very small amounts to cut down on the risks of getting cancer.

Resistant starches
This type of starch will help reduce the risk of colon cancer that may be caused by a diet that is high on red meat. Resistant starches are found in foods like white beans and bananas. According to the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research, adding resistant starches while eating the meat will reduce cell proliferation levels to normal.
Steamed broccoli
Broccoli together with other foods in its class such as cauliflower and cabbage has the potential to reduce risk of getting cancer. Research has found that steamed broccoli contains more nutrients that include glucosinolate compared to fried or boiled. Chances are that water used to boil broccoli will wash off the essential nutrients making it less useful to the body.
Brazil nuts
These nuts contain a very important trace mineral element which is said to entice cancer cells to kill themselves and also aids in cell DNA repair. It is advisable to try and obtain selenium from food sources and not supplements; consuming selenium supplements may increase the risk of getting cancer instead of preventing it.
Artichokes have antioxidant properties that are known to diminish growth of cancer cells. To prepare them properly; steam or boil for about thirty minutes then drain and enjoy.
Marinate your meat.
Studies by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry point to use of beer or wine to marinate red meats before they can be cooked, broiled or fried. Preparing bare meat has been linked to production cancer causing elements that is why it is recommended to marinate with beer or wine to kill off these elements. Kansas State University research suggests that rosemary rubbed onto uncooked meats will have the similar effects as beer or wine.

Eat garlic even though you may not like it that much

On many occasions doctors will advise you to eat garlic and ignore their advice because you hate that awful smell but you don’t know how much you are missing out on. Garlic contains compounds that can help your immune system resist cancer infection as well as help to make those cancer cells die really quickly.

Be careful with your supplements

These are usually found in antioxidant supplements such as betacarotene, asbestos among others taking huge amount of these supplements can cause cancer especially lung cancer. Research reveals that people who take in too much of these supplements are at a greater risk of suffering from cancer unlike people that take them in small amounts.

Acquire more Vitamin D

Some studies reveal that getting about 4,000-5,000IU of vitamin D each day helps you to gain the full benefits of Vitamin D. However, the correct dose has not been found yet. Vitamin D is very important in reducing the likelihood of suffering from skin cancer. People that have less Vitamin D in their blood are more likely to suffer from cancer compared to people with adequate Vitamin D. Always be careful not to exceed the right amount because it could instead become dangerous for your health.

Eat more of fat free foods

Foods that contain too much of fat increase your risks of getting different cancer types such as cancer of the colon, uterus and prostate cancer. Try to take off some days without eating meat and if you can make it to more than one day then much better. Days without too much fat can help you maintain a healthy weight hence reducing chances of obesity as well as cancer.


Drink green tea

Research has found that people who are more addicted to taking tea have lower chances of getting cancer more than people who take tea who less often. Drinking tea has been found to reduce risks of getting prostate cancer, cancer of the uterus and breast cancer this is specifically attached to green because it has more healing power compared to any other type of tea.

Make drinking water part of you

People have revealed that people who drink plenty of water are at lower risks of getting cancer than people who take water occasionally. Water in the body helps to dilute all the toxins that your take in making the damage that those toxic substances might have caused to your body. It is therefore recommended that you take in 3 or more liters of water each and every day.


Minimize your intake of hydrogenated fat

This is usually found of fast foods, margarine, cheese and many others these kinds of fat can be chemically transmitted which makes them harmful. One of the things they can cause is cancer. If you are eating them then they must be in really small amounts.

All your meals should have a vegetable

Peas, cabbages, French beans and all the other types of beans help a lot in reducing the risks of you getting cancer. Make sure that the days you miss out on eating vegetables are less compared to the days that you must have a vegetable included on your meals.


Resistant starches are very good for your body

White beans, oats and green bananas contain resistant starch greatly help to reduce the risk of getting cancer. If you like eating meat too often then eating it alongside resistant starch can help to cut down on the risks of getting cancer.

Avoid excessive use of electronic gadgets

Staying on the laptop for long hours, over talking on phone such gadgets sends a lot of radiation to your body which can cause many different cancers. One way of doing this is by getting your home test of any radiation because if the radiation levels exceed what they should be then you are likely to suffer from cancer.


Reduce on the rate at which you take sugary drinks

These sugary drinks are more known for causing obesity and diabetes but one thing that people forget is that after a long period of time they can also cause cancer. Studies revealed that people who take a lot of sugary drinks are likely to suffer from cancer by 87%. Instead of spending money on soda use it to buy more important drinks such as a bottle of water.

It is better to spend a day standing than spending it seated down

Many of the new studies have revealed that people who spend a lot of time sitting down and in front of the TV face higher chances of getting colon cancer unlike those that spend very little of their time sitting down watching TV. It also revealed that people who spend too much time working while seated in a chair are at 24% chance of getting cancer unlike people who work while standing.


Taking a beer once in while is not a bad idea.

I know that alcohol is not good for your body but this is not so since even doctors will advise to take wine or a beer once in a while. Alcohol becomes a big problem if taken in very high amounts because that is when it can cause very many types of cancer. However, a little bit of alcohol will help to kill bacteria that may cause ulcers and later result into stomach cancer.

Always sleep with the lights off

Among women there is a great risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer as a result of sleeping with the lights on. Lights left on at night cut down on the melatonin production which increases the risk of getting cancer. It is on that note that you are advised to always sleep with the lights off.


Avoid dry cleaners

Fill up on Sauerkraut

Avoid smoked and pickled foods

Skip drying lamps at the nail salon

Mind your sexual health

Reap the advantages of a daily Aspirin Rx


Make frequent visits to your doctor and get tested regularly

Ensure that you go and get screened regularly. Going to the doctor will help you notice early signs of any cancer so you can get treatment for it before it gets to stages that are too difficult to treat.  The earlier you start the right treatments, the higher the chances of getting a really successful treatment.

If you happen to be diagnosed with any form of Cancer;

Get a second opinion after the first diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with any form of cancer by one specialist make sure that you get a second opinion before you start your treatments. Getting a second opinion will likely help catch anything that could have been missed by the first specialist.

Choose a reputable treatment facility

Many will claim to treat various forms of cancer but not all can deliver. Take time to select the best center judging by the success stories from other patients. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one reference point that you could use.

Stay Positive as go through the treatments

Healing starts with the mind or brain thus its important to stay positive as you endure the pain throughout your treatment. Make sure that you complete the treatments as directed by the healthcare providers and also follow through with all the instructions to be followed after you leave the treatment facility.



Stay Cancer Free!

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