Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer

Whether it’s for your mustache beard, goatee beard, and neckline or you just to make your beard neat; this Wahl 5537-1801 has got you sorted. With its high carbon steel blades you are always assured of that precise trim and it always feels like the first time. This is an eleven piece kit that has absolutely everything you need as long it is to do with your beard. It comprises of a five position guide and different combs for trimming your beard to any required length, a mustache comb, blade oil, blade guard plus a storage base in which you perfectly organize all the items so that you can easily reach out for whatever you want. If you want exceptional and good looking results every other time then this trimmer is surely the way to go.

 Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer with Bonus Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

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  • It comes with everything you need; this is number one trimmer kit avails you with all the things you might need for your beard care or hair removal needs.
  • The trimmer has self-sharpening blades; this means that it cuts all the maintenance costs you would have spent on sharpening blades.
  • It comes at a low price but performs well; you will love every bit of trimming your beard with this trimmer.


It has low battery life; you therefore have to charge it every now and then which may be burdening.


  • High carbon steel blades: The blades of this trimmer remain sharp so that every time you use it; you get a really precise and perfect trim just like the one you got the very first time you used it. This is mainly because the blades are self-sharpening.
  • Bonus personal trimmer: For hair that seems really uncomfortable in those extremely hard to reach areas; there is a personal bonus trimmer to help you out. This removes hair from areas like the nose, areas and also helps to trim your eye brows as perfectly as you would want them to be.
  • Guide combs: No matter what length you want to achieve; this kit comes with all the necessary guide combs that you can use. It adjusts to five length positioning and has different guide combs to make your beard look really good.
  • Wahl beard trimmer: Whether you want a clean neck line, a really neat mustache or what to tighten up your beard; this is the best solution for that defined trim.

Product quality:

It consists of all attachments to make your beard look good: Containing over eleven pieces; the trimmer kit is the best you can find as it has all the items that you can use to shape and trim your beard just the way you like.

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