Best Valued Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair Built In Heat and True Zero Gravity Positioning

This new full featured luxury shiatsu chair with built in heat and true zero gravity positioning is the best valued massage chair to provide massage for the entire body with maximum comfort. At the same time this massage chair offers long lasting performance due to its sturdy construction and durability. It is designed to perform with four different massage functions which include back stretching, shiatsu, vibration and kneading. It uses vertical movement along the back with four wheels quiet back massage hands mechanism more to that the chair ensures effectiveness for any size since its vertically adjustable to that point of the back that is causing discomfort just the way human hands do it. It features both manual and automatic mode where by the manual mode give full control over the machine while automatic mode has automated massage settings for the whole body. With this chair’s extra perfect full body massage you will not have to suffer any more body pains and aches.

Best Valued Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair Built In Heat and True Zero Gravity Positioning



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Massage types possible with this chair:

  1. Kneading: This type of massage is very helpful in working knots out and decreasing muscle pains.
  2. Rolling: This functions in the same way as a massage therapist’s revolving fingers pressing in an up and down motion to offer massage that is effective and direct to a particular place.
  3. Shiatsu: The chair creates a relaxing experience like the one you get from a therapist using its power rollers. This massage type reduces fatigue, refreshes the mind and body and also relaxes muscles that are stressed out.
  4. Vibration: This massage type opens up blood vessels and helps to get rid of toxins in the bloods and different body organs. The chair has vibrators on the seat cushion and when they combine with the rollers at the back. The session becomes really efficient and interesting.


  • Automatic full shoulder back scanning program: Before this chair begins the massage session it uses this program to determine your exact body size in order to give you a different and personalized full body massage depending on what your body size is.
  • 30 minute uninterrupted massage: The chair can perform the massage for a period of 5-30 minutes so it is all up to you to choose which length best suits your needs.
  • Manual mode and automatic mode: With the chair’s multi-functional automatic massages and methods; it can massage all body parts using the automatic mode. It also has the manual mode that lets you can have full control of the chair trying out different settings and massages.
  • Built in heat therapy: This makes the massage much more effective.
  • 14 types of massage combinations: With this variety of options to choose from; you will never fail to choose the perfect combination for your desires.

Product quality:

  • Has the ability to provide a unique and personalized massage to all body parts: This massage product in form of a chair is not just comfortable but has been engineered with all the best features to give you the best and pain relieving massage. It is very comfortable and strongly made to provide long lasting performance.


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