Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine for Hair Loss – Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo


Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine for Hair Loss –  Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

 If you have a problem with hair thinning or even just slow growth and you want to have a much fuller and faster growing hair, then this Ultrax Labs Hair shampoo is your answer. What makes it very powerful is that it has been tested and even tried and proven that the ingredients placed inside have the ability to stimulate hair follicles for longer lasting good results. It can work on every single air type on both genders and has proven to be more effective when used regularly. Some of the active ingredients that have been mixed in it include caffeine, Saw Palmetto and Ketoconazole that each come with different benefits great for hair like being strong, healthy, ability to eliminate dandruff and thinning and so much more. The application procedure is so simple requiring only massaging it to the scalp for a few minutes before eventually rinsing it off. It costs so little making hair restoration or hair regrowth cheap as compared to other competing products that cost a lot more.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Features overview;

  • Caffeine; now first of all most hair growth shampoos do not have caffeine in them taking this Ultrax Labs Hair shampoo on a more positive side with great results. This is because this caffeine has been studied and proved that it has the ability to make the life cycle of the hair follicles last longer thus boosting growth of very healthy hair. This will even be faster and effective when you apply it almost on a daily basis.
  • Saw Palmetto; another power ingredient for the hair that is mixed in this Ultrax Labs Hair shampoo to help eliminate hair loss including baldness in both women and men. This saw palmetto has the ability to block the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme that has the capacity to change testosterone into the DHT. This way your hair will remain full without you crying over baldness or hair loss.
  • Ketoconazole; this is basically the most powerful ingredient for the anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory making it very effective for dandruff. However, of recent it has also been proven that it also works well against thinning of hair so that your hair can maintain its thickness. This hair shampoo contains a portion of this ketoconazole that amounts to 0.2% of its total composition.


  • Easy to use; this tremendous Ultrax Labs Hair shampoo is very easy to use without any complications that even the men won’t mind using it almost daily. It comes with simple steps like apply in the hair, then massage for a few minutes and finally rinse it off.
  • Effective; the effectiveness of this shampoo is mainly attributed to the natural ingredients mixed in it like the caffeine, saw palmetto and ketoconazole that will provide your hair will full recovery only after a short time frame.


  • Little lather; this shampoo usually produces very little lather especially if you are used to an overflowing amount of lather that you might get confused thinking you haven’t poured enough and end up wasting it.


Who will it benefit?

  • Balding people; this shampoo will greatly help people who are experience balding or a receding hairline in both women and men as it will restore that through its natural nutrients placed in it that are so powerful.

What else do you need?

  • Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Stimulating Conditioner; made by the same manufacturers, this product will go so well alongside making the hair healthier especially silky and then improving on the lifespan of the hair follicles thus making it produce better results within a short time frame.











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