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TomTom Runner GPS WatchThis  form of wearable technology is not TomTom’s first invention, in the past, TomTom was partnering up with top brands like Nike to release high end wearable sports technologies, but this time, they have decided to create their out product line and TomTom Runner GPS Watch is among the top sports watches on the market today.



However, this watch has its pros and cons and we shall see below, but as a consumer, I advise you to analyze your options very well and buy what fits your needs.



  • Bold text and wide screen which makes it easy to read data while in motion.
  • This watch is light and comfortable to wear.



  • It’s a basic sports watch, not as fancy as Garmin sports watches.
  • It does not have a USB charging port.



  • Wide Screen:- If you have ever owned a sports watch before, you will agree with me that the size of the screen is very essential, you don’t want to cut down on your speed while running simply because you need to read running stats. With that in mind, this TomTom Runnner GPS watch’s wide screen displays both graphical and digital data in bold, making it easy to read while you’re running. The actual dimension of this screen is 1.37 inches.
  • Different Colors:- Unlike most brands, TomToms keeps the price of different colors the same. When I compare this to Nike and Garmin, I fail to get the point why those two brands put different price tag on each color. We all have different tastes especially when it comes to colors, however, the color factor should not be used to determine price. This TomToms running watch comes in 5 different colors and these include; Pink / Black / Grey / Deep Blue / Turquoise, so you can choose what is best for you.
  • Adjustable Strap:- By default, all sports watches have adjustable straps which makes it easy to wear the watch. This adjustable strap gives you the opportunity to adjust the watch to a desired fitting which makes you comfortable.
  • One-Button Control:- One of the most important things on a running watch is navigation, you have be in position to navigate the menu and features of that watch easily. TomTom has put only one control button on this watch, it will help you scroll through the menu easily.
  • Graphical Training Partner:- You will get motivated by the graphical data displayed on this watch’s large screen. This will improve on your performance and endurance while on the road.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch


  • Track Everything:- This GPS watch will enable you track time,  distance covered, calories burned and so much more. Data will be displayed on a large screen in real time helping you know your fitness level in real time. It’s time you achieve your health & fitness goals with this Tom Tom GPS running watch, so far it’s the best training partner.
  • Easy to use:- We have already seen that the watch uses only one big control button which simplifies the navigation of the menu. It does not matter how fast you’re running.
  • Challenge yourself:- Many of us have no training partners, so you might end up giving up while on the road and that will affect your fitness level. But having no physical training partner should not worry you anymore, because you can set a challenge for yourself using TomTom GPS running watch. After setting a goal, you will start racing against yourself and the end results will be tremendous.
  • Scratch Resistant Display: – Not only does the display show results in bold fonts, but it’s also scratch resistant, so your watch will look new all the time. If a sports watch’s screen is not scratch resistant, it will get old very quickly and the screen will start fading out.
  • Vibration Alerts: – It is time you stay focused on running and pay less attention to your TomTom Gps running watch. You can schedule alerts so that you don’t get distracted all the time. You will hear beeps if you want too, of feel vibrations on each alert.
  • Ultra-slim Design: – When you look at this Gps watch’s picture, it might look big, but in the actual sense, it has a slim design which comfortably fits any wrist size. It’s also a very light running watch; you might even forget that you’re wearing something on your wrist.
  • Indoor Tracker: – If the weather is bad, you can train from indoors using a treadmill. This TomTom Runners watch was built with sensors to track your activities even when you stay indoors. When using a treadmill, you don’t need a foot pod, this watch can track everything.
  • Waterproof:- You can run in all kinds of weather. TomTom was crafted for serious runners; it will not disappoint you when running a marathon. If you get caught up in rain, just keep on moving, because TomTom Gps Runner watch can’t get damaged by water. If you love swimming, you can swim with this watch up to 165 feet below water, that’s approximately 50 meters.
  • Compatible with most platforms:- You can sync data from this GPS watch to any device of platform. Majority of runners use fitness apps which track and organize fitness data. Once data is synced with these apps, you can share this data with friends across social networks and get more motivation and followers.
  • Desk Dock:- You can connect this Gps watch to laptop using a USB cable. This cable can charge it fully or help you transfer data to a computer. If you have TomTom heart rate monitor connect it to this watch using Bluetooth technology, this helps you read your heart rate levels accurately.
  • Looks cool:- I know we all have different requirements and needs when it comes to choosing running watches. However, beauty should be one of them, you have to be proud of what you’re wearing on your hands, it somehow contributes to your confidence and self esteem. Choose a color which describe your test for fashion and at the same time enjoy the sporty design of this watch, it’s just perfect and nice looking.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch





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