Therapist’s Choice Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

This Massage Table Warmer is made to turn your massage experience into a whole new and interesting feeling. You will need this kind of table warmer to provide the necessary warmth on to the body before a massage that is required for any massage session. This massage table warmer features 5 adjustable heat settings and auto over-heat protection that regulates the amount of heat or temperature produced. Its power cord is 12 foot which long enough to be used even in those large rooms. With its fleece top, the warmer feels very comfortable on your skin and elastic straps make it fit perfectly one the table without slipping. It can not cause any kind of damage to your table reason being the temperature produced is just warm enough for the person being massaged.

 Therapist’s Choice® Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer

Therapist's Choicer Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer


  • Dimensions: This fleece table warmer measures 31 by 71 which makes it large enough to fit most massage tables and could be added to a bed if you wish to.
  • Fleece top and elastic corner straps: Its fleece top is very soft and comfortable on the skin as its elastic corners straps that make it fit tightly on the massage table to avoid slipping.
  • Auto over heat protection: It is designed to automatically protect your table from getting any kind of damage. This is different from heating pads that go up to about 120 to 150 degrees F as it only produces temperature that is only good enough for warming the body of the person being massaged.
  • 5 adjustable heat settings: This warmer reaches up to around 90 degrees F with five different heat setting that are adjustable so that you choose a heat setting that you feel suits your needs best.
  • One year limited warranty: If at any one point you get to find that the warmer does not work to your expectations then just take it back and get refunded.
  • Long power cord: The table warmer’s cord is 12 foot which is long enough for any massage room.

Product quality:

  • Great value for the price: If you make an estimate of how much this massage table warmer costs compared to others warmers on the market; you will realize that this one performs even better than what someone would expect it to simply because it comes at a very affordable price.
  • Very comfortable: To avoid interruption during the massage, the warmer has elastic corner straps that prevent it from slipping off the table and more to that is its fleece top that feels really comfortable on the patient’s body.
  • Warms up nicely: The warmer has five different adjustable temperature settings and an auto over heat protection that prevents it from heating too much.


It comes at a fair price and has a really simple control pad that you can use to easily adjust the heat that you would love to use.


It may take quite some time to heat; this does not change the fact that this table warmer works well. However, some customers have complained about how much you have to wait before starts heating up since it heats up at a slow pace.


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