Summer Infant Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub

 Never have I ever heard of a parent who wouldn’t want the best for their children. Actually even before they are born, parents still can’t help but think how cute and happy they will be when they do provide for them their best basic needs and more. Am talking about special things like this blue Summer Whirlpool Spa and tab, which produces some of the softest delicate bubbles for the infants spa or massage experience. Nothing can make a parent happier than the laughter of his/her little one while enjoying their mini spa/ massage moments. An infant’s skin is so delicate that any small contact would cause rush or any other harm that is why this product is so smooth on the interior and chemical free. The shower kit provided with it is made using some of the most fragile materials that can work best on a virgin skin like for a baby. It is large enough to allow your baby kick and play without hitting onto the inner walls of the tub. This design is so current and will offer your baby a clean bath moment that he/she will always look to, loving every moment all over again. With this product pampering your little prince/ princess will just come naturally at a not so costly fee. Bathing and massaging an infant just got better now with this product.

Summer Infant Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub

Summer Infant spa


Product quality:

Produced using some of the most highly quality plastic raw material that will not melt when in touch with heat or easily get damaged. The plastic contains no chemicals that can be harmful or cause allergies to a baby’s skin because it’s so delicate. The layers of the plastic are two in number; that is the outer and inner to protect the heat from escaping from the bath when in use. In addition there is also vinyl and mesh that was properly inserted into the tub so the extra functions that work well.


  • Power-driven water jets; these jets are operated on by batteries and once properly connected, they do produce some of the best bubbles that will constantly excite your little one during the whole bath process everyday and he will always long for it. Watch your baby learn how to catch things through the bubbles.
  • Support; it contains a section( particularly the sling )where the new born can sit properly with support, this way you don’t need to worry about the baby sliding off during bath times. Once your baby matures, you can remove the sling so that more space is created in the spa.
  • Baby entertainment; this is provided through the motor that makes some sound during the spa moments. You know babies only love silence while sleeping but while taking a spa, this can be very exciting to them.
  • Calm flow of water; this shower attached to the bath spa will produce a very mild flow of water right enough for your infant to enjoy. This is very important when choosing a spa because it the flow of water is so strong then it can easily cause harm to the infant.
  • Removable spa unit; yes it is attached to the spa but you can still remove especially when you are cleaning the tub after the baby has been fully bathed.
  • Low weight; bathing a child can happen at any part of the house that is why this product is of almost no weight approximately 25pounds so that you can easily move it around at any time.
  • Very affordable, you don’t need to rob a bank to afford this luxury for your child because it actually costs very little as compared to the other infant spas in the market at the moment.


  • Age limit; the spa might soon become smaller as you child continues growing up. In this case make sure to take out the sling so that there is enough space in the spa. This way your child can still get to have baths in the summer spa for a longer time like up to two years of age.

Features overview:

  • Circulating water jets; as you turn it on the water jets begin to circulate round producing more bubbles and creating a vibrating result that will mildly massage the baby in a more exciting way.
  • Dual walled; throughout the entire tub is made of double layers of the wall specifically to keep the bath water warm at all times during the use. The walls are made using fine material that can absorb heat for a very long time.
  • Ergonomic shower knob; this knob is used to guarantee ease as you shower the baby, changing them to different directions till they get properly cleaned up as you tenderly rub on their skin.
  • Cradling sling; this is exclusively made for the newborn babies and it does come with a plush boost that can be also used in the other sinks including for the adults too.

Who does it benefit?

This will benefit the parent more; this is because through this bath spa, they can efficiently use the time with their child especially if they are very busy and always away. Special bond will be created plus it saves a lot of time because the water heats instantly so you can bathe your child quickly before you start attending on the other daily errands.

It also benefits the baby because bath time will be very comfortable with the right amount of temperature created.

What else do you need?

  • Johnson’s bath gift sets; this will come with all the small things that you will need to use on the baby after bath, the gift set includes things like baby oil used to moisturize the skin after bath, powder and a lot more.
  • Graco cuddle rocking seat; this is very important because you can place the infant after dressing and feeding them up in this seat so they can rock to sleep as you go about other chores in the house.
  • A munchkin bath ducky; throw it in the tub and let your infant enjoy watching the float on the water of watch them try to reach and play with them. Fun!


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