M Spa Model B-130 Camaro Review – Portable Hot Tub Spa

Get the M spa model hot tub and enjoy the new meaning of full relaxation after a stressful day or just when you need to spoil yourself and a few close people. This spa will provide just what you always longed for and imagined. It is an all day product that can be placed anywhere that you desire and yet wide enough to accommodate more people (that is four people approximately including yourself). This portable hot tub spa even feels much better than the traditional spas and will ensure you achieve a full amount of relaxation and massage healing not only your body but mind and soul too. The level of heating and remaining heated is great you won’t regret any single penny. So whether you decide to place this in your gardens, veranda or indoor you got this piece of satisfaction while you obtain the best especially in relation to heat levels and retention.

M Spa Model B-130 Camaro Review – Portable Hot Tub Spa

M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub


Product quality:

This Camaro inflatable hot tub spa product contains a smart inflation policy that will make it so easy to blow up the whole spa instantly making it one of the very best product on the market. It also includes built in control panel, water heater, integrated power pack and self-drainage, air jets, manometer and so many more other qualities. With all these product qualities, you don’t have to choose any other product other than this. M spa products never disappoint because they are manufactured with the end users comfort and satisfaction in mind.


  • 110 air jets; am sure you would want as many bubbles as possible. And that is why this spa contains the multiple bubbles that is produced through the 110 air jets that are at the inside walls of this hot tub spa. Fun just got started in the hot spa with this system during routine use.
  • Simple set up; yap simple so it comes! All you have to do is to blow up this m spa made hot tub using a pump, fill it in with water to the full capacity and press buttons and everything with be good to jump in. You don’t need to buy out any help with this because you can easily do it yourself fast.
  • Handy; this is more on the ability to move part. It almost costs very little especially when it is deflated and you have to move it to another place. Even after inflation, it still costs almost no weight and you might only need help because of the size.
  • Automatic water drainage system; great for you and your spa because once you are done with the fun for the day, you can just let the water drain completely out automatically rather than manually doing it.
  • Heat preservative mat; this is built all round in the spa so that the heat remains properly heated in with not ways of escaping during spa time. This means that even during the winter when the temperature to so low out there, you will get enough warmth from the spa and forget about all the coldness outside.


  • Slower heating; this can be controlled in a way that you make sure to set up the spa earlier before you jump in for the fun. When doing that make sure that the cover is closed you the heating process is faster as no heat will be able to escape. There is almost no bad side about this product that is why you need to purchase one sooner.


Features overview:

  • PVC leather material; m spa is made using leather laminated synthetic material so that it will endure all the hardships of time. The material is smooth enough on the skin so it can’t cause any bruises and yet hard to tear through when placed in rougher places like the gardens.
  • Built in control panel; easy is what this is! In this way you will just touch the buttons in that section and then everything will be instantly switched to perfection. Choose to switch on the bubbles or even increase or reduce the heat to your personal preference.
  • Maximum water capacity; m spa can accommodate a very large amount of water reaching up to about 184 gallons each time of use. This ample amount of water will be enough for the other people you decide to invite in the spa as they have the heavenly time they all required.
  • Built in heater; with m spa you will realize that the control panel is not the only component built in but also the heater too. This heater is safely put in the spa so that when you turn it on, this portable hot tub spa gets to heat up perfectly maintaining the same amount of temperature throughout.
  • Manometer; this is one feature that makes this spa a must buy product for everyone. This manometer is important because it helps in testing the quality of the air pressure and will also ensure to make adjustments in the air pressure when need be.


Who does this benefit?

Friends that need to catch up, when you all have busy schedules and yet treasure your friendship much then you can buy this product and then use it as a bonding time with your close buddies. This way not only will you all catch up but have a free relaxing massage as you sip the days stress off in the desired amount of temperature and comfort. These memories will never be forgotten as you watch the skies while spa bathing in your gardens.

Lovers that need to spend romantic times, instead of going out and wasting a lot of money on those outings, you can just relax back home with your spouse and enjoy the most quality time as you watch the stars in the moon or just sit in each others arms making the future plans that you deserve in this Camaro hot tub spa.


What else do you need?

  • Spa frog floating system; this spa float will definitely last long while floating on your spa for as long as you need. It contains bromine and mineral cartridges that can be pre-filled to make your spa the most suitable atmosphere with clean soothing water for a long time.
  • Handy-step spa; getting in and out of your spa just got simpler with this red wood colored step spa. It contains two levels of steps which is just enough for the Camaro hot tub and it is also designed in a gentle yet roughed way so you do not slip off and fall. This is a necessary commodity while using this spa at all times.
  • Purespa cup holder; for longer spa time, you will definitely need to keep drinking so the fun is maximized. This Purespa holder is placed on the top side of the spa that you prefer and easily reachable so you will not have to walk out for a drink rather just stay put and sip.

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