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Smooth Viking is the new smooth sexy full beard secret. Want to be that then use it…simple! This way you will always have the beard that you always longed for…the ones the ladies know and love. It is simple a beard growth supplement with natural nutrients in each single capsule that will absolutely restore to health even the most damaged beard of them all.  With the Biotin/B-Complex that is all obtained naturally there is no way you will fail you have the kingly beard at any given time when using this growth support. Whether you want very a long beard or any shape all I can say is be prepared because this supplement will provide you with just about that. You can get to take it for only a month or more so that the beard is fully restored to the perfect healthiness and length that you want. Be the beard king with Smooth Viking Beard Supplement.


Hair and Beard Growth Support

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Supercharged only with natural ingredients; this pro is clearly stated on the tin containing these capsules and it is not false. It is one of those dietary supplements that only have natural ingredients in it with no artificial things including colors or any other thing you would think of. This Smooth Viking only contains Vitamins and related natural ingredients.

  • Provides healthy beards; the reason why some men can’t sustain having beards is due to the fact that some of them who have tried really had unhealthy hair which will make someone look so bad. However this Smooth Viking will restore all those problems allowing the beards to become brand new with fuller lengths, thicker hair, shiny with no sorts of scalp itching and a lot more. This is the top and most important pro of this product.


  • The only con with the Smooth Viking capsules is that they contain an odor that is really strong and most people will not enjoy I especially once the bottle has been opened. Otherwise that is the only negative thing about this product the rest are all only pros.

Features overview;

  • Contains Biotin boosters; Smooth Viking Hair and Beard Growth Support contains boosters that are highly efficient when it comes to boosting the hair and making it completely healthy. By healthy we mean that there will be no breakages of any sort, dryness, patches, very thin hair and many more but rather everything positive you can imagine about a perfect beard. This biotin is obtained from the vitamin B Complex and it has been proven overtime to be the best when it comes to hair boosting.
  • High with growth boosters; Smooth Viking Hair and Beard Growth Support contains a high level of nutrients on each single capsule that are meant to boost hair growth and in this case the beards. With the various vitamins and other formulas added even if you have the most stagnant beard growth which might have been hereditary then be confident that all that will end immediately to go on a Smooth Viking dosage. Be able to show off and make your peers so green-eyed with your new beard healthy looks.

Product quality;

These are dietary supplements that will boost your beards to perfection with its powerful formula. They are simple capsules with each of them containing up to 5000 mcg of different natural nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, vitamin A and many others to ensure that you have healthy, thick and a lot fuller beards.

Smooth Viking Hair and Beard Growth Support also will act as a very powerful DHT blocker which is created so that it can help prevent the deficiencies of vitamin especially on the scalp leading to a lot of hair loss. The capsules are packed in each tin with 60 of them with a dosage of only thirty days to complete them all.

Who will it benefit?

Smooth Viking will majorly benefit people that have scarce beards. This is because that condition is cause by a number of factors including natural ones but once you start taking these pills then be glad you are about to finally have thick cute looking beards. With this you will forget a scarce looking bearded face and enjoy the thick bearded face.


What else do you need?

  • Smooth Viking Beard Balm for Men; from the same producers meaning they will perfectly complement each other when you decide to use them together. This beard balm is mainly used to tame even the wildest of hairs in the beards category. You apply it then brush the beards and this product will help the beards maintain hold all day long.
  • Smooth Viking beard conditioner for men; this product is basically a natural wax that is meant to provide softening and healing to the scalp from itching. This way you will enjoy silky and easy to maintain beards.



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