Prilosec ; OTC Acid Reducer, Delayed-Release Tablets Review

Prilosec acid reducer is a well-known treatment for frequent heart burn. It has been proven and advised by various doctors to prevent heart burn and even help to relieve it. Just because it does not take away this kind of abdominal pain as soon as you take it does not mean it will not work. It becomes effective between the first day to the fourth day for different individuals.

These over the counter tablets are meant to be taken for 14 days where by you will have to swallow one tablet every day until all the end of the 14 days. Out of the many consumers that have tried Prilosec OTC before, 78% of them are said to have gained relief from heart burn on their first day of use while 81% of them were healed completely by the end of four days and 94% of the consumers were extremely satisfied with how well the tablets work. If you have not yet tried them out and have failed to find a working solution to that frequent heartburn then you sure do not know what you are missing out on.


Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, Delayed-Release Tablets, 42 Count Package



Similar to Omeprazole, Prilosec is another proton pump inhibitor which basically helps to cut down on the amount of acid produced in the stomach that would rather have become excess and cause damages like that caused by gastro esophageal disease (GERD), frequent heart burn and many other conditions that may result from increases acid amounts in the stomach. Prilosec OTC may not bring you relief to different symptoms of heart burn however, after not more than four days of taking the treatment you will start to feel the results and by the time you are done with the entire dose you will definitely be healed from those frequent heart burns. It also helps in preventing the damage that excessive acid in the stomach may bring to the esophagus. Prilosec OTC is at times prescribed with antibiotics according to what the doctor will diagnose as the cause of your heart burn therefore always endeavor to take all medication as always instructed by your healthcare professional.


It is one of the best products for acid reflux and is one of the most sold products for heart burn reason being it not only provides perfect results but also comes at a really good price. Whether you swallow it before or after eating food, the product still offers extremely amazing results. If acid reflux has become a never ending problem for you then all you will have to do is start this Prilosec treatment and wait for about four days to see how effective it works.


  • It contains antacids; the tablets contain antacids that help to neutralize acid in the stomach, this usually happens after eating and experiencing the pain. This is what makes Prilosec relieve you from the pain of heart burn.
  • PPI (proton pump inhibitor); heart burn comes about as a result of the stomach producing excessive acid to break down food and this acid refluxes into the esophagus. Therefore, Prilosec OTC is made with the proton pump inhibitor that helps to block the pumps the produce excessive acid hence helping out in only production of acid that is enough to break down food and make it easier for digestion. This is what makes Prilosec OTC one of the most recommended acid reducers by many of the doctors.
  • It also contains H2 blockers; these PPIs also help to block the production of excessive acid by the stomach. They become active in a period of about 1 hour and last for almost 12 hours. It’s within this period that severe heart burn will have been treated.


The active ingredient in each tablet of Prilosec OTC is Omeprazole magnesium. They however, contain other inactive ingredients and these include, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, glyceryl monostearate, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methacrylic acid copolymer and many others as you will find instructed on the package.




  • First and foremost, the medication has to be recommended by a healthcare profession much as you will obtain it from the pharmacy without a prescription.
  • The product is to be used every day for 14 days and you should only swallow one tablet every 24 hours. Swallowing more than one tablet within 24 hours will be an over dose and may cause really serious problems compared to heart burn. Unless you have been instructed by your doctor to continue treatment after 14 days, you should not continue taking the tablets after 14 days.
  • It should only be administered to adults starting from the age of 18 and above. If you are planning to give the product to any child below the age of 18 you must see a doctor first.
  • Make sure that you complete the entire dose, after a few days or even hours of swallowing Prilosec you may not feel the pain anymore but this surely does not mean that you are healed. The symptoms of your conditions may stop but the exact condition does not go away that fast. That is why you have to take the entire 14 day treatment to heal totally.
  • Getting full effect will take 1-4 days though some people will start to heal from the pain in the first hours therefore ensure that you take all medications as given to you by the pharmacist or doctor? Sometimes, it is given along with antibiotics to make it more effective for the particular condition that you are suffering that is why you must always be cautious enough to take given medicines.
  • Always take the tablets in the morning before eating any meal and use clean clear water to swallow. Ensure not to crush the tablet in food or chew it, you just have to swallow.
  • Always keep the tablets in a cool dry place and keep them in places where children cannot easily reach them.
  • After your first 14 day treatment of Prilosec OTC wait for at least 4 months before starting another treatment. If you have any other issues that may need medication during those four months it is best you take your complaints to the doctor before swallowing any other medicines.
  • Take frequent medical tests if you are using Prilosec OTC. It has been realized that taking these medicines for a long period of time comes along with some side effects. You are therefore asked to always let your doctor know that you are taking this treatment so that they can be able to find out if it is bringing you any side effects. These medical tests will help to determines whether you should continue with the Prilosec OTC treatment or withdraw from it.



If the heart burn completely refuses to go away after 14 days or becomes worse even after this 14 day treatment then you are advised to go and seek medical attention very fast because this is a sign that you could be having a more serious condition. However, here I want to discuss some of the conditions that you must explain in detail to your doctor before you start the Prilosec OTC treatment.

  • Symptoms like excessive sweating, too much pain heart burn that has stayed for more than 3months, vomiting, bloody stool, unusual weight loss, difficulty in breathing, pain that moves away from the chest and moves on to other parts of the body like the arms, shoulders and back are indicators that you are not just suffering from heart burn. On that note you should first talk to a doctor before you take Prilosec OTC.
  • Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are advised to talk to professionals before going ahead to use Prilosec OTC to avoid any serious negative effects either on the mother or the child. The damage Prilosec is likely to cause to bring to your unborn baby is not specified so it is up to you to let your doctor know early enough if you are pregnant before going ahead to start the Prilosec treatment.
  • For people that are allergic to any Benzimidazole medication and related drugs; it is advised that you stay away from Prilosec. Such medications include Omeprazole, Mebendazole and Albendazole; the same effect that these drugs bring will the same effect that Prilosec will bring to you that is why is you are advised to talk to your doctor for something different.
  • What type of pain are you feeling? It is important to pay great attention to the type of pain of pain you are feeling because many times people tend to confuse heart burn with heart disease. If the pain is too severe spreading from your chest towards the arms and back and makes your chest feel really heavy then you must visit a specialist before taking this medicine. These are signs that you may have a really serious condition that is not just heart burn that will need more serious treatment.
  • If you have been on any other kind of medication, before using Prilosec you must tell the doctor about any other medication that you are taking because a mixture of these medicines might actually react badly with different organs in the body and bring about other damages instead. If you are suffering from liver disease, have limited mineral amounts in the bones and low magnesium levels in the blood; it is not advisable to start Prilosec treatment before seeking the doctor’s advice.

Prilosec OTC Acid Reducer, Delayed-Release Tablets, 42 Count Package


Prilosec comes with some side effects where by some are common and normal that they will only last for a short while due to different reactions from your body organs. While others last quite a long period of time but these are not so common in most cases however as soon as you notice them you must seek medical attention immediately. There are also side effects that come about as a result of prolonged use of Prilosec for example, if you have been using the medicine for about three to four years you will have a look at all these side effects as they are broken down below.


Common side effects of Prilosec

These are side effects that do not call for serious of immediate attention due to the fact that they are more termed as normal and in most cases they only last a short period of time. As your body gets used to the treatment these small effects will go away even before you notice, your doctor will let you know of these effects and direct you on how to reduce or completely avoid them.

  • Difficulty in breathing; Prilosec OTC sometimes may cause continuous flow of mucus or what many call running nose, at other times it brings nasal congestion where by you like your nose is stuffed and blocked and at other times it causes sneezing. All these make it difficult for the patient to breathe however; the good news is that all these will only last a limited period of time.
  • Pains and cramps; since the body reacts differently to whatever you take in, taking Prilosec OTC for the first time may cause your body some pains, sometimes the pain may only be felt in form of abdominal pain while other times the entire body hurts and feels weak which brings about some kind of drowsiness that you do not usually feel. As the body adapts to the treatment it will stop to feel like this and you will not have to suffer any of these effects anymore.
  • Simple stomach problems; for some patients Prilosec OTC causes constipation and for other it brings diarrhea or running stomach so if you get of any these, tell the doctor about it to get solutions on how to stop it. It can also bring about discomfort in the stomach as a result of gas.
  • Ear congestion; this makes hearing a little bit difficult though it is not that common.
  • Loss of voice
  • Heart burn; at first it may increase heart burn if you already have it and for those who did not have heart burn, Prilosec OTC is likely to bring some heart burn but as you continue the treatment it will treat the problem.

Rare side effect of Prilosec

These are side effects that should not be appearing unless there something else causing the problem which is why you must get in touch with a doctor as soon as you notice any of them. The earlier you realize the real problem the easier it will be for you to treat it.

  • Nausea and vomiting;first of all you must take the treatment before eating any meal, so if you eat something after taking your medicine and start to feel nauseated then that surely must be a problem. Sometimes Prilosec may also bring about vomiting which means the medicine did not react well with something in your body so you have to see the doctor.
  • Difficulty in urination;there are several side urinary tract problems that come from swallowing Prilosec, these include painful and burning feeling when urinating, finding it difficult to pass out urine, and frequent urge to urinate all the time. This shows that Prilosec may be bringing problems connected to your urinary tract and you must get medical attention immediately.
  • Body weakness; sometimes Prilosec causes fever and loss of appetite where by you do not want to eat anything hence causing the body to become really weak. This is why you will find yourself sleeping more often than you used to and even tend feel dizzy.
  • Different swellings; this is not common and not normal, swellings in the mouth, around the lips and sometimes even the genitals. These tend to be really painful and sometimes even itchy which means that you have to see the doctor before going ahead to continue with the Prilosec
  • Eye problems; Prilosec OTC may cause your eyes to itch and bring about blurred vision. At times it even brings about redness of the eyes.
  • Skin complications; the treatment may cause the skin to itch, swell, become red in color, bring skin rashes, at times the skin even starts to peel and feel tender. These signs show that there is actually a high possibility that you are allergic to this treatment or you have to swallow it along with some antibiotics but the only way to find this out is going to the doctor as soon as you notice any of these skin effects.
  • Severe pains;in the normal cases these tablets bring pain but it does not last long and it is not so severe therefore if the pain you get after swallowing Prilosec is too much then there is a problem. Run to your doctor if the treatment is bringing you severe pain such as back pain or random pain in the chest, stomach and joints.


After taking Prilosec OTC for a really long time, I am talking about two to four years; in this case there are side effects that you may not be able to avoid. Below are the long term side effects of swallowing Prilosec OTC;

  • Respiratory; these include permanent and dry cough and pain in the pharyngeal.
  • Nervous system; these affect organs in the nervous system and they include numbness, constant headaches, feeling dizzy and seizures among others.
  • Metabolic; the metabolic side effects include sudden or unusual increase or gain of weight and increase in levels of uric acid.
  • Psychiatric; these are not so common but they have been found in some patients swallowing Prilosec, the psychiatric effects include becoming too nervous, failure to sleep, constant illusions.
  • Gastrointestinal; these are the most common side effects and they involve pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation and sometimes pancreatitis.


  • Hazy vision; the person tends to see things clearly or you may find the person mixing up different things because their inability to see things well.
  • Lips become dry; this is practically because too much of the medicine drains water from the body and makes the patient dehydrated that is why thee lips become dry.
  • Blushing; Prilosec over dose causes the skin to change color, most times the skin starts to become red.
  • Excessive sweating; too much sweating is one of the signs that indicate over dose of Prilosec.
  • Confusion; the person tends to misunderstand things or even misinterpret things because there may be some kind of interruption with how the person thinks.

Over dose cases are cases that call for emergency therefore as soon as you see someone with any of the above symptoms, the best thing you can do is call for help as soon as possible.


I will stick to the adult dosage for the matter that it is better to always visit a doctor before administering Prilosec to children or infants. Below is the dosage information for different infections;

  • Erosive esophagitis; 20mg of oral Prilosec OTC daily for 4 to 8 weeks; this dose can be increased to 40mg depending on how well or bad the patient is reacts to the treatment.
  • Gastric ulcers; 40mg of oral Prilosec OTC once in a period of 24 hours for 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Duodenal ulcers; for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, the patient should take 20mg of Prilosec in the morning and once a day.
  • Frequent heart burn and dyspepsia; for 14 days the patient should take 20mg of oral Prilosec before you eat any meal.
  • Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD); before any meal the patient is advised to take 20mg of oral Prilosec for 14 days. Sometimes the dose is increased to 40mg once every day.



How do I handle a person who has taken over dose?

Just as we saw under the symptoms of over dose, the best way to help a person who suffered over dose is to immediately rush them to hospital or call for professional help.

What if I miss a dose?

It is normal to forget and miss a dose so you have no reason to panic just because you missed your dose. If it is not about time to have your next dose then you can take the missed dose. If it is time for your next dose then completely leave out the one your missed.

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