Polar Rs300x Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar RS300X is one of the most used heart rate monitors and that simply means that it is one of the most reliable heart rate monitors you can ever come across. If you did not know or actually did not think that keeping track of your heart rate is very important well now is the time for you leave all that ignorance behind and start taking good care of yourself because the activities you take part in will determine how good or bad your heart rate is. Many people are now wondering what the use of these heart rate monitors really is, well the answer is simple and it is to help you analyze the impact of different exercises or activities on your health and in particular your heart. The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor is made in form of a watch so you just have to wear it on your hand and features a small computer that displays all the results that you need to have from your exercise. It is also detailed with new technology which includes the S1 foot pod and G1 GPS that will keep perfect track between your heart rate, the speed you use on different activities together with the distance that you travel. If you are ready to understand your health better and keep progress of your heart rate issues, well look no further than the Polar RS300X.


Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor



  • It provides all the fitness information that you need; the polar heart rate monitor gives you motivation as it shows how much fat you burn during your training sessions, this way you will how well you are doing during your training sessions or show you how much more you need to put in to achieve your desired health goals. The heart rate monitor keeps track of all the activities you take part in when you are wearing it and will give you accurate results of how those activities affected your heart rate.


  • Its screen display is quite vague; this way you will not be able to see your progress as you work out unless you move your eyes really close to the screen which is quite disturbing when you are working out. The heart rate displays all the necessary information but its screen display is not clear where by too much information is all included on the small screen, you can hardly read a thing hence drawing your attention away for the exercise just to see how far you have gone. Therefore on the next model of the heart rate monitor that particular detail should be looked at and ensure that the next model comes out with a really clear screen display.


  • A computer display for all your fitness data; the polar heart rate monitor is made with a small computer where all your training information is recorded and that is where you can access all the data. Do not worry about how to read your results because everything is given in such a self explanatory way just so you do not find any problems. On this computer you will find the distance you have traveled, the speed you used and of course its impact on your heart rate.
  • H1heart rate sensor chest strap; this kind of technology eliminates the worry about getting wrong results because the main reason as to why it was included was to ensure that the heart rate monitor can keep accurate track of your heart rate from time to time. The way it does all this is through coded transmission which ensures that there is no contradiction between the Polar heart rate monitor and some other heart rate monitors around which would be the sole cause of inaccurate results.
  • No need of resetting and keeps records of about 16 weeks; with this heart rate monitor you will not have to take the trouble of checking out your results daily because it keeps accurate of the last 16 training sessions you participated in and the last 16 weeks of training so you can take a look at your information any time you feel like. You do not have to reset the monitor as it automatically resets itself hence giving you perfect results for each and every training session. This also keeps record of the amount of calories you burn during each of the training sessions.
  • The polar heart rate monitor is compatible with S1 foot pod and G1 GPS; these are great for keeping track of the speed and distance covered during a particular work out hence helping you understand how these two can be of help to your heart rate and your health as a whole. The foot pod uses its accelerometer to determine how long each and every stride you made was.


  • Fits comfortably on the wrist; the heart rate monitor is made with a rubber wrist band that fits perfectly on any hand and will stay firm even when you sweat during your training session. It is very comfortable enabling you complete your work out without any interruption.
  • Easy to replace the battery; in case you need to change you batteries for any reason, the polar heart rate monitor will make it a complete walk over for you. This way you will have your heart rate monitor in good condition to give more than excellent information about your heart rate.
  • Very easy to use; the biggest problem with most heart rate monitors is that they are not that user friendly hence making it very hard for users to access their information and other things like resetting the monitor. However, with the polar heart rate monitor you will not face any of these problems because it is very easy to use, has a clear display of all your data enabling you to easily access your information.
  • Gives accurate results; because of the H1 heart rate sensor that comes with this polar heart rate monitor, it is able to always and continuously give accurate data about your heart rate. This is simply because there is no possibility of cross talk with any other heart rate monitors around especially for people who work out in the gym where the people around might also be using heart rate monitors.




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