Polar Loop Activity-Tracker Review

Polar Loop Activity TrackerIt does not matter what you do during the day; this Polar activity tracker will track just about anything 24/7. It is a very cool gadget because it allows you to set fitness goals and work towards achieving them.


So, why is it important to own an activity tracker?

Today we have many tech companies making these wearable technologies. Do you own one or you think it’s just a fab / a waste of money? Actually, activity trackers are very essential especially this Polar Loop activity tracker. With this gadget, you can track day-to-day activities, stay motivated by your results, know your heart rate and work towards improving it, know your fitness level and so much more. So, if you don’t have one, it’s high time you grab this Polar Loop Activity Tracker when it’s still on discount.


  • Sleek Design: This Polar Loop activity tracker borrows its looks from Nike Fuel Band; it’s slim in size and it fits very well. It comes in 3 cool colors and these include black / blackcurrant and Misty blue. With all these color options, you will be in position to choose what looks good on you. Since it’s a slim fitness band; you can wear it to work, it will still track all movements you make while at work or on the street, and show you how many calories you have burned during day, along with other stats.
  • LED Display:- No matter what time of the day is, you will be able to read data displayed on this wrist band. It has a led display feature which has background light to enable you see results clearly. It also monitors your sleep patterns, so if you have trouble sleeping, you might need to track your sleep patterns and find a solution earlier.
  • Custom Fit Bracelet:- It does not matter if you have a large / small hand; this Polar Loop’s bracelet is adjustable so it can fit any one easily. Though some users have reported that they had to cut the bracelet shorter but still this does not affect the functionality of the watch.
  • Strong and Durable rubber:- The wrist band is made out of durable soft rubber which feels comfortable when on hand yet durable at the same time.


  • Accurate Results:- This activity trackers works 24/7 so it won’t miss any single activity. When you buy this fitness gadget, you will get access to a free Polar Flow App which you can connect to this band so that every activity will be synced directly to your mobile app making it easy to see results and set goals using the app. Results are always accurate. Even when you don’t do anything, the tracker will still record and report your heart rate and at this moment it has to be low because your body will be resting. People with high blood pressure might get different results when resting, so you better exercise more to get your heart rate reading to normal.
  • Set goals and achieve them:- Polar Loop will never stop working as long has it’s on your hand. You do not necessarily that you have to be jogging to burn calories or improve your heart rate, simply be active during the day, move around the office, take stairs up to the last floor, walk on the street with friends or workmates, go to the market on foot, the tracker will monitor all those movements and calculate how many calories you have burned
  • Keep track of your achievements:- Since this gadget tracks your activities 24/7, you need to keep track of your fitness level, heart rate level and calories burned during the week. You can do this by using Polar Flow mobile App which automatically connects to this Polar Loop activity tracker. If you’re serious about your health & fitness, you can use the inactivity alert feature; this will notify you when your body is inactive.
  • Compatible Polar Flow Mobile App:- This is a feature that everyone needs, because it makes no meaning having a high end activity tracker when its mobile app is not compatible. It works with most Android operated smartphones and these include; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S5 Mini, Note II, Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1, Z2, HTC One M8, One Max, One Mini, LG G Flex, G2, G3, Lexus 4, Lexus 5, Motorola Moto G, Moto X. On the other hand, people who use Apple products, you need to have any of these models;  iPad (3rd & 4th generation) iPad mini iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPod touch (5th generation) iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Activity Guide:- Since the band collects most of your activity data, it can use it to tell you how to exercise and improve on your health and fitness level. This is a great feature because many of us can’t afford personal trainers and we end up doing what feels okay to use yet achieve little at the end of the day.
  • Activity Benefit:- This feature is supposed to give you feedback about daily / weekly / monthly activities. It is a great feature because it keeps you informed all the time. If you’re serious about your fitness; you will use gathered data to know your low / high performance days.
  • Burned Calories:- We exercise to get fit, feel better, burn fat and burn excessive calories. By default our bodies need calories but when they become too much in the body, they become dangerous. That is why you have to burn them every day because 80% of the food we eat has calories in it. Polar Loop has a smart calorie reporter, it will show you how many calories you have burned during the day.
  • Water Proof:- if you’re a swimmer; you will love the performance of this activity tracker. It’s a 24/7 activity tracker, you can swim in any style, go as deep as you want, make as many laps / strokes as you want and every single move under water will be tracked

Polar Loop Activity Tracker


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