Polar-Ft7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Polar FT7 Heart Rate MonitorWithout doubt, the usage of heart rate monitors is increasing, they have become one of the most essential fitness gadgets, at least we have to say thanks to technology. A heart rate monitor can help you know the status of your heart rate and at the same time inspire you to work out even more.

Well, I have been reading reviews in Polar FT7 via Amazon, majority of its users appreciate its performance and it has scored a 4.2 out of 5 rating, which is a very good rate for any wearable technology.

But before I go into detail about Polar FT7, I would like to first do a comparison between FT7 & FT4, at least this will gives you a clear picture on what you’re about to purchase. I will cover both similarities and differences for these two Polar models and then give my final verdict.



  • Both FT4 & FT7 have a continuous heart rate monitor turned on, as long as the watch is on your hand, it will keep on reading your heart rate, even when you’re resting. I guess this is a very good feature because it helps you know your heart rate status when resting and when active, so you can make comparisons easily. This with high blood pressure, you might see high heart rate readings even when not exercising, so that is a health failure, you have to get on the road and start jogging to get things to normal.
  • Both models are suitable for swimming. FT4 & FT7 are both waterproof heart rate monitors and I’m sure most of you prefer swimming to running, because it’s fan and more rewarding. So dive into the pool and have fan, these two models will perform perfectly without getting any interruption.
  • Both monitors have a Target HR Zone which has an alarm. This feature will help you an average heart rate, this will prevent you from over exercising and at the same time reduce on heart risks which might result from over exercising.
  • Both models don’t show the percentage of fat burned, so you will only get calories burned, heart rate and other related features, but you will not get results for burned fats. However, this feature has been integrated in Polar FT60 only and this explains why its more expensive than FT4 & FT7.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor 2


  • Polar FT7 has an EnergyPointer which tells you if a specific exercise is targeting calorie burning or muscle fitness. At least this feature will save you from doing specific exercises which yield fewer results.
  • FT7 has 99 training files yet FT4 has only 10 training files.



As a consumer, I can see there is a slight difference between these two models, though the number of training files is very crucial, so with that in mind, I can opt for Polar FT7, but if you can do without the Energy Pointer and the 89 extra training files, then go for FT4, it’s much cheaper than FT7.



  • Innovative Energy Pointer: – I have already explained about the feature when I was making a comparison between FT7 & FT4. This feature will display your workout data in a graphical form and also show what your achievements are, this will help you increase / decrease on the intensity of your workout.
  • 3-in-one device: – You will do more than reading your heart rate, this watch can calculate how many calories you have burned. It will also help you monitor your fitness level and at the same time work as a digital watch.
  • Water Proof: – I already tackled this feature when doing a comparison between FT4 & FT7, it’s a very nice feature because it gives you the opportunity to swim with this watch, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain while exercising.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


  • Chest Strap fits Well:- Unlike most chest straps which feel bulky and make you uncomfortable when you wear them, FT87’s chest strap is very light , you can adjust it to get a snug fit and exercise comfortably.
  • Multipurpose Watch:- This watch can do more than most heart rate monitors do. It records your average and maximum heart rate, present time in the training zone, actual time on fat burning zone, calculate and display burned calories during a particular exercise.
  • It will help you maximize your workout:- This fact is a bit logical but it’s true. The FT7 heart rate monitor is a very essential tool for people who love working out and those who have been told by the doctor to workout. During your first week, you will feel tired and lose interest, however, the only way you can benefit from an exercise is to workout. If you don’t do so, you will end up with no substantial results. So who does a heart rate monitor help you stay on track? Simple, as it displays burned calories and fitness levels, you will feel inspired and you will want to work out even more.
  • Set fitness goals and archive them:- Now that we know that if you follow data displayed by this heart rate monitor your interest in working out will increase. Now make a new plan and set goals for yourself, because when you exercise without an agenda, chances are high that you will give up at the last minute and that is something I want you to avoid. So, as a beginner, set your goals but be realistic to yourself, know what you can achieve in the first month and put the most difficult tusks last. For example, if you want to lose weight and at the same time get 6 packs, you should set your first goal as losing weight because six packs require some intensive training and they can’t appear when you’re overweight. You can do many exercises to lose weight and the most ineffective ones include; rope skipping & long distance running. I personally perform those two workouts when I want to lose weight and a heart rate monitor guides me throughout the course.


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