Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT60 Heart Rate MonitorPolar FT60, FT4, FT7 all into one category, though there is a slight difference in each model, but as we go on with this review, we shall see what exactly makes FT60 heart rate monitor the best of them all.


FT60 is an accurate heart rate monitor, 90% of all data reported will be correct. I have looked at the chart for Polar heart rate monitors; it looks like FT60 is their latest model though it might have been released 1 year back, so I expect a new model in 2015.

According to its description, the black FT60 is mainly customized for black women but that does not mean the if I’m a white I can’t wear it, black is just a color, actually this model comes it other appealing colors like Purple, Lilac, White, and Black with White Display.


  • FT60 comes in various colors so you have a chance to make a choice, choose the right color, but by default, most of you will go the black color.
  • Wide display screen:- You don’t have to strain your eyes to read data on this watches screen. Everything is in Bold, you will be in position to your heart rate, burned calories, set time and do lots of things with ease.
  • Durable rubber strap:- The strap can be adjusted to any length to provide a snug fit. It’s very soft and strong, this nature of rubber can’t get damaged by water.



  • Personalized training program: – The Polar start personalized training program will keep you updated all the time. It shows you all relevant data which includes; heart rate, calories burned and fitness status. This data will keep you inspired and help you workout even more.
  • Continuous Heart Rate Readings:- You will not miss any reading, be it when you’re walking or running. Your rating will not be messed up when the watch shakes its self while you’re running, it has been customized to give accurate readings and at the same time cancel whatever seems imperfect.
  • Waterproof:- If you love swimming, this is best heart rate monitor I can recommend to you, because you can dive with it in water and still get accurate readings. On the other hand, if you get caught up in rain while running, nothing should stop, because FT60 will keep on counting and working perfectly.
  • Measure your fat burn and calorie burn in Percentage:- I’m sure everyone here knows how to read and interpret percentages.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor 2



When I compare these two models, I can see some difference, the shape of FT60’s screen is wider than that of FT6. But let’s go deep and see what exactly makes FT60 different from FT7.

  • FT7 has an energy pointer which helps you know your fitness level, this is a very essential feature but I’m surprised FT60 lucks this feature. I would expect it to have an energy pointer because it’s an advancement of FT7.
  • FT60 has a personal hear rate zone, I guess this feature replaced the energy pointer, but I’m not so sure of it because I have not owned any of these two brands. I use FT4 which is a little bit affordable.
  • FT60 stores over 100 training files:- The memory of FT60 seems to be bigger than that of FT7 because it can store 100 training files yet FT7 can store only 99. The difference is just one File, so I guess you can choose to buy any if these two brands.
  • FT60 has a fitness test feature:- The main purpose of this fitness test is to measure cardiovascular fitness of what you would call aerobic fitness. Once turned on, it will predict maximal oxygen uptake, results from this test will show how many milliliters of oxygen your body can use / transport per each KG of your body weight in each minute. This fitness test will take the following factors into consideration; Resting hear rate, Heart rate variability, Gender, Body Weight, Height and Age. This feature is only found on FT60 and I guess this is why it comes at a higher price.


Why do you need this test? While exercising, you need to track and monitor your achievements. This will prevent you from doing exercises which take long to bring results and at the same time you will know your fitness level. If you don’t track your fitness level, you will end up over exercising or give up on working out. So taking a fitness test is one way of keeping track of what you’re doing and at the same time getting inspired to work out even more.

Note: – When you start taking these tests, make sure you do it right. Take them under the same condition


Many times users of heart rate monitors, prefer transferring fitness files to their computers of mobile apps, this create more storage space on your watch but at the same time it ensures that your data is well protected and backed up. Transferring data from FT60 Polar watch can be done with a USB cable / Bluetooth.  If you decide to use a USB, the Polar Flow sync software will pop up asking for permission to transfer data from the watch to your computer / laptop. You can sync data anytime you want, there is no limit on how much data you can transfer, but keep it in mind that this FT60 can store a maximum of 100 fitness files, once it gets full, no more data will be saved. So if you exercise on a daily basis, I suggest you sync data at least once a week.


This Polar FT60 heart rate monitor tracks all movements you make. But to get better results, you need to use a heart rate strap. This can be worn around the chest; it will track each and every heart beat. If you want to track your heart rate while jogging, simply wear the FT60 watch and get on the road, it will start collecting and saving fitness data & calories burned. After your exercise, you can sync that data to your computer / favorite fitness App.


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