Omron Hj-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer Review

Did you know that every step that you take counts despite of where you are going or what your main aim is? You will definitely not find out unless you try out the HJ-112 pedometer as it engineered with the latest 2D smart technology together with all the best features you will want to ever in a pedometer. With this kind of technology you never have to think about inaccurate results despite of where you place your pedometer. You can clip it on your pocket, bag or belt and still be sure to get very accurate results.

 Omron Hj-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer Review

May be you do not find it the important to calculate how many steps you take every day but after trying out this Omron pedometer you will actually enjoy it. Whenever you keep track of how many steps you take you will get motivated to walk more hence keeping a completely healthy life.

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer



Stores up to 7 days history; not everyone will get the time to check out their results every single day that is why this pedometer is made with the ability to store you history of 7 days so can just decide to look at them over the weekend. This way you can also be able to compare the records to see whether you are progressing or not. It also has a very a very large display so that even those with visual problems can be able to easily access their results.


Replacing the batteries is not that simple; opening the back to remove the old batteries is very troubling because you will need a very small screw driver to open the back. This is the only disadvantage there is about this pedometer otherwise everything else about it is absolutely perfect.


  • Automatic reset; you do not have to wake up and reset the pedometer every morning because for each new day, it automatically resets itself helping your get more accurate results for that particular day.
  • Omron dual axis technology; this kind of technology is advanced to the extent that whether you place your pedometer it vertically or horizontally it will still calculate your results accurately. This technology also allows the pedometer to perform very quietly so no one notices that you are moving around with the device and at the same time saves from that irritating noise.
  • Weekly log; this simply means that the pedometer stores results for a whole week, so for all the seven days you are rest assured to find all your results stored. Whenever it clocks midnight the pedometer resets itself so that you start afresh the next morning hence offering you very perfect results.
  • Tracks two kinds of steps; the HJ 112 does not only calculate regular steps but also keeps track of your brisk steps separately so you can be able to know how they all contribute to your work out.
  • It has over six tracking modes; now this Omron pedometer is just more than efficient due to its ability to track all your regular steps, the time spent to cover a particular distance, amount of calories burned as well as the grams of fat. Such a small device can perform a huge deal of things.


How to maximize your results with the Omron HJ 112 pedometer

  • Warm up before using the pedometer; this helps to make your blood circulation much better and help you to cut down on the risks of you getting injured when you are walking, this is why warming up helps you get much better results every other day.
  • Have your own personal goals set; for you to have the motivation to work more each day that goes by; you must have goals set. Whenever you have goal to look up to, you get the energy to work more to achieve those goals.
  • Do not stick to one routine; doing the same thing every day gets boring and ends up demoralizing you so you should spice up your walking routine to be able to enjoy and maximize your results.
  • Add some simple upper body work outs; walking alone might not be enough to help you burn calories so it is better carry some items in your hands when you are walking. This will help to engage your whole body.



  • It is designed with such high quality; if you are the kind of person that is used to using pedometers then after trying out this Omron HJ 112 you will definitely appreciate its quality. With this kind of quality you can use the pedometer every single day and be sure of nothing but very perfect information about your work out.
  • It is very sensitive; you can place this pedometer absolutely anywhere on your body and not worry about your results whether it is on your belt, your bag or wherever else you may wish this pedometer will still give you perfect results.
  • It is does everything it is designed to do; if you are planning on saving money for this pedometer then you surely on the right track because there is absolutely no way you will regret. It effortlessly does everything that it is advertised to, it is surely a good investment.
  • Very amazing durability; even when the pedometer slips it will still function the way it is meant to function, unless you lose it, you will never be able to spoil the pedometer. You do not even have to it sparingly because it is designed to work every day and for a very long period of time.
  • The HJ 112 is super accurate; even after storing information for seven days it will still be accurate, not even placing the pedometer wrongly will make it give the wrong results, now this is what I define as super accurate.
  • Large display and easy to use; everything about the pedometer is very easy to understand, when you want to set goal or look through your information to compare, it will only take you just a few minutes. It also has that really large display screen to help you get see all your data even from a far which also favors those with any sight problems.

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