Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom Review

Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTomThere is something magical about this  sports watch.

When you run with this Nike sports watch, it will keep on reporting covered distance, heart rate, calories burned and pace. All this data will inspire you even to run more, so I can call this sport watch a motivator; it inspires you to go an extra mile…..



This Nike sports GPS watch comes in various colors, but I have noticed that white is the most affordable, I don’t why the price increases when it comes to other colors like yellow / Black Red / Black ”Sport Turquiose and Black ”volt”. I have compared them all and they look alike, they also have the same feature, but it still beats my understanding why a difference in color affects the price of the product. On the other hand, when I look at the features of this Nike sports watch, I just can’t compare it with the rest on the market, so if you have been looking for a very nice accurate sports watch, look no further. Grab this Nike+ Sports Watch GPS Powered by TomTom today when it’s still on discount, the price might increase very soon because of its huge demand, I can see they have a few of them in stock, so don’t get left out.

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  • Sporty Design:- When it comes to crafting sports gadgets, Nike has got it right.  I just love the shape and look of this sports watch, It’s so amazing. The buttons on the side are detailed and well stationed, making it very easy to navigate the menu.
  • Small adjustable band:- The size of its band is reasonable, not too big or small, it has an average dimension. To put that aside, you can easily adjust the band to fit your hand, making the watch ideal for both large and small hands.
  • Light Weight:- Don’t get confused by what you see in the picture, this sports watch might look big in the picture, but in actual sense, it’s size is moderate. It weighs only 2.2 ounces, a little big heavier than Garmin Forerunner 110, but the difference is only 1 ounce, which is not big. You will not feel any weight when running with this sports watch.
  • USB port at the end of the band: – I just like the way they designed this sports watch. The USB port was put at the end of the band; you can easily transfer data from the watch to an external device of your choice without having any trouble.


Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom



  • Accurate Records:- Without doubt, this Nike sports watch will track and record accurate data which you can rely on and improve on your fitness level. It tracks time spent while exercising, distance covered while jogging, pace, heart rate ( this works with a sensor), and calories burned. If you connect it to Nikeplus App, you will be in position to see your mapped route and data changes displayed inform of graphs to inspire you.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery:- Once the battery is fully charged, you will get over 50 days of standby power and 9 hours of run time, if you switch of the GPS & Heart rate sensor, you will have more hours. 9 hours of run time with all features active is not a bad deal, actually, it’s just enough, after-roll you can charge it when the battery runs out.
  • Connect with friends:- This might sound wired but connecting with fellow runners will inspire you workout more and more. All you have to do is to join other members at, you will get a chance to meet new runners in your area, share routes and experience and at the same time sync your activities on to social networks like Facebook / Twitter.                        
  • Great Motivation:- During your first days of running / jogging, you will have all the energy, but to your surprise, that energy will fade out and you will feel like not working out any more. If you stop exercising, your body will become unfit, so the only way of staying on course is by finding a motivator. This watch will always take your records when you exercise and stop taking them when you rest, in that case, you will see drop in the curve which indicates your fitness level at the moment. If you look at that downward curve, your brain and body will work so hard to take back the curve to normal and you will find your self on the road jogging, so in that case the watch acts as a motivator, the only workout partner you can depend on.
  • Set time: – You can time yourself as you run. This is a great feature for marathon runners who want to keep track of their performance. Simply choose a route and set both starting time and end time, you don’t need any computer skills to do this. Whenever you time yourself, your fitness level will increase in a very short time, because you will be running with a target and a purpose. I have to confess, I have been reluctant on this, I have to use this feature often and improve on my fitness level.
  • Fashionable Watch:- Not only does it work as a sports watch, it can as well work as your regular watch. Actually, if your job involves moving up and down, you will need this watch, it will keep on recording those movements, calories burned and compute them at the end of the day. It has a fashionable design which matches with most of your outfits.





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