Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

For any man out there with larger hands and is ready to enjoy the smoothness of a close beard shave from one of the best safety razors then the Merkur long handled razor is absolutely what you are looking for. It features a chrome finish and a long handle that perfectly fits in your hands to offer you the most firm grip hence prevent the razor from slipping through your hands as you shave your beard. Whether you have kept your beard for over 3 weeks this razor will do a pretty job in getting rid of it without multiple passes.


 Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

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Assembling this razor is super easy to the extent that even when it is your first time to use, it you will not find hard time putting it together. You just have to unscrew the head, insert the blade and put it back then you will be good to start shaving your beard.

Finding replacement blades for it will not be so much of burden as you can easily get them at any store and at really cheap price.

Cleaning up the razor is really easy as well; reason being a safety razor does not clog up too much like disposable razors do. You are however, advised to clean it after each pass when shaving a beard.

It does not cut the skin like most people actually think since it has a guard that prevent the blades from getting too close to the skin.


It can only be used at a particular angle which makes electric shavers with pivoting heads a better choice since it becomes hard to get into some areas at that one angle.

You could easily cut yourself especially if it is your first time to use a safety razor.


  • It gives the closest shave: Everybody loves to enjoy a smooth skin for a really good period of time which is why the Merkur razor is one of the best safety razors on the market. It has really sharp blades that cut off even the toughest, thickest and longest beard in just a few passes hence leaving your skin as smooth as that of a baby.
  • Has a very long handle: There is no way this safety razor will slip out of your hands even if you are shaving with gel or cream reason being it has a long handle that fits nicely in your hands to offer you firm grip to enable the most comfortable beard shave.
  • Environment friendly: This is a safety razor where by you only need to change and throw away only the used blades unlike not reusable razors where you have to throw away the entire razor. With this you have less litter to throw away into the environment.
  • Chrome finish: This kind of finish simply explains why the razor is extremely durable and less prone to rust; it is very different from those cheaply made stainless steel safety razors.


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