Best Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table Review

Just like the name it has been given, best massage table it is indeed one of the best massage tables you will ever come across on the market currently. This burgundy massage product is super portable due to its fold-able design that makes it easy to carry around and store. Coming at such a low price, you would not expect this table to have such great quality but yes, it does. It is features a very sturdy frame made with birch hence its weight limit of 450lb. Its padding is not only thick for comfort but also has pure leather that is water and oil proof. If you are in search of a great massage table for home use at a low budget then this will sure have you sorted. Its perfect for a back massage that is best performed when someone is lying flat on such a table.

Best Portable Massage Table Review


BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table



It is very portable and easy to set, this best massage table only requires a few minutes for you to set up and with its fold-able design it is also very easy to put away. If you have limited space there is no doubt this massage table will work for you. Many of the reviewers also loved the fact that the table is adjustable hence it locks easily in different levels.


Folding up the table for storage is not that simple, this does not mean that it is not fold-able, it is simply means that you will go through some hard time as you try to fold the chair away for storage.


Table Dimensions: The table is 72 inches long without the face cradle and 27 inches wide; with these measures all body size can try out the table.

Removable and Adjustable Face Cradle: You can either use the table with the face cradle or without it because the face cradle that it comes with is adjustable and removable.

Adjustable Height: The table perfectly fits people of all sizes since it is adjustable, so you can easily adjust it to whichever height you feel makes you comfortable.

Thick Padding and Hardwood Construction: because comfort is paramount during any massage session, this massage table is constructed with a 2 inch thick padding and hard wood construction that offers maximum support. Its padding is also oil and water proof since it is covered up in genuine leather material.

Free Premium Carry Case: the case makes it very easy for you to carry your massage table from place to another especially for people who love traveling and also makes storage simple.

Product Quality:

Amazing Durability: the best massage table is designed with birch maple hard wood legs which are very strong so you don’t have to worry about how long you will be using this massage table because it is designed to perform for a really long time.

Sturdy And Quality Construction: This massage table’s is generally constructed with great quality right from the legs to the leather material and all the accessories to ensure that you have a really quality and well supported massage time.

Extremely Comfortable: it has a 2.5 high density foam that provides great comfort throughout the massage session, more to that is its adjustable face cradle, forward swinging arm shelf and contoured back rest all these features are made just to ensure that you have the best massage while using this massage table.

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