Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Portable Hot Tub Spa Review

This beautiful LifeSmart spa is a four sitter spa with each person seated properly deep in the corners of the spa. Lifesmart products never disappoint when it comes to lasting the test of time and its ability to meet the standard qualification. Setting this spa is the easiest thing you will do because it’s just plug and play without any other hard requirements. Indeed, plug and play with your other three close people and have the fun of century. The surrounding is made using rock solid sandstone from the Sahara that does not allow any forms of heat escape after set up giving you more reason to obtain one. It contains an inbuilt waterfall next to the control panel to provide that peaceful spa moment for all of you people in the spa. Most countries have a strict law on energy mandate for the usage of the hot spa and tub but this is one spa that will pass all those laws so you don’t have to worry about that.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Hot Tub Spa Review



Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets

Product quality:

Lifesmart was made using the most durable rock sandstone obtained from the Sahara sand for the best quality spa ever. The Eco-thermal plastic material is added and coated on it composes of one of the strongest materials you can ever imagine protecting your spa from all danger like cracking and folds. The control panel is of balboa making while the covering contains thermal materials to protect it from temperature dropping.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation


  • Superior performance; Lifesmart offers this in a way that the amount of foam produced is in full due to the inbuilt insulation system. This foam is in plenty and very entertaining to watch once they are created soaking your whole body to softness and making the water look very beautiful and playful. With all these foams, am sure your friends and you will have the most fun than anyone else.
  • Energy saver; this is especially obtained by the covering of the lifesmart spa that is made of thick rock material that cannot allow any form of heat escape. This means that once the water has completely got heat up, there won’t be any unnecessary cooling when the cover is sealed hence money will be saved in the long run.
  • Comfortable seats; these seats were made for 4 people to sit comfortably in the different corners of the spa. These seats are more buck like and deep with an awesome effect where you get to place your back on like the rotating jets, comfortable valves on the sides of each and a gorgeous waterfall.
  • Therapy jets; distributed round in the spa, the jets are up to 12 producing some of the most awesome vibrating effects and bubbles to totally massage those body aching parts. With these jets you won’t need to seek therapy elsewhere when you can have one in the comfort of your own home.
  • Hard wall; the materials used to make the walls of the lifesmart spa is very hard which means that you and your friends can sit well and comfortably on it because they will not be any forms of folds on the spa or breakage.


  • Cold air jets, sometimes the air jets in this amazing spa might produce air that is slightly lower than the heat in the temperature hence messing a little bit with the water warmth. However, when this happens you should first turn them off for a few minutes and later everything will be okay because the water heat will have gained once more.



  • Eco smart technology; this technology is only found with the Lifesmart technology making it the very best of them all. It is made using the strongest plastic material you can imagine. This technology is built into this amazing hot tub spa and will save you lots of energy every time you use it.
  • Interchangeable lens cap; this feature is only found in the Lifesmart spa and it comes with beautiful lights of blue and red color that will instantly change your moods to calmness once they have been switched on. They will also provide a more romantic feel so if you need to spend some quality time with your partner then Lifesmart is the real deal.
  • Command center; this digital command is to the upper side of one side of the spa and is easily very reachable while in the spa. Not only is it reachable but it is also very effortless to activate by approximately every one that has gone through the manual instructions that is provided with it.
  • Deluxe lock cover; only in the lifesmart spa, this cover is protected in a way to save the amount of energy used. This cover contains a lock on it so you can lock the spa when out of use. This way, not only will the energy be saved but you will also be able to protect it from unnecessary, uninvited users.
  • Comfort dials; these dials will ensure that you have the perfect amount of air and water mix too. With these dials you will be in total control of the way the air is circulated in the water in your amazing hot tub spa.

Who will it benefit?

  • People with back ache; it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old but back ache can happen to anyone sometimes due to poor sitting postures, old age or sickness but this lifesmart spa will bring healing to it immediately. It comes with some therapeutic massage effects produced in the spa where you get to place your back healing quickly. In the long run, this will be so cheap and easy for you because once you purchase it then you won’t need to spend any more monies on your back massage.
  • People who need to save energy; having fun just got real with the Lifesmart spa because it consumes so little energy while preserving the heat in the spa. This way no bills issues will stress you yet you will be having fun in the spa with your loved ones.

What else do you need?

  • Lifesmart matching steps; these steps are made using the same material of Sahara as the spa itself making it perfectly match when put together that people won’t even know you purchased them separately. The steps will make getting into and outside of the lifesmart spa much easier every time you use it.
  • Nature2 spa stick mineral sanitizer; having a bath in a safe environment is what you need that is why you should buy this product now. It will ensure to eliminate all case of bacteria or any other deadly organism from your spa. Enjoy having a spa day with no worry of any future sickness for your kids and you.
  • Pool master 22211 smart test strips; drop some of these strips in the water to help you preserve the water chemistry in your bath spa. It will help you examine the some chemical factors including ph, bromine, alkalinity and chlorine.


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