KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM, Polished Chrome Review

Imagine having a water fall rainy shower running down all over your body and you singing along to the speakers playing your favorite all time songs. Now stop your imaginations and make it happen with this Kohler k-9245-CP 2.5 shower head and you will be dancing to every solitary beat as you properly clean yourself. If you were looking for a matchless shower head to the rest then you got it here. Actually all you have to do is sync or connect it with your phone or any device that allows Bluetooth connectivity and the playlist will boom in the shower head speaker. If you are wondering if your wires will get spoil while in contact, the answer is no because the speakers are make out of water resistant components. And also if you are not the kind that likes music while in the shower than you can just remove out the speakers and take them elsewhere but that won’t stop them from working when you want to play music. It comes with some very amazing features and qualities that you will only be able to find in this product and when you buy one am sure you might never look back. This shower head will have you bragging about it to whoever cares to listen because of its ability to multi function to capacity as you take your shower.



  • Light weight; this Kohler speaker shower head weighs very little and the weight is one pound only minus the weight of the speakers inserted in it. The speakers also do not weigh much even when you attach it to the shower head; it will not strain you. This means that while installing it will not put a lot of stains to your arms as you attach it up. Another advantage is that when you decide to attached it to a movable shower arm then when you are showering it won’t feel heavy as you use it. Even if you have children they will use it without requiring your help to help them lift it up.
  • Polished chrome; it is colored and even finished by polished chrome components to promise you durability in regards to stains and damages. This chrome will not easily fade off or allow to be scratched leaving it looking brand fresh year in and out. A further up side of this polished chrome is that it will match with your designs perfectly in the bathroom including the shower arms too making them appear like they were designed for each other.
  • Colorful speakers; they come in a wide range of four beautifully selected colors to make the room more lively and they are very portable devices that you can place anywhere in the house of even outside like the cars and just wire them to the music of your taste then blast. The colors include original white, retro blue, chartreuse and finally navy blue that all look beautiful when put together and yet independent from each other at the same time allowing you to move them part.
  • Long battery life; there is no point in having the speakers if the battery life is just seconds or minutes cutting out on the fun. They use rechargeable inbuilt batteries (lithium-ion) that you can remove from the shower and fully charge then place it back or use it for up to 7 hours long of nonstop music play reaching to over 32 feet away of music sound. So if you don’t want it in your bathroom then you can place it in another room and be able to hear it while taking a shower.
  • Pattern ; the water drop from the shower head falls down in a rainy format all round and covering a larger area for you while you take the bath of your time. This rainy pattern produces large amounts of water drops gently hitting on you and feeling awesome at the same time, it will let you have fun.



  • Speakers overheat; when you play music for long while showering then the speakers tend to overheat and sometimes heating also the shower head if they are attached together. To avoid this situation, it means that you should always give the device enough time to rest before you play it again and not for so long.

Features overview:

  • Single function shower head; this shower head is made with a single function to deliver a large amount of water to the user while it is switched on. This is one feature that makes it work so well because it’s not overwhelmed with a lot of duties at the same time. The Bluetooth option is independent only to the speakers that are attached to the shower head and without them the shower head will still be able to deliver 100% all the time.
  • Soft silicon shower head face; this slicing face that is used to make the shower head makes it much easy to just swipe of the minerals that might have formed on the device paving way to the soft smooth surface and increasing on the water outflow through the holes that are now fully opened up after the clean up procedure is finished. You can just use a cloth to wipe it off or any other cleaning material that you posses at the moment.
  • Angled nozzles; the face of the angled head features up to 60 nozzles spread all over it allowing 2.5 gallons of water out every single minute that you take the shower. This is one fact that makes this shower head rainy in appearance of the water washing all over your body and making the shower moments more meaningful than the other shower heads in the markets. Enjoy your total spray of water shower with this feature only with the Kohler k-9245-CP shower head
  • Magnetic speakers; these speakers make it a lot way easier to install them in the shower head because of their ability to have a magnet attached to them. That means you just add it to the middle part of the shower head and it will automatically attach to the shower head staying there for long and when you want to remove it; just pop it out and it’s done already. This magnetic device is made of quality device making it remain with the ability to stick on other metallic objects easily without any hardships.


Product quality:

Let’s talk product quality KOHLER K-9245-CP and let me start by telling you that the installation process once you have bought; it is just to simply wall mount and then start using. You can use some tapes and other devices to mount it your wall perfectly. And the color is polished chrome that will look stunning with the wall immediately you finish mounting it there.

Attached along with the shower head is a USB cable to assist you when you need to charge the speakers that also come with it that is wireless by the way. This way you can never run out of music time because it can be easily charged anywhere even if it’s in the car.

This product also comes with a lithium ion battery that you can easily charge when it is running low or out of battery. This battery will make the device work it its best capacity at all times not failing even once.

Who will it benefit?

Teenagers that are mad about music; I was once that teenager that really loved music and had every single new album updated on my playlist. And if you are out there and of this kind, be relaxed because you will now get to take your music even to the bathroom as you shower. Imagine dancing naked to your favorite tune, no body watching as you sing loud to it too.

People who are stressed; this is because there is something relaxing about music that can heal you mind instantly releasing all the stress. This way when you go to the shower, beautiful rain drop like water will be flowing down over your body as you listen to your favorite song and get lost in beautiful memories leaving behind all the stress that had been holding you down and you will also be much fresher. In the long run you will have found a healing secret to your stress problems and who knows maybe you could feel the urge to share it with all the people you care about.

What else do you need?

  • Ampro A1441 PTFE Seal tape; great when you are attaching the shower head to the shower arm of just to the wall because it will ensure that there is added strength to the thread joints. This seal tape is very durable allowing the object to remain stable and will not easily tear giving way to the threads to open up. When you buy this seal you can constantly keep changing or just adding a new seal to the older layers. You can also use it for other objects around the house other than the shower head like in the kitchen sinks and many more.


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