Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Hot tub Spa Set Review

This is probably one of the coolest ways to treat yourself particularly after you have had a strenuous long day and yet you won’t have to go out of home. Take it all off and dip your body in this charming portable bubble massage hot spa and love yourself even more. The bubble jets produced by the Intex77 will knock those special points that had been aching all day and instantly perform a healing effect. The laminated material used to fabricate this spa might look delicate but it’s physically powerful enough to last a long time while rendering the most amazing comfort. It comes with four high power-driven system that when put to work immediately through the use of the control panel can reduce or increase on the amount of pressure to help you fully relax. The water treatment that is also part of the device is the real deal breaker as compared to other products in the market that don’t have that. Now that is one of the easiest ways to extend the lasting ability of your spa. Get hot massage bathing with this and achieve ultimate heavenly leisure now.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set Review

Intex Purespa Portable Bubble Spa Set

Product quality:

Intex 77in PureSpa, is undoubtedly one of the products in the spa market that is made from some of the finest raw materials. By that I mean it is manufactured using the best fiber and technological objects especially on the exterior that define the word durability. While the internal part was skillfully made using a three ply coated material so that it can be very comfortable and gentle to the users at all periods. The same interior will provide support so that when in use you won’t have to be bothered about the slipping off to the floor. The cover of the spa is made in a way that is so inflatable so that any unnecessary fragments will not enter in the tab when not in use.


  • Hold handles; the sides of this tub contain handles used to endure that you can hold them properly and comfortably while shifting it to a different location. You can use the help of another person to hold from the other side as you move the spa. This helps reduce on the risk of accidents both on the spa and the people carrying it.
  • Security device; this is provided in form of the locking buckles attached to the spa. This means that no one will have to use it before seeking first your permission because all you have to do is lock and then your privacy is controlled.
  • Comfortable interior material; smoothness is very key when you need to spend quality time in a hot spa. The interior of the Intex 77in PureSpa is wonderfully made in a way that is so gentle and calm so you won’t need extra cushions to place in it.
  • Multi-user; this tub might look smaller in size but it can accommodate quiet a number of people with all of them seated happily inside. The number of users can reach up to four including both adults and children of all sizes.
  • Uncomplicated setup; you won’t need rocket science knowledge to set up this spa or better still to hire out a technician to help you out with setup. All you require is to follow the step by step manual that is provided with the whole package to start.


  • Deflation; this is usually when you want to move it to another location so you have to deflate it. But this should not bother you because the pump that it comes with is so easy to use and takes a short time to make the spa fully inflated. If you do not want to deflate it then you can just lift it up with the help of a friend because it is of very light weight.

Features overview:

  • Heat loss minimized; this can be obtained by always ensuring to have the lock buckles that come with the spa closed. This way you will never ever criticize the amount of heat that is produced while you enjoy your massaging spa.
  • Replaceable filter cartridges; no doubt you will definitely need this so that you can replace them after a few weeks of usage so the spa will unquestionably be able to drain out all the water with no hustle when you need to. Also note that it does come with further features like the luggage bag, thermal cloth and the chlorine dispenser that will float on the hot water when in use.
  • Triple ply laminated material that is used to compose this product is for ensuring there are as limited cases of accidents as there can ever be for as long as you use it. In this case the product is protected as so is the owner.
  • Hard water treatment; directly using hard water on the skin can be most times dangerous because of its roughness and some of them are infested with a bacterium that’s why the spa comes with a hard water treatment product so that you and your close ones are safe in the spa.
  • Effortless Portability; this is more or less one of the lightest spas in the market at the moment. You don’t need to hire out or beg out some more manpower moving it around your house every time because even you can lift it alone without breaking a back.
  • Elevated power bubble jets; this system is distributed evenly around the inner sides of the spa and the produce approximately 120 bubble jets each time that they are in use provided you set up well.
  • Cost friendly; you don’t need a lot to purchase this product, only a few savings and its all yours instantly. Once you have it, don’t even worry about the maintenance bills because there will be almost none as some of the necessary additional requirements are provide in the package.

Who does it benefit?

  • People that need to tighten their muscles and relax their minds; this will work as a healing factor for your mind, soul and body especially after a very long day when you feel you need to completely relax at any time in your private space. The breathtaking bubbles that it produces through the air jets will tenderly knock off all the tension off your body instantly.


What else do you need?

-Pure spa cup holder; imagine sipping on your glass of juice or wine that is a millisecond away while you enjoy your hot spa massage. That is why you will need to purchase this cup holder as well so your time is conveniently well spent in the spa.

-Intex Purespa s1 filter cartridges; this is very important just in case the filters provided by the set runs out on you. Plus filters need to be changed often so the water flow and drainage is always fail-safe at all times.

– Smart spa CV side steps; with these steps you won’t have to over hike your legs up so you can get in the spa. Even your children will easily get in without having to lift them in… like a queen or king as you enter your palace of hot spa easily.



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