How to Use Hair Growth Products


How to Use Hair Growth Products

 So by now I believe you already have the hair growth product already in hand or at home and you don’t want to get it wrong or waste the product by using it in the wrong way. Some of these nice hair growth products do come with an attached piece of paper or it’s written on it on how to apply while others just believe you already know what to do. But the question is do you? Remember the way you apply this particular oil or any product might not be the way you apply the other. Have you been doing it right? Well, it doesn’t matter now if only you follow these simple steps, you will be able to conquer;

  1. Hair Growth Supplements; these ones are very simple because to take them,  you only need to make sure that you have first eaten something and then swallow it with a drink like water or juice to push it down the throat. It is very dangerous to swallow them on an empty tummy as it will cause some serious side effects so don’t abuse your body by taking the hair growth supplements on an empty tummy.

       2. Hair growth oil; this is where the various steps do come in so just follow these easy steps below;

  • Preparing of oils; first of all if you are going to apply more than one oil growth product to your hair like carrier and essential oils then you will have to prepare them. For the carrier oils you will definitely first have to dilute it with a base oil like almond, avocado, argan, castor oils and so on.
  • Prepare hair; after you have sorted out the oils then make sure that you first comb your hair thoroughly so that it doesn’t tangle later leading to a mess of hair growth application. But make sure that the scalp and hair are very clean and dry like you could have washed it either a few days ago or just washed it that very day. Applying hair growth product to a dirty hair or scalp won’t be as effective as to a clean one.
  • Divide the hair; after it’s all combed, you will have to divide your hair into two parts if it’s long but if its short then you will divide it into smaller parts till you reach the scalp. This way, it will be a lot easy to apply the oil to the hair especially the base oil to the hair shafts as you move potion by portion.
  • Treat scalp and roots; get a small portion of the hair growth product into your open palms and then rub them gently together so the oil can spread. Then now start rubbing them into the scalp and roots using your fingertips so that they spread in well in a massaging pattern so that the oil can properly sink in. Continue doing that till the whole scalp surface is covered with oil.
  • Shift to the entire hair length; this is especially to the people with longer hair as you will have to cover the entire length of hair with oil. So this time around you will have to pour a larger amount of oil, spread it in palms and apply to hair working your way from the roots to the tips section by section. But remember if you pour a lot it will cause a mess so you would rather pour just enough each time then keep adding where you have missed.
  • Style; when you have finished, you will have to gently brush through the hair again for styling because it will be messy. Remember to clean off any hair growth product that might have left a mess on the skin or other body parts where it’s not supposed to be. Conclude by cleaning the comb and washing your hands well.





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