How to Use Beard Oil

So you bought the right beard oil that has worked really well for the person that recommended it to you and it’s worked really great for them but not you. Few weeks or days later and the results are nothing but negative that you are finally done and just want to dump it. Wait, don’t blame yourself. It could be that no one just taught you on the right way to use one and if you continue down with me; you will make correct what you had been doing wrong. All it takes is the right amount of a few drops ranging to the length and thickness of your beard.

  • Pour into your palms; this is the first step after you have first thoroughly combed your hair. So depending on the beard oil bottle you have, you will have to find ways of getting a small portion of  beard oil out like for example if it contains a dropper (which is the best method) then you can pour out some oil and drop a few drops in to your palms depending on the thickness and length of your beard. If your bottle does not contain a dropper, then you will have to cautiously twist the bottle placing a tinny amount so you reduce wastage of oil.
  • Rub oil gently into your palms; gently rub the beard oil in your palms thoroughly so that they are evenly distributed. Ensure they do not flow in-between your fingers to the back because it will get wasted. Rubbing in the palms first ensures that they later cover a wider area when applying to the hair.
  • Rub into the beards; now start rubbing the your choice of the best beard oil from the bottom especially the skin moving your way all up till you reach the tips of the hair. While rubbing at the bottom ensure to massage it in the skin too they work on it preventing skin irritations and so it can also sink to the follicles of the beards. Make sure that every area is covered including the mustache area, neck and even up the cheeks for the best results.
  • Continue massaging beard area; yes you need to continue massaging so that oil sinks in deep into the beard and skin as well. Continued massaging will also ensure that the oil is completely off the hair leaving no evidence and at all.
  • Brush through; now using the comb or brush with the best bristles is key. Make sure that you gently brush them to your style so it can look well groomed. If the beard is not fully soft and tamed that means you will have to add a few drops of oil and follow the previous step again then continue now to brush all over again. Start by brushing the tips first, and then now take the comb or brush down to the roots making it slowly up to the tips.

With the above steps followed appropriately, you will never look the same again as you own the best beard that will likely bring envy to your peers.

























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