How to Use Beard Growth Supplements

Usually these beard growth supplements come with small precautions that are placed in the box but because they contain a lot of small words of which sometimes maybe written in the language you might to be familiar with what makes the person not to bother reading it. Well and if you decide to go ahead and read you will realize that most of them come with scientific terms that are very hard to understand by a lay person like you and me. However, before you start panicking let me inform you that it is actually very easy to use these beard growth supplements. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about grease or oil messing up your beards and sometimes making the whole face exceedingly shinny because there are no such things with beard growth supplements. Now I am going to explain to you the best way on how to use these beard growth supplements below;

  • Hygiene; these supplements are all in capsules or tablet form so you need to make sure that you are clean; especially the hands. Wash and dry your hands properly before touching on the supplements tin or bottle. This way you will be sure that once you touch the bottle no bacteria that you got from somewhere else will contaminate the supplements that are inside through your hands.
  • Prepare a meal; it is not healthy to take supplements usually on empty stomachs so you should ensure to first prepare a meal that is either liquid or any other meal that you have prepared. Now depending on the supplement, you can first eat or drink the meal, take it at the same time with the supplement or take it immediately after taking the supplements.
  • Carefully pour a dosage on the cover; open the bottle or the tin where the supplements are stored then carefully pour out a dosage of a few capsules on the cover of the tip or bottle because they are usually cleaner than your hands. The dosage you will depend on the type of supplement because some of them require taking a single capsule a day, others two…three; like I said depending on your dosage.
  • Swallow/chew the supplement; the choice to chew or swallow the supplements in this case depends on you or the instructions on the bottle. However, if the capsules are a little bigger in size and won’t go easily down the throat then you can either break them into smaller halves and swallow each of them or you can just chew them. After all they will all work in the same way and dissolve quickly when in contact with water or fluids.
  • Seal back and keep away from children; after you have finished your dosage for the day, ensure to seal back the bottle or tin so that it remains safe and place it in a place where children can’t reach till the next day when you have to do it again: following all the above steps till the capsules are all over.

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