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They are basically two types of treadmills; some are manual treadmills while other are motorized treadmills and each of these two work efficiently depending on the kind of workout you want to have. Motorized treadmills are the most used treadmills today due to the different advancements they are made with. Many people today have adopted to exercising on treadmills either at the gym or at home since they do not want to go running and walking outdoors and they are right since exercising on treadmills burns the same amount of calories as outdoor exercising. Now, if you are not achieving the fitness from your treadmill; may be it is because you are not using it the right way. Here are ways that will help use your treadmill better to get the best out of it.


How to Use a Treadmill


  • Begin with a slow speed; you should first determine the speed at which the belt is moving before you step on to the treadmill to start walking or running. You can go on increasing the speed as you go on with your workout depending on what you want to achieve from the treadmill and not every treadmill is set to start at a slow speed.


  • Balance on the treadmill; if it is your first time to use the treadmill holding on to the hand rails ensures more balance and you feel more secure but what once you have practiced on the treadmill for a while, it is much better not hang on to the handrails to burn more calories. This is one of the reasons as to why people end up gaining less than they expect, so allow yourself to freely balance as you walk or run on the treadmill.


  • Always work out in a good pair of running shoes; just like you do it when you are going for jogging, running or walking outdoors there is no reason as to why you should work out on the treadmill bare footed.


  • Keep your eyes forward; you are advised to look straight forward, not on the sides or your feet this will draw your attention away from what you are actually supposed to be doing. This also helps you to have more balance since your brain is more concentrated on your workout than any other thing.


  • Avoid reading while on the treadmill; advanced treadmills are designed with great technology to store all your workout details so you can check them out after working out. So there is no reason at all as to why you should read while working out; it makes lose your balance causing you to slide off the treadmill.



  • Set a realistic time for working out and work out in intervals; it makes no meaning for you to set time that you know you will not be able to achieve. Doing so will demoralize you because you feel like you are not achieving your set goals. So it is advised that you set goals that are very realistic. Also ensure that you work out in intervals which will help you gain more cardiovascular fitness.


  • Assess your progress; the more you check out how far you have gone with your workout the more you get motivated to work out so you should always make use of these added features that modern treadmills have.

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