How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a healthy life is in your hands therefore what you do to keep your life in good shape will all depend on how well you can take very good care of yourself. How well you take care of your teeth also matters because there is a lot of chemical corrosion that goes in your mouth all day long whether you are asleep or awake due to the favorable environment in your mouth that makes it very possible for bacteria to survive.

 How to care for your teeth

For over 40% of the adults today tooth decay has become one of the main reasons as to why they have ended up without any teeth at all. This is why you need to take extra care for your teeth to prevent them from the bacteria that causes which also later results into bad breathe. There is lot you can do in order to stop your teeth from decay and it is all provided here to help you have not only healthy teeth but healthy gums as well, let us go straight to the details.


Estimated sugar consumption per person per year, in the 1750s, was 1.75kg(4lb), it then moved up to 11kg (25lb) in the 1850s and currently it has made a very huge jump to 54kg (120lb) which means that the rate at which people are consuming sugary foods has greatly increased.

Always rinse your mouth after eating sugary foods; I understand how much many of you love to eat these sugary foods because they are extremely sweet. This includes foods such as chocolate, sweets, very sweet drinks among others but you don’t know how much harm such foods have against your teeth. Each time you eat that type of food bacteria transforms the sugar into acid and in just a few minutes the acid starts dissolving into your teeth therefore deeper it gets into the most sensitive parts of the teeth the greater the damage caused. At first only the top part of the tooth decays then later it causes painful gums and after bad breath. But rinsing your teeth immediately after you eat such foods helps to reduce the possibility of this acid dissolving deeper into your teeth hence helping to keep your teeth extremely healthy.

Reduce on the snacks you eat; Snacks such as cookies, bread, biscuits that are made from refined white flour that already lost its fiber and made much finer. Because this kind of food does not need too much chewing if forms a very sticky build up on your teeth at a very a fast rate which increases the risk of cavities on your teeth.

Brush your teeth three times a day; this means that you should brush after every meal but since you have to go to work during the day this may not be so easy at least you should ensure to brush after breakfast and later in the night after your last meal. Brush each and every side of the teeth and the tongue to reduce the damage that plague and other toxic elements in the mouth may cause to your teeth.

Use a reasonable amount of tooth paste; most of the tooth paste contains a very large amount of fluoride which may bring about discoloring of the teeth when used in large amounts. You are only advised to use a small amount it will be most helpful in keeping your teeth healthy.

Choose the right tooth brush (right size and bristles); there is no way you will be able to brush well if you don’t have the right tool to help you do that. You should therefore use a brush that is not too large because it will not easily reach all corners of your teeth, it should also not be too small. You should also take note of the bristles; if they are too hard they will hurt your gums on the other hand if they are too soft they will not clean your teeth.

Make frequent visits to the dentist; normally people only make visits to the doctor after getting toothache which is wrong not know that dentists are meant to help you prevent the greater risks instead of treating the damages after they have occurred. Going to your dentist after every six months will help you know the risks that are likely to attack your teeth before they become difficult to handle.

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Be careful with the type of tooth paste you use; some dentists actually recommend that brushing without tooth paste first is good for your teeth but you should go over with tooth paste after. The fact actually is that tooth paste is very important in cleansing your teeth however it must contain fluoride to help you whiten, remove stains as well as protect your teeth from decaying.

Make use of fluoride mouth wash; its best to use mouth wash when you are going to bed since it helps to make the enamel very strong. Be very careful with how you use it, follow each and every instruction that are given on the bottle of mouth wash and ensure not to swallow the mouth wash.

Stop smoking; cigarettes contain very many different chemicals including lead which is very toxic. This and other chemicals are known for causing discoloration of the teeth and in the long run make teeth look unpleasant and cause great damage to your teeth.

Avoid using pain killers when you feel any pain; any pain you feel in your gums or teeth should be taken straight to the doctor. Do not try to treat it on your own because these pain killers just make your cavities worse. You should always see the dentist as soon as you notice any discomfort with your teeth and gums.

Teeth flossing is also good; like I said before the tooth brush will only clean 3 out of the 5 parts that your teeth has because it cannot reach each and every part of your teeth but flossing will help to remove all the food particles in those hard to reach areas. This should be done after eating your last meal at night right before you brush. When you go over after brushing your teeth will be super clean.

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