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A treadmill is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment you can own in your house and spending all the money is really worth it but if you do not take very good care of your treadmill you will have put all that money to waste. The more you take good care of your treadmill the longer it will perform. I know taking care of the treadmill is one hell of a problem but then ignoring these small details will cost you a lot. Well enough of the talk let us now look at how you can take care of that treadmill to make it last long.


How to Take Care of a Treadmill


  • Dust the treadmill every once a week; dust and dirt are the biggest problems that make the treadmill’s belt wear out even before you expect it or what you can call premature belt wear. Use a clean dry cloth to dust the treadmill. Clean the belt and deck every once a month and the motor should be cleaned at least thrice a year. Wipe the other parts gently and the top of the belt because dust is everywhere and there is no other way to get rid of it apart from cleaning it.


  • Lubricate the treadmill as instructed; these treadmills come with manuals that contain details on how to lubricate them, the best lubricant to use and how often it should be done. Some however, can lubricate themselves automatically so you do not have to add more wax or else it will just ruin the treadmill. Lubricating enables the belt to continue sliding smoothly despite how long you may have used the treadmill.


  • Ensure that the belt is well aligned and tight; the treadmill will only work efficiently if the belt is completely straight therefore if at any time you realize that the belt is not straight you must ensure to tighten and align it immediately. Look for the screws that hold the belt at the rear of the treadmill and adjust them accordingly until you have made the belt tight enough. If this does not work out you should check through the manual to ensure that you are following the correct alignment procedure.


  • Keep friction between the belt and deck low; excessive friction is caused by tightness of the belt is so the faster friction increases, the faster your treadmill’s wears. Even when the belt is too tight there will still be a lot friction which destroys the motor therefore you must always look out for such details to make your treadmill last longer. Always consult the manual before making any changes on the treadmill so that you don’t regret your actions.


  • Frequently change the belt; this should not be done every week but at least one time every three months, immediately your belt starts to feel rough and weary then make calls for immediate replacement. Whenever you insist on using an already worn out belt you will cause damage to the deck. Changing the belt of your home treadmill, in time, will help to always keep the treadmill in perfect shape.


  • Unplug the treadmill when not in use; many treadmills have a computerized console whereby if you need to access the console you have to plug the treadmill into power which puts your machine at risk of suffering electric shock from poorly grounded outlets and power surges. Therefore make sure it’s unplugged when not in use.

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