How to succeed with workplace massage

Massage in the workplace is certainly relevant because it’s needed by most employees who work for long hours performing monotonous and tedious tasks. Such tasks may result into muscle pain and other forms of body damage in different parts of the body that may be affected depending on the nature of tasks undertaken by employees.


As hard as it might seem to imagine; massage in the work place is possible and can go on perfectly well.

Massage in the work place may be carried out through wellness programs promoted and supported by employers or by individuals in the workplace that buy self massage tools to perform simpler forms of massage while seated or standing around the workstations.

As a result of allowing massage in the workplace; employees will stay creative and work harder while maintaining good health. In addition, workplace massage will reduce stress, relieve muscle pain and improve general alertness in the work place.

Points to consider for a workplace massage

  • Conduct a simple interview to find out if there might be any medical or other conditions that might interrupt the massage session.
  • The recipient should take off any obstacles such as jewelry, eye glasses, extra clothing from the exact and surrounding areas that could be getting the massage.
  • No make should be present on any of the recipient to receive a massage close to the facial area. It should be carefully removed before the massage can go on so as not to mess up the session.
  • Employ massage techniques that will not require using massage oil or massage lotion regardless of who is performing the massage. Such techniques may be in form of simple joint movements and friction around the muscles.
  • Encourage use of self massage tools such as massage balls and cane or stick massagers.
  • Perform massage in a seated position which might require the recipient sits in a regular office chair or a massage chair, if a massage is to be performed by someone else whose is a professional.
  • Use of massage techniques that do not require taking of clothing because these work place sessions are supposed to take a very short time of about 10 to 15 minutes and talking of clothes will only complicate matters.
  • Areas to be massaged must be easy to reach such as the head, neck, hands, elbows and shoulders.


Workplace massage can be truly realized if done the right way following the principles above among others. For the obvious benefits of massage; work place massage should be encouraged through the employer supported programs and widely accepted use of self massage tools.



Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques by Patricia J. Benjamin PhD.


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