How to Style a Beard: Different Beard Styles and How to Style them

There is a beard style for each and every man out there thus all you have to do is choose one that  matches your face shape and personality and you will be the most outstanding man of them all. Choosing any of the different beard styles is more of a personal preference as everyone knows what best works for them so I will simply give all the head turning beard styles with detailed steps on how to style a beard of any type and then leave the choice to you. Lately having a well groomed beard is not only the trend but a must and if you do not want to miss out or be left out, I have provided some really cool beard styles that you can copy a leaf from. Styling your beard should be no task for you to worry about because with the right steps it will be much faster than you ever thought. Even if you usually have your beard trimmed at the salon, you will need some tips on how to shape a beard or  maintain your beard before you can go for your next visit. Whether you are in for the goatee, stubble, full beard, mustache or side burns beard styles, you can be rest assured; I got you covered.


Side burns have always been trendy and will always be so if you are actually having the thought of trying the style out then I can assure you have every reason to go ahead and rock it. This particular beard style allows to stay with your usual beard style for example you can have side burns and at the same time have a full beard or mustache this is what makes it unique from all other beards styles. These are the steps you should follow to style the side burns beard style.

Short side burns

style a sideburns beard

For all the corporate men out there that want to wear the side burns beard style and still have that very elegant look,  the image above is a very good example that you can take a leaf from. Such thick short sides look very nice with medium hair and are perfect for a wide and round face shapes.


Side burns with a mustache

how to style a sideburns beard

If you are not ready to give up your mustache or goatee beard  style then you can as well style it along with side burns just the way it was done in the image above. For any man with a square face shape, this shape of side burns will definitely make you look adorable and gorgeous.

Long sharp side burns

style side burns beard


These long and precisely cut side burns are perfect for long face shapes and give you that extremely outstanding look. This style will work best for younger multi-cultural individuals such as African American or Black men. This is one of the top African American beard styles or black beard styles for younger men.


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How to style  a side burns beard:

Look for the best side burns shape for your face: There are different ways in which side burns can be styles you therefore have to choose a particular beard style depending on the face shape that you have. Long side burns beard styles that reach the jawline look better on people with narrow or thin faces and those with longer faces should not hesitate to try it out.

Shave off the rest of your facial hair: What you want  is for it to stand out so your side burns  beard style has to stand out from the rest of your facial. Use a manual razor such as the Merkur Long handled Safety razor to shave off any unwanted hair since it is easier to control and comes close enough however keep the style of side burns you chose at the back of your mind as you shave. Reason being for some side burn styles you will need to have a close shave on the rest of the hair while for others you need to leave some kind stubble level beard.

Use an electric clipper to define the style more: A clipper will also help to create the particular style of side burns you want to create. If you use a razor you will end cutting too much hair in some areas and leaving hair long in others so  use an electric clipper to enable you to leave the desired amount of facial hair for your style of sideburns beard.

Maintain by trimming your side burns often: Your side burns will get unruly after some time so you must have a hair trimmer that you can use to keep your style in shape. I highly recommend Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Body groom 7100 because of its superior performance and it has a variety of length settings that will help you trim your side burns exactly the way you want them. With this trimmer you will have your side burns looking attractive all the time.

Side burn trimming tips:

  • If it is your first time to try out the side burns beard style it will be much better not to completely give up your former style. You will feel more confident and it allows you to easily balance out all your facial features.
  • Always check both side burns to ensure that they are at the same level. You will look funny if the one hair is long on one side and short on the other.
  • Give the side burns some length, if hair is cut too short the style will look funny instead.
  • Comb through hair before trimming so that you can see which hairs that pop through to make your side burns look unruly.



Choosing the full beard seems like an easy job because all you have to do is put away the shaver, razor or trimmer away and that is it not until the beard becomes all unruly. You can grow your beard  to a length of your choice, with or without help of beard growth products, but you will definitely have to style it well to give it the perfect shape. Having a full beard also comes with some tasks that are not that hard but you will need to learn them in order to have the most good looking and outstanding beard

best beard styles

How to style a full beard or how to style a long beard:

Be patient with your beard to allow it grow: If you want your beard to grow much faster and fuller then do not stress over it too much, juts be patient and give it enough time to grow. During this time you can try some beard growth products like the Beardilizer – The#1 Facial Hair and Beard Growth Product for Men.

Shave off any stray hairs and shape the neckline: Just because you have a full beard does not mean you should let it go wild, you need to shave off any stray hairs and keep the neckline looking great. As you shave, do not make the shaver come too close because it is not what you are trying to achieve.

Cut hair to an even length with scissors and a comb or a beard trimmer: Now that your beard is all thick and grown you will need give it an even length. Comb through to spot any stray hairs and chop them off with scissors or trim them off using a beard trimmer such as the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300.

Experience with different lengths: A trimmer with adjustable length settings will give you the chance to play around with your beard so make good use of it and play with different length setting depending on how long you want your full beard to be. Always start with a high setting.

Apply a beard product for that finishing touch: You will definitely not go wrong with the Beard Balm – All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner – Handmade in Detroit – Original Scent. It will keep your full beard shiny, soft and very well moisturized.

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For any man who wants to keep that classic and traditional look, the mustache beard style is definitely the perfect beard style to rock. It never runs out of style yet it gives you that exceptional and super respectable appearance that any man would die to have. The only challenge comes when it comes to styling, coming up with the perfect mustache requires some skill but that is definitely no reason for you to give on up on the style because I am about to give some really quick steps on how to style the mustache beard style.

how to style a mustache beard

If you happen to have any special event like a wedding, engagement party or anything of the sort coming up soon then  a well styled mustache beard will be a perfect choice. It looks good on men of all ages majorly because of the elegance it exhibits.

how to style a mustache beard1

More like the side burn, you can also have the mustache and still retain your original beard style like the good looking guy in the above image. So if you cannot do without your old beard style then it’s all good, keep your beard and detail it with the mustache. For the younger guys that love to look attractive and sexy for the ladies, this beard style will definitely give you the right look.

How to style a mustache beard

Stop trimming for some time: Well this might not sound that easy especially for men that love to shave every single day because it does not only feel uncomfortable but also itches as hair grows. However, if you badly want to have that extremely good looking mustache you will endure the hardships and allow hair to grow because the results will definitely be worth it. The thicker the beard the better the mustache. As you let the beard grow it will even become easier for you to pick the perfect mustache style for the particular face shape that you have.

Brush the beard into place: As a matter of fact, the direction in which you always brush your hair will eventually become its direction of growth so much as you will not be trimming your beard you will have to brush the beard on daily basis. You will have to purchase a good beard brush that you will use to regularly brush your hair on the upper lip into the mustache you want to have so that as hair grows thicker and fuller it will already be in the shape you want to achieve and of course your mustache will be more appealing. Styling will be much easier if your beard is already in place.

Apply some wax: Beard wax contains some ingredients that will help to keep your mustache in the desired shape. It does not only stop at that, even after your mustache has grown wax helps to keep it moisturized and looking great. A good example of  recommended wax is the Beard Balm – All Natural Beard leave-in-Conditioner.

Wet the mustache and comb through: The essence of wetting your mustache first is to make hair soft and then combing through will straighten hairs out making it easier for you to trim the mustache beard to a perfect or even length.

Use a pair of scissors to trim the mustache: Follow the shape of your lip and trim along the mustache as carefully as you can so that you can get the shape to same length. But ensure not cut hair too short and just ensure that you take away all the facial hair slightly away from your actual lip.

Trim away any excess hair with a mustache trimmer: If you grow a thick beard you might need to trim away excess hair because sometimes a mustache that is too grown and bushy does not look that cool. A quality mustache trimmer will help you to get rid of any unwanted hair without messing up your style at all. You cannot doubt the performance of the TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit – Ultra-sleek Hair, Body, and Mustache.

Shave the upper part of your mustache to define more: The area right under the nose will have some hair that will make your mustache look funny that is why you have to carefully shave it away to give your mustache more definition. Only shave away that excess hair around the mustache not getting into the beard itself.

Finish by combing through: To ensure that you did some good work with your mustache, brush through with a comb to ensure that the sides are precisely shaped and there is no stray hair.

Mustache styling or maintenance tips:

  • Once in a while it will not hurt if you wash your beard with beard shampoo and conditioner, it makes the hair soft and gives it that exceptional shiny appearance.
  • Be sure of how to style a beard type you want before you actually go ahead and try it out; there is a really wide variety of mustache styles that will get your attention but not all of them will look good with your face after you do it by yourself. There is just that one style that will look very perfect if you do it yourself. So make research on the different beard styles and find out which one looks best on you and is easy to do before you mess yourself up.
  • Brush and wax your mustache before styling because brushing the mustache helps to position it into place and the wax helps to keep it in place while highlighting for you those areas that require more attention. More importantly these steps make your styling task mush easier.
  • Do not wait for the mustache to become bushy and unruly to trim, every few days give your style time to trim it and keep it looking good. Use the trimmers recommended here for best results.

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How much time and attention you give your stubble beard style will definitely manifest in your general appearance. For some men, their stubble will look all attractive and without trying out while for others it looks more like a chunk of rubbish therefore if you are in for the stubble beard style, you must create time for it. It may be true that this style of beard requires less maintenance compared to other beard styles but since facial hair does not grow at the same pace , styling your stubble beard regularly is surely the only way to keep yourself looking fabulous. This trend has also become fashionable of late so do not let it pass you by.

how to style a stubble beard

If you actually thought stubble is for any man then I am sure  the image above has got you thinking because he looks absolutely adorable with the stubble beard style cut. This  beard style can take you places yet does not require too much styling like other beard styles and is perfect for all ages whether young or old. From work you can feel free to walk straight into a party or dinner without feeling out of place with your stubble beard.

How to style a stubble beard or how to style a beard stubble

Use a trimmer with adjustable length setting to trim your beard: The number one factor that you must consider if you are considering styling stubble is to get a good quality beard trimmer with a variety of length settings.  I guarantee you will fall in love with the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300, vacuum trimmer with adjustable length settings. Do not worry if you have no clue on how to trim a beard because I will make it simple for you. Depending on how thick your hair is, begin trimming hair with a longer setting because the first pass is just to cut hair to an even length.

Continue to trim hair shorter: Trimming will now be much easier because the beard is now at the same length but this is obviously not the length you want so you will need to trim of your facial hair more with a lower setting. If you started with the 5 length setting now trim hair shorter with a 4 or 3 length setting.

The good thing with the stubble beard style is that you can style it with different length setting on different areas of the face. If you think you will pull it off correctly then you can try this option out because it creates a really cool look. What I am trying to mean is that you can trim hair shorter on the cheeks but leave it slightly longer on the jaws to avoid looking like you just didn’t want to shave.

Clean off any stray hairs: Because hair is thicker in some areas more than others you will need to clean up the style by shaving especially on those parts that appear thicker than the rest of the beard style. This will polish your beard style and prevent it from looking patchy.

Shave hair on the neckline: Some men would like to retain some facial hair on the neckline but I think the  stubble beard style looks much better with a clean neckline. I therefore advise that you shave hair on the neckline completely. For shaving the neck use the BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet & Dry Shaver, as it easily glides smoothly even on those hard to reach areas. If you like leave some facial hair just slightly go below the chin but do not allow it to get to the neckline.

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Stubble beard styling tips:

  • You must trim hair really often, if you hair grows at a slow rate you must trim stubble after every four days and if it grows at a much faster rate then you have to trim after every 2 days reason being it will become a beard if you take long without trimming. Clear hair on the mustache as it grows very fast and could make your stubble look funny.
  • Endeavor to check how even your stubble beard style is, remember that facial hair grows at different lengths which means that your stubble beard style will look patchy after sometime which you want to prevent so you should therefore take time to pass your fingers over the stubble beard to find any stray hairs and trim them away.
  • Do not use a manual razor or shaver to trim stubble; you must always use a trimmer with length adjustments, the shaver or razor might come too close and shave off to much hair hence messing your look up. A trimmer is the best option always if it the stubble beard that you want to achieve.
  • Wash you stubble with beard shampoo so reason being the length of stubble is likely to cause ingrown hair and develop too much oil that itches and irritated the skin. Washing with beard shampoo will help to avoid pimples and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.
  • Apply some beard oil if possible to make your beard shine and  look attractive.



Because of the stylish way it appears and how fashionable it is to have a goatee beard a lot of men out there yearn to have the style. However, the biggest number of them have problems pulling off the style. They end up spending money at the barber shop but to save your dollars I will give very simple ways in which you can style the goatee beard. All you need is to have the right tools such a quality beard trimmer, an electric shaver, take time off to add some of the best beard products like oil and you will have your beard look extremely amazing.


How to style a goatee beard:

Allow your beard to grow fuller: There is surely no way your goatee beard style will look nice if its all patchy and thin so give your hair time to grow a little more than it is. Shaping a goatee beard style from a full and thick beard will give you the best results, it is not that easy letting hair grow if you are not used to doing so but eventually you will get used.

Straighten hair by combing through: You will not know that accurate length of your facial hair unless you comb through using a beard, this way you will straighten out all those curled hairs and spot any hairs that are straying away.

Trim hair to the desired length: Attach a comb into your hair and chop off hair that passes through. This will help you achieve an even length for your  facial hair and make styling the goatee even simpler.

Choose the best outline to suit your face shape: We all have preferences  for different shapes so you cannot judge which outline looks best on you after seeing it on someone else unless they are of the same face shape as you. If you do not plan to style your goatee with a mustache then it will be much easier but if you want to retain your mustache beard style and detail it with a goatee then choose an outline that matches your mustache beard style.

Give the outline more definition: This can be done either with a manual razor for example the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor as it is designed with some of the best features to make shaving easy or  a trimmer with no guard. The trimmer will guide you on how the goatee beard should be shaped.  So start gently cutting a few inches below the Adam’s apple to define the neckline, if you like it shorter then trim off more hair but do not go so far above the Adam’s apple.

Work on the cheeks: When your outline is done, it is now time to trim hair on the cheeks. You do not expect the goatee beard style to come out nicely if there is a lot of hair on the cheeks so much as you pay attention to the goatee also work on the cheeks for the goatee beard to stand out.

Shave the areas you want clean: Start by applying shaving gel so that your skin is well protected from blades and use an electric shaver to shave off any unwanted hair. Be extremely careful as you remove hair that is too close to your goatee because you could end up cutting deep into the style and instead spoil the whole look. When it comes to giving a really close shave with no irritation even on sensitive skin. Please use the Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver its performance has been proven to be excellent.

Wash your face to finish: This will help to close skin pores and wash off any remaining cut hair that is trapped inside the goatee beard.

Goatee beard styling tips:

  • Check yourself out in the mirror from a far to make sure that you goatee beard style is cut even on all sides, from near it may seem okay but from far is where you will notice any faults about how you styled your beard.
  • Before choosing the goatee type that you are going to style, please keep your face shape in mind; if you have a long face with a small chin then the longer goatee will do you good but if you have a wide face shape with a large chin it is better to keep your goatee short.
  • As you shave unwanted hair off around the goatee, take a break to see if your goatee is still in perfect shape because when you are shaving there is a great possibility that you will cut into the already styled goatee.

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For the clean or close beard shave you only need an electric shaver that can come really close or safety razor. Either of those two will work really well if you know how to properly use them. What I love most about the clean or close shave is the fact that it makes any guy look really neat and hygienic.  Your clean shave can be taken to work, to a party and even for a night out yet it does not require too much time to pull like other styles that we have seen in the beginning of the post. It can also be pulled off by any one despite what your age is or beard styling experience. Much as it has all those advantages getting a really close or clean shave may also come with some disadvantages for example skin irritations, cuts and nicks and even ingrown hairs but this depends on how you easy it easy for someone to go about the whole procedure. With that in mind, I will go straight into the steps on how to style a beard by clean or close shave.


How to go about the clean or close beard shave:

Pick a safety or manual razor; I will greatly recommend the Edwin Jagger DE 89 Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated for a Double Edge Safety Razor.  

Merkur long handled safety razor is another good option if you are looking for a close beard shave.

Wet the beard: Some people recommend taking a warm bath prior to shaving but you can also wash just the beard with warm water and soap. This is not just to add moisture to the beard and hair soft but also to remove dead skin and oils that might clog the razor and cause irritations to the skin since you getting too close to it.

Apply some shaving cream to the beard: This is to basically make your skin ready for the shaving process and protects it from direct contact of the blades. To be able to make that thick lather it is best if you apply the shaving cream with a shaving brush.

Hold the razor at 30 degrees angle: Before you start shaving, first of all let the razor soak in hot water for a few minutes and then position at 30 degrees angle. This is the best angle for getting really close in order to minimize razor burns, irritation, nicks and cuts.

Shave in the direction of beard growth: Some people refer to this as shaving with the grain. On your first pass, it is best to shave along the grain because your skin will still be too sensitive and you do not want to risk cutting yourself or getting irritation just in the name of having a clean or close shave.

Soak the razor in warm water before taking another pass: To remove hair, dirt and oils from the first pass remember to deep the razor in water. This also helps to unblock the blades and enable them to come really close on your next pass without any irritations.

Make short even strokes with less pressure: The razor is sharp enough so let it do its job by using very little pressure. The essence of taking shorter strokes is to ensure that each pass that you make removes all hair strands hence preventing multiple strokes on the same area that may later result into skin irritation.

Pull the skin for the razor to smoothly glide along your skin: A neat shave has to be close to the skin so use on of your hands to pull the skin in order to make way for the razor to come really close to skin.

Smear after shave to soothe the skin: Your skin has just gone through a really tough time so soothe it by applying after shave. It is best to use after shave that is not alcohol based as it may irritate and make the skin dry.

Having a close or clean shave with en electric shaver:

If your skin is extremely sensitive and you feel that you cannot resist the urge to have a close or clean beard style then you can use an electric shaver. A really good quality shaver for getting a close shave without any irritation is the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet/Dry Shaver with Cleaning and Charging System.

Check if your blades are sharp enough: There is no way your shaver will come close if it is blunt, it will instead tag and pull hair making the process very painful and cause very bad irritations to the skin.

Hold the shaver in one hand and stretch the skin with the other: The shaver should in the most dominant hand because you have a big job ahead of you and use the other hand to stretch the skin so that the shaver comes as close as possible.

With the shaver held at an angle start shaving: For more effective results hold the shaver at an angle and start shaving with the most sensitive areas. On such areas, please, ensure to shave with the grain. I know some people recommend shaving against the grain for a closer shaver but I badly oppose that because it is very likely to lead to too much irritation and nicks.

Shave off all the hair: What you want to achieve is a face with entirely no hair at all so begin with the cheeks, then to the side burns, the mustache and then chin. All hair should be off, in fact after shaving check yourself in the mirror for any hairs left behind and shave them off.

Wash your face: Use cold water as it helps to soothe the skin from close contact of the blades and closes the skin pores.

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