How to Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits to your health whether you engage in the act personally or just take in the smoke indirectly; the damage caused is still the same. Cigarettes are very dangerous to all people especially to children who take in the smoke through passive smoking that is why it is prohibited in most of the public places.

Cigarette smoke contains over four thousand chemicals and over 43 components that are well known for causing cancer and other four hundred compounds that are extremely toxic. Smoking is the sole cause of about 80,000 deaths per year, in the United Kingdom alone, because it can cause cancer and damage to almost each part of the body which includes the brain, lungs, the heart, the stomach, the throat, affects fertility in women and so many others and that is why you have to stop the habit. Stopping the habit cannot possibly be a one day thing and I know it can be extremely hard but it is very possible and here are some of the things that will help put an end to the deadly habit.


Find a really strong reason to stop smoking; when there is a really strong reason you will have the motivation and determination to actually put an end to the habit. Research found out that emotional reasons are more motivating than any other reasons possible. For example, if the woman you love so much hates people who smoke; each time you grab a cigarette and think about the woman you love finding out that you smoke, you will have more reason to try and stop smoking.

Be very confident about the ability that you can quit the habit; if you really want to stop the habit you will definitely believe in yourself and work towards actually quitting but the moment you are not sure, you are trying but at the back of your mind you keep thinking that you will not be able to then you will definitely not be successful. So when you decide to stop smoking you should be more than 100% sure that you will be able to achieve what you are working upon and you will surely enjoy the whole process.

Remain very focused and committed; if you have made up your mind then you must be focused; don’t see your friend smoking and get the urge to try it out because this will take you back where you started from. Try not to stress yourself over it and reward yourself whenever you make progress. If you have saved some dollars that you would have used to buy cigarettes use the dollars you saved to buy a new shirt instead; this will keep you very committed.

Stop smoking the same brand; smoking is just like alcohol the more you take a specific brand the more interesting and enjoyable the habit becomes. Therefore in your struggles to stop smoking, take different brands leaving out your favorite one. This will make it less enjoyable and as time goes by you will find no more reason to remain hanging onto the habit.

Talk to a doctor; any addiction is similar to an illness so that same you will go to a doctor when you have a high fever is the same way you should consider going to a doctor when you want to stop smoking. Besides the medication a doctor may prescribe should give you an impression on how cigarettes affect your health which gives you more motivation to quit the habit. In fact, talking to a doctor may be more helpful than the medication you will get but ensure to take the medicine as well.

Stop keeping to yourself; whenever you stay alone you will get the urge to smoke and since there is no one to stop you then you will feel safe enough to smoke. Therefore, it is much advised that you try to interact with friends; go out to the movies, go for sporting activities that interest you, go to the beach. Such activities will help to distract your mind and take the thought of smoking away. Substitute your cigarettes with chewing gum or mint so that you completely don’t get the urge to have something in your mouth.

Take step by step; what I mean here is that you should not wake up in the morning and say you have stopped smoking because this is kind of impossible. You can first choose a day that you will go without smoking. For example, say you will not smoke every Friday so if you have been able to stop smoking on Fridays for the first month then you can try out quitting for a week. After a whole week without smoking, you can now try a month; this gradual process will make it very easy for you to adapt to the life without cigarettes.

Hold on even when it feels really hard; as you try to stop smoking there are those days that you will find yourself smoking but this should not discourage you; you must not give up whatsoever reason it is. The biggest secret is to remain very determined and trying again and again whenever you get to smoke again until you get what you want.

Talk to people you love about it; this includes your family and friends such people will keep giving you support in your struggle. You will feel the need to please the people who know about your smoking habit and at the end of the day you will be able to eventually stop.

Think about a healthy life; after knowing all the dangerous effects that smoking causes your health; do not just ignore them. Imagine yourself being free of conditions such as lung cancer, heart disease, among other other that may result from smoking.  Try to think about them deeply each time you have a cigarette in your hand. This will help you to give up on smoking. Everyone lives only one life and once you lose it you will surely not be able to get it back.

Stay around people who don’t smoke; when you are staying around people who smoke there is definitely no way you will be able to stop smoking because instead of discouraging you they will encourage you to continue with the habit. So if you have any friends that do not smoke those are ones you should keep close most of the time.



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