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You do not have to be afraid of shaving anymore reason being that; with the right shaving procedure you will definitely be able to get yourself the closest and irritation free shaves ever. Much as there are people who fancy a full grown beard and can go as far as using beard growth products, it can be scary to grow body hair because of the hardships that come with shaving such as razor bumps, burns and too much skin irritation when one gets a close shave. However, this has all come to end as some of the easiest shaving tips and techniques have come into place and they are all provided just for you in this post. For those of you that hate using shaving creams, I am sure you will have lots and lots of fun trying these simple shaving ways out.


How to shave without using Shaving Cream


  • Ensure that your tool is in perfect condition; different people use different tools for shaving, some use manual or disposable razors while others are more familiar with electric shavers which are all good enough but you must ensure that your tool is the most perfect state before you use it. But since you are not planning on using shaving cream using a very clean electric shaver is much recommended as they cause little or no harm even when used for dry shaves.


  • Prepare your hair; how you prepare your hair will determine how best your shaving results will be. Even if you are not going to use shaving cream you should at least apply a pre- shave lotion to make those flat lying hair stand up. This way the shaver will easily cut hair off in each pass that you make. Pre-shave lotion also helps to remove any oils that may prevent the shaver from gliding smoothly along your skin.



  • Try to your shaver and begin shaving against the grain; some people do not recommend shaving against the grain but when it comes to shaving without cream this is the best way you can achieve a really close shave. Shaving against the grain can be tricky so you need to take it really slow and as little pressure as you can while shaving to avoid any risk of getting skin irritation. Also keep in mind that it is always best to hold the shaver at the right angle so that it comes really close to skin thus leaving you with an entirely smooth skin.


  • Avoid going over the same area many times; the best way to do this is by taking long even strokes in each pass that you make this will help to remove hair without having to go over one place very many times. This will reduce the risks of you getting razor, burns and any other skin irritations.



  • Soothe the skin; immediately after shaving, your skin is very delicate and very vulnerable to infections so you are advised to wash with warm water and a well moisturized facial wash. This will help to treat any nicks or cutting, you can then rinse your face with cold water to close the skin pores and dry with a clean dry towel. When drying doesn’t rub the skin just gently pat until the area is completely dry.


  • Finish up by applying after shave lotion; shaving without shaving cream strains the skin quite a lot therefore you must always apply a high quality after shave lotion to help calm down the skin. This also helps to keep your skin well moisturized as it revives all the moisture your skin lost during shaving.



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