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If you don’t have natural curly hair, I’m sure you envy those girls and ladies who have it. However, you don’t have to feel jealous because you can easily get those looks; simply use a curling iron or natural methods like buns or braids. On the other hand, if you opt for a curling iron, you have to use a heat protectant to create a shield against heat produced by the iron.

It does not matter whether you have thick or fine hair, curls can look good with any type of hair. However, when it comes to care, women with thick curls will use different hair products compared to those with fine hair. In most cases, Women with thick curly hair tend to find it difficult to maintain their curls, so, if you’re not that dedicated, your curls might end up going straight.

So, now that you have one of the various curly hairstyles, I guess your next question is ”how to make the curly hairstyle last longer?” In this post I will give you tips on how to maintain curly hair, these steps also include tools and hair products you can use. Please, remember, that if you neglect that curly hair, it will look frizzy and messy, which will distort your looks.


African American Curly Hair

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1. Keep It Wet: – If you look closely at the lady featured in the picture above, you can see that she has cute thick curls, to keep that style, thick and curly ; you need to use the right shampoo and conditioner. For example, you can try Aveda Curly Shampoo, because it can be gentle with your curls and it at the same time converts frizzy curls into shiny ones.

After applying shampoo in your hair, wash it out with cold / luke warm water, this will keep the hair moist and thick. However, be careful and stay away from treated water which has chlorine, this chemical is too strong, it will wipe out all natural oils and leave your hair super dry which is a bad condition for curls. If you have no option, then boil that water so that it becomes soft and leave it to cool down, because washing out shampoo with hot water will also wipe out the oils.

If you love swimming, you need to wear a head gear before diving into the pool, because most of them have treated water with chlorine.

During summer time, you might find this type of hair so uncomfortable because it keeps lots of heat due to its thickness, so, instead of cutting it off, you can hold it backwards with a headscarf. This will keep the hair away from your face, yet at the same time the curls will stay in position.

May be the other thing we should not ignore is a hair spray. Use a good hair / curl holding spray; this will give your curls a glow and smooth look. In this case I recommend- Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel.


Black Natural Short Curly Hair

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2. Stay Away From Heat Tools: – If possible, you can ditch them away, but never know, you will need them at one point, so just keep them aside. In most cases, when women notice fading curly hairstyle, they get tempted to use a curling iron to replace the lost curls, however, using a hot curling iron too often can result into hair damage, because the heat produced by the iron is not friendly to your hair. If you can’t stay away from any of these heat tools, please, take advantage of a heat protect ant.

Some of the best ways you can keep your curls is to opt for natural methods like buns or braids. When you try out buns, you need to keep them moist so that the curls form properly. In this case, you can use an Anti-Humidity hairspray which will keep the buns / braids wet the all day.

May be the other tools you can use include a non-heat curling rod / a curling brush. Use any of those two non-heat tools to keep your curls neat and strong.

In the picture above, I have featured a very beautiful black woman with big thick curls. This nature of curls requires less attention because of its messy look, so black Women who fancy short messy curly hair; you will find this trend very appealing. But thick hair is well known for having dead skin (dandruff), if left un-attended too, your curls will start smelling badly and they will even fall off, so make it a point to wash this type of hair with a good hair conditioner or use an anti dandruff shampoo. A good example is Sage Heavy Dandruff Shampoo;- its ingredients include Jojoba Oil, it’s sulphate free so your hair will stay moist and clean.



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3. Use The Right Curly Hair Products: – Your main goal is to maintain and keep those curls for long, this means you need to use the right curly hair products. I know you have stocked some expensive hair creams and sprays, but be careful when it comes to curly hair; it has its own products. However, just like any other hairstyle, you will need to condition curly hair before using any other hair product, but you need to apply this conditioner right from the roots of the hair up-to the tips, to l ensure that all strands get conditioned.

After conditioning your hair, you need to wash / rinse it out, do this with cold / luke warm water, and then dry your hair with a blower, please make sure you set the blower to a moderate temperature, this will ensure that your hair stays moist but not wet.

Once you’re sure that your hair is soft and wet free, you can use a wide toothed comb to organize those curls, be very careful when combing through curly hair if you want your curly hairstyle to last longer.


Below I have listed a few products you can use to keep those curls glowing and smooth all the time, you can get them from any store at an affordable price, or you can get them online from well known stores like Amazon. If you use any of these products correctly, your curls will stay longer.

–         Curl Keeper: – I guess you can tell the use of this product basing on its name…”curl keeper”.  It is one of the best curly hair solutions you will like, because it has no silicone, it has a perfect PH balance to ensure the longevity of those curls, yet at the same time, it has natural ingredients which will add essential nutrients to help your hair and curls look healthier. Get on Amazon for as low as $17.50

–         Deva Light Defining Gel; – This product will re-define the looks of your curls, most saloon professionals recommend it.

–         Curling Creme: – We have many cream for curly hair on the market, in this case, I suggest you inquire from your hairstylist to recommend the best cream.

–         Conair Curl Secret :- Unlike most curling irons, this one is a class apart, you can easily set it to any temperature to ensure your curls don’t get damaged, it also has a safety sensor which will ensure that your curls are tangle-free.

4- Use Natural Methods to make curls last longer:- It is not advisable to use that hot curling tool all the time to fix those curls, however, it’s also next to impossible to keep those curls for long without fading, so you can try any of these natural methods to keep those curls for long.

  1. a.       BRAIDS: – This is the most tried natural hairstyle which will help you replace faded curls, it is not complicated. You can braid your own hair from or go a nearby salon and get a professional braid hairstyle. The main advantage in this is that you will get a new temporary hairstyle yet at the same time curls will be forming in your hair during that period. However, for better results, you need to moist the braids, this will make the hair soft and it will also quicken the process of forming curls.

So this is what you have to do:

  • Condition and Wash your hair before braiding, this will make it soft and ready for twisting.
  • Brush through your hair with a wide toothed comb. This process will make your hair straight, don’t get scared, you will get those curls back, since the goal is to keep that curly hairstyle for long, you have to get rid of the old ones and replace them with fresh ones.
  • Twist your hair to make braids; be very careful during this process, if you over twist, you might break the strands.
  • Secure the ends of the braids: You can use an elastic band or something related.
  • Spray the braids: – Now that you have got a new temporary braid hairstyle then you need to spray those braids so that they stay moist, that moist condition will simplify the process of forming curls.


  1. b.      TRY THE BUN HAIRSTYLE: – Many women prefer this option because of its simplicity when you compare buns with braids. You will notice that the all process of making buns is friendly and time saving. Buns will give you big and bouncy curls. Follow steps below too make buns.
  • Brush your hair: – If you have curls and your goal is to fix them, you need to moist your hair before brushing, this will make the hair soft and easy to brush, you can use a blow dryer to remove excessive water, so this will leave your hair moist & soft but not wet. Now you can use a wide toothed comb to brush through your hair.
  • Wrap your hair into buns: – In this case, the size of curls you want will determine the volume of each bun. For example, if you want to keep the old small curls, you will definitely go for small buns, this means you hold and wrap small volumes of hair, however, if you want big curls like the celebrity in the image below, you need to hold huge volumes of hair.
  • Secure the bun with a rubber band: – Your intention is to make long lasting curls, so you have to secure the buns very well and let them stay for at least 12 hours, if you feel bothered, you can do them at night. However, don’t forget to moist them with water or any good hair spray.



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5. Trim Split Ends:  Since your hair grows on a daily basis, you will notice that split ends will pop up all over your head, so, to keep that neat look, you have to use sharp pair of scissors to trim split ends, however, don’t cut your hair, this might mess up your looks, stand in-front of a mirror and look for those split ends.


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  1. 6.     Avoid over Washing Your Hair on a Daily Basis:  Much as you want to have clean hair, you have to be very careful when it comes to curly hair. Unlike most hairstyles, curly hair requires lots of moisture, so when you over wash it, you will end up stripping off all natural oils which will make it look frizzy. However, this should not stop you from conditioning and washing it, but do it at least 2 / 3 times in a week, make sure you use organic hair conditioner; this type of conditioner will add nutrients in your hair.

7.     Use the Right Curly Hair Conditioner: – I know, you might have some precious hair conditioners, but I’m not sure if they work well with curly hair. According to most hairstylists, you can L’Oreal Ever curl Shampoo…It is sulphate-free and it will gently cleanse your hair without weighing down those curls. However, you also have to know the nature of your hair, women with dry hair should use oily shampoo; this will make your curls thick and healthy.

Short Curly Hair For Women Above 50

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  1. 8.     Deep Condition: – In the above post I talked about not over washing curly hair to avoid losing nutrients & oils necessary for hair growth. Now, you have to practice deep conditioning, it is not a complicated process. You need to use a special deep conditioner for curly hair, for example, you can try ”Deva Curl Moisture Treatment”.

Half Curly Hairstyle Care

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  1. 9.     Eat Healthy: – This sounds like a basic step, but you will be shocked by how many women spend thousands of dollars on hair products, and yet they spend pennies on what they eat. You don’t need a degree to know that your hair feeds on what you eat. I guess you have noticed that women who feed on poor diets end up with hair issues like ”hair loss”, so, as you plan to invest in those deep conditioners and hair sprays, your diet has to be No: 1 on the list, eat lots of fruits, natural fats, and drink lots of water. With good nutrition; your hair will look great naturally and will even be better with different hairstyles including all kinds of curly hairstyles.


Smooth Long Curly Hair

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  1. 10.                        Don’t Use Towels to Dry Curly Hair: – Your main goal is to keep those curls, so you have to avoid using a towel to dry your hair, this will cause friction. However, while in the shower, you can wear a head cover so that your curls don’t get wet.

Thick Curly Hair

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Curly Hair For Girls

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If you’re one of those lucky ladies with natural curly hair, you don’t have to worry about losing them, however, natural curly hair fades and it can look messy if left un-attended too. Below, I have listed a brief tips on how to maintain natural curly hair:

  • Go to a professional hairstylist: – This has to be your first option, because, you might not know most relevant basics when it comes to maintaining natural curly hair. Once you get one, ask them what is required to keep your hair natural and smooth. The other option is to ask a close friend or a stranger who has natural curly hair how they maintain their hair; this little information will guide you on what to do.
  • Use organic shampoo / conditioner: Since you have natural curls, you better opt for shampoo which has Jojoba / Olive oil. Using such hair products will add nutrients to your hair and it will make it look healthy all the time.
  • Finger Combing: – You need to brush through natural curly hair very often because it develops tangles all the time, however, you don’t have to use a brush / comb, this might pull the strands and break the roots of your hair, so, you can use your fingers to comb natural curly hair.
  • Avoid Using too Much Hair Product: – It is a fact that when you over apply hair products in natural curly hair, these products can weigh down the curls and mess up your looks. So, it is better you apply just a little bit of it on your hands and apply gently right from the scalp.
  •  Massage your scalp: – Naturally, when you message your scalp, the nearby skin pores open up, this process will help the scalp release all hair growth nutrients needed to maintain that natural curly hair. Scalp massage will also relive you from tension.
  • Apply hair products immediately after shower: – During this moment, your hair will still be wet and soft, however, the natural curly hair needs lots of moisture, this means you need to trap that moisture immediately after shower. Therefore use just little amounts of hair product, after applying the product; you might want to remove excessive water so that the hair stays soft & moist but not wet. In this case, you can opt for a cotton t-shirt, please, don’t wrap it on the head, just hold one section per time and hold it under this cotton shirt.
  • Spray your hair :- To maintain the smooth glow look, you need to use a good hair spray, in this case, I recommend ”Pure Shine Curly Spray”

Natural Long Curly Hair

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Now that we have covered how to keep your curly hairstyle last longer…it’s time to learn how to grow it longer. Follow these steps:

  • Determine which length you want: – Long curly hair looks cute if you take care of it in the right way, however, you need to know the right length to opt for. On the other hand, some people have hair that grows faster yet others theirs takes a while, so if you have the type which takes a while to grow long, you may need to use hair growth supplements.
  • Keep It Moist: – For your curly hair to grow long, you need to keep it moist all the time. You can do this by using a gentle organic shampoo or deep conditioner. Avoid washing your hair with treated water which contains chlorine as it will strip natural oils from your hair. On the other hand, you should also avoid over shampooing curly hair, in most cases, this shampoo contains sulphate, which is not friendly to curly hair.  After conditioning your hair, you need to wash out the conditioner / shampoo with cold / lukewarm water, this will keep it thick and moist for a longer time. However, while washing out the shampoo, you will notice tangle all over the head, remove them with a detangling wide toothed comb.
  •  Protect your hair from damages: – This can be done in so many ways, first is to stay away from heat tools like hair straighteners. Heat tools are not your best friends at this time, because that heat can break weak hair strands thus if you can’t stay away from them.  Use a heat protectant; this will create a shield against heat produced by any heat tool. To stay on the safe side, opt for natural methods like braids / buns.
  • Trim Your Hair: – Now, you can be like, why trim my curly hair yet I want to grow it longer. I guess it is not your first time to have curly hair, I believe you have noticed those split ends all over your head, they really make you look messy. As you struggle to grow short curly hair long, you will even notice more splits, so , make sure you trim them off with sharp pair of scissors. Trimming your hair often, will give it a thick volume.
  • Detangle your hair: – Many times I see women with tangled curly hair; this type of hair can be very difficult to grow long, so you have to detangle it with your fingers of a wide toothed comb. Please, don’t get tempted to use a hair blower, much as it makes the all process very easy, the heat produced by this dry blower can damage your curls. After detangling, you can braid your hair; this will enhance its growth.

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