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People usually feel uncomfortable with gray hair because of the fear that it does not match with their skin color and eye tone. However, as you age this is something you will not be able to hide from since melanin in your hair keeps reducing as you age. But there is completely no reason as to why you should worry about your hair turning gray because you can look extremely trendy with your gray hair and this goes for both men and women. This depends on how best you can take care of your hair to keep it looking gorgeous, below are some individual tips to help you out depending on your situation;

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  • Make all your hair gray; not all your hair will turn gray at the same time and it looks funny when some hair of your hair turns gray with the rest remaining in the natural color. So it is advisable to make all your hair gray or have a uniform color. Be careful with the hair dye that you use so it is best if you consult a professional hair stylist.  They will help you attain the type of hair dye that will work best for you. The combination of colored gray with your roots that gradually turn gray slowly by slowly will come out really perfect.
  • Sparingly wash hair with blue hued shampoo; this type of shampoo and conditioner may give your hair some other weird color. It is therefore recommended that you only use this blue shampoo only once or twice a month. This will keep your hair clean without causing any hair discoloration.

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  • Cut those edges frequently; look out for one of the best hair stylists that will help to cut your hair after a suggested time period; this will keep your gray hair free from split ends and make your hair look really neat. Always ask your stylist to use scissors instead of a razor because razor are more likely to look unruly.

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  • Wash hair daily with a mild shampoo; gray hair will easily get build up and with all the pollution in the environment your hair is likely to get some other weird dull color which is why you are advised to wash your hair every single day. Ensure that you are using a very mild and hydrating shampoo to prevent your hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

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  • Cut down on the waxes, oil serums and pomades; such products cause a lot of buildup and when over used will make hair greasy and look dirty even when it is clean. To give your hair shine; a good quality shine spray will be good enough.

trendy gray hair

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  • Compliment with the right make up and outfits; choosing the right make up to match with your gray hair may not be that simple but once you achieve the trick you will definitely be able to gain that superb look. Very bright color of make-up such as hot pink will not look good with your gray hair but colors such as silver, black and white usually look great with gray hair both for makeup and outfit. When you master the simple color tricks of matching colors to accent you gray hair there is definitely no way you will go wrong.


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