How to Have a Perfect Mustache Shave

When it comes expressing maturity, a mustache is the best beard type for that purpose. From way back in early centuries, men with a mustache were also seen as mature and respected by everyone. Due to this same reason people who have this beard type, today, have reduced so it has been left for the older men. It is very rare to find a teenager wearing a reasonably grown mustache beard. Now for all the men who are looking forward to having a perfect mustache shave you are in the right place as I have provided some steps that you can follow. I hope you will find them helpful as well.


  • Wash the face: Warm water is the best to use before shaving reason being it opens up the skin pores and makes hair soft hence making it very easy to remove. Soft hair will be removed with just a single pass. If you don’t want to wash the whole face you can just pat the mustache with a damp towel to make it soft.
  • Comb through the mustache: A narrow toothed comb is the best comb to use on the beard. Therefore gently brush through the mustache so that you can be able to spot any stray hairs.
  • Make  sure the mustache is even: Use a pair of scissors to cut off any wild hairs making the mustache look untidy. Also if your mustache has grown out very long make it even with a trimmer. However, if your beard is still short enough without any hairs standing out you can skip this step.
  • Determine the grain: The grain is the direction in which hair grows, most mustaches grow facing down. Follow the grain while shaving.
  • Shape the mustache: Grab a pair of trimming scissors to shape the lower part of the mustache; your lip line should guide while you shape the mustache. Ensure that the mustache stops exactly at the lip line. If it goes far away from your upper lip it will look funny.
  • Use a trimmer to even the mustache more: If the beard has grown out wild, use a trimmer to get rid of that excess beard. Too much volume does not look neat so it important to invest in a mustache beard trimmer if you decide to grow this beard type. This way you will be able to make the beard neat without having to go to the salon every time.
  • Work on the area around the mustache: Stubble looks really attractive on its own but if it is next to a mustache it really looks annoying and makes the mustache look ugly. Therefore you have to shave it off and let the mustache stand out perfectly.
  • Rinse the area with cool water: Wash off those loose hairs with cool water as cold water also helps to close off your pores, sooth the skin and reduce the risk of getting irritated.

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