How to Grow Hair Naturally


How to Grow Hair Naturally

 Growing hair naturally can really get tricky sometimes though it’s considered the cheapest method as compared to taking supplements or using growth oils because as you know a few hair chemicals have ingredients that are not so healthy. Though most people don’t know how best they can do it because they have tried and tried and failed. Most of these steps are going to show you involve only the use of natural remedies to help enhance hair growth and natural nutrients responsible for natural hair growth. This way you are with a reduced chance of ever getting bad hair.  Wondering what you might have done wrong or if it’s your first time and you want to do it right, then below are the top five ways;

How to grow hair naturally


  1. Eat healthy; yes, maybe this is not what you expected first but yes you got to invest in a healthy diet so as to receive a vigorous healthy and natural hair growth. If you eat well like enough vitamins and proteins that are mainly found in vegetables, fruits and foods like fish and so on then you will have a higher chance of having healthy hair from the inside out and you won’t even have to take any hair growth supplements. Also if you have a sweet tooth then you will have to pluck it out; in other words, try to reduce on your sugar intake.
  1. Low heat; I know hot tools are hard to stay away from because they make the hair easy style and for African Americans it makes the natural hair easy to maintain but if you want healthy natural growing hair then you will either have to completely stay away from these hot tools or use those with very low heat. To make better, you should invest in a heat protectant so that you don’t have any problems like breakages and fizzing that can be damaging to natural hair growth.
  1. Invest in silk pillow case or hair wrap; silk materials are known for being so tender and smooth and trust me you need such to place your hair on such materials as you sleep the night away. You know when you sleep, you keep on tossing and when it’s a material other than silk then natural hair oil is drained and hair is weakened leading to breakage. This way with silk wrapped on your hair or your hair placed on, you won’t have any tangling or even breakages.
  1. Clean hair and scalp; the hygiene of your scalp and hair is very essential when it comes to proper and healthy natural hair growth. This is because when the scalp is clean, then there won’t be any clogs or even irritation paving way for hair to come out and eliminating ingrown hairs. So invest in high quality products that will help cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly. It’s important that while rinsing the hair, the water temperature should be cool because it has the ability to strengthen the hair and seal the cuticle as well.
  1. Invest in combs; the combs you choose should be gentle on the hair and you make sure you comb with them regularly like twice a day at least like when you wake up and immediately before you go to bed.


Unless you have a serious condition that is inherited or due to some strong medication, the above simple steps for growing hair naturally will work for you regardless of your gender or even hair type. Also invest in oils that will help with some other hair issues like dandruff and dryness.




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