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True it is possible to grow hair very fast and by end of this article, you will have known the fastest way to make your hair grow faster. Studies suggest the over 70% of people have hair that grows really fast in the beginning then later on its either stops growing or becomes very slow that you won’t even notice an extra inch. While for some people it’s due to generic reasons, for others its artificial reasons because of kind of hair growth products or side effects of some medication will lead to very slow growth or receding hair lines and so on. Even though these methods work quickly but don‘t expect it t growth overnight to super length because it does take time usually like a few weeks. Let’s look at how to grow hair fast but there are some steps like a healthy diet that you should start with so these other steps can work well;


  • Invest in castor oil; this awesome oil has been discovered and proven as one of the most effective natural oils that will boost hair growth naturally and faster. This is because it contains essential fatty acids like omega 9 fatty acids and vitamins E that are important for faster hair growth. You can also add this oil with others like olive, coconut, almond, rosemary, lavender and any other essential oil that are great for boosting fast hair growth.


  • Gently massage scalp; the main role for massaging the scalp is to help promote on the flow of blood so that hair follicles can be stimulated and hence a faster hair growth. So every time you apply oil to the hair make sure you take a few minutes to massage the scalp or even you can just massage it without oil gently so that growth is promoted because of better blood flow.


  • Deep condition hair; it is important to deep condition hair always at least once a week if you are growing hair naturally and want it to grow faster. So you will have to invest in a hair mask for deep conditioning or a hot oil treatment. This conditioning only involves a few steps like applying the hot oil or conditioner first, then rubbing or massaging it in for a few minutes in a circular motion and finally rinsing it off.


  • Try taking supplements; there are very many vital nutrients that are great at promoting hair growth that you just can’t find in a normal diet. And don’t get me wrong, eating a balanced diet does help but sometimes it’s just not enough for boosting healthy and faster hair growth. These supplements contain multiples of nutrients like essential minerals and ample proteins that will do wonders for you. Here are some suggestions on supplements you can purchase but remember you first have to consult with a doctor before you start your dosage. Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement, Ultrax Labs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Hair Loss Maxx Hair Growth Nutrient Solubilized Keratin Vitamin Supplement are some of the examples of what you should definitely try.


  • Don’t just use a towel to wrap hair; I know very many people have been culprits of this especially when it’s wet but remember these towels do lead to hair breakage to a great amount. This happens especially when you tight wrap it making the hair to get caught in the towel fibers especially the fragile hairs at the front. Instead you should invest in softer towels that are also thinner for wrapping your natural hair.


  • Cold rinse; the advantage of cold rinse is that it will keep in the moisture and also prevents damage from heat making the hair have a healthy fast growth. It will also help close the open pores so that you won’t get irritation when dirt or unwanted things do get in.


With all the steps above, on how to grow hair fast, just know you are on your way to acquiring a good length of hair that is very natural and healthy in every single way but remember maintaining a healthy diet is crucial.





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