How to Grow a Sideburns Beard

From decade to decade sideburns have never ceased being trendy and if you are thinking about trying the style out; you have every reason to. Side burns is simply facial hair that grows on the sides of the face starting just below the ear. The best thing about a side burns beard is that you do not have to give up on your usual type of beard as it can be grown along with any other type for example you can grow your mustache or goatee and at the same time have a sideburns beard. The sideburns beard originated from a man called Ambrose Burnside who was a general in the civil war. Growing sideburns is not too much of a burden however maintaining the look comes with some challenges. For those that have a great admiration for this beard type but have no idea of what to do to try it out, I sure have you sorted with the steps and tips on how to grow a sideburns beard.

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These are the simple steps that you should follow to grow a sideburns beard:

  1. Try hard enough to resist the urge to shave; this may not be that simple because early stages of beard growth come with some itching and irritating for someone who used to shaving daily. However, you must stay away from shaving for some weeks or days according to how fast your beard grows, going for vacation is a good option to begin with when trying out a new beard type. Four weeks will be enough time to give your beard time to grow this way you will be able to have sideburns that are thick enough.
  2. Pick a style that best suits your face shape; there are different styles of sides some are thick, some are short other are long so here you need to be a bit careful in order to choose one that will make you stand out. Round and wide faces look better with thin and short side burns that give their faces a longer, more angled and defined appearance. While the longer and narrow faces stand out more with thick or bushy and long side burns that give a wider appearance and cut down on the length of their jaws. Also if you have a square face, short and thin side burns will look perfect on you.
  3. Shave the rest of your face; use a manual razor to shave the rest of the face where you do not want hair grown but try as hard as you can not to shave too close to the skin. This will not only make your side burns look good but also save you problems of shaving too close to the skin such ingrown hairs, acne and other irritations.
  4. Make use of an electric beard trimmer or clipper; a manual razor will not define your style the way you want so you must invest in an electric clipper; it will help you trim and shape your sideburns much better.
  5. Trim your side burns regularly; use either use a trimmer or scissors to cut down on the length of your side burns because facial hair on the sides grows much faster than the rest of your beard. For those that prefer to use scissors, you first of all comb through the beard to make all those unruly hairs stand out then start cutting off the protruding hairs; be very careful while at it.

grow sideburns fast


  • Wash your facial hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo and like I said before growing hair may also come with some itching so washing with shampoo will help you get rid of the dandruff that is making the beard itch. Also creams that contain hydro-cortisone can help to stop the itching that comes along with growing facial hair.
  • Do not stress yourself over the style; if you have decided to go in for the style then you have reason whatsoever to worry about what other people think. This stress will stop your hair from growing as fast as it should so be very patient with yourself.
  • Try some beard growth products such biotin, vita beard are very good because they are infused with ingredients and extracts that help beard grow faster, stronger and give them that shiny and really attractive appearance.
  • Do not shave; some people claim that facial hair grows faster if you shave more but I really think that this does not work for a person who is looking forward to have sideburns. You must leave your beard alone for some time if you want it to grow.
  • Maintain the shape; you will not keep your sideburns looking great and in perfect shape if you do not trim them well. A good hairstylist should help you keep you side burns in perfect shape without any hairs flying away. Recommended products:

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