How to Grow a Mustache Beard

To all the men that want to look extremely classy and versatile, the mustache beard is definitely one way to go. Because this beard style can be done together with other beard styles like the goatee and side burns and bring out that manly appearance all men yearn to have. It no wonder that it has become more and more popular over the years. The mustache beard has whole variety of types that you can choose from so you do not have to worry about which one will fit your personality and face shape. Not all people are blessed with a beard that grows full, thick and long but does not mean you should give up. There are some beard growth products that could help significantly. Also, here are some very easy steps that can help you grow and style a mustache beard.

grow a beard with beard growth products

Choose the type of mustache you want to have; like I said in the introduction of this post, they are different types of mustaches so it is all up to you as an individual to pick one that you feel will work best for you. These are some of the types;

  • Sellback/Reynolds; this is the most common type of mustache where hair below the nose is left to grow then accurately trimmed to ensure that it does not exceed that area. With this style you have to be very good at your trimming skills because it needs to be kept very neat on all sides.
  • Trucker mustache; this is a mustache where hair is left to grow out into a really thick beard; it is normally shaped like a horseshoe and has huge handle bars. Here you can trim the rest of your beard leaving hair above the mouth thick and grown.

 how to grow a mustache beard

  • Walrus mustache; with this mustache you must have a clean on the cheeks leaving hair only on the area above the upper lip.
  • Imperial mustache; this is an old fashioned but also very stylish mustache type where one grows a very full and thick mustache with the ends twisted and pointed.

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  • Foo- Manchu mustache; this looks more like the horseshoe which has pointed ends facing down the mouth with clean shave chin and cheeks.


Steps on how to grow a mustache beard


  • Allow yourself to have a fully grown beard first; just like all other beard types, growing a mustache will also require you to let you whole beard grow out into a thicker and fuller, this way you avoid looking weird to people. If you only grow hair above your upper lip and shave the rest it might look unusual. If you feel growing out the whole beard becomes troubling for you, then you can try trimming the other parts of the face leaving your mustache untouched, this way you will shoot two birds with the same stone i.e. maintain and trim the rest of your beard and at the same time grow your mustache.
  • Be patient; growing a good looking mustache beard is not something that simple or a one day thing. Of course depending on your genes and the particular type of mustache you want to have. Some people will only need a few days for the mustache while others will take even more than a month but no matter how long it takes don’t give up because the results will be worth it. To make you beard grow a bit faster you should always maintain healthy eating habits such as eating a balanced diet every day and eating foods high in protein such as eggs, fish, beef among others. Beard growth products will be of great help. You can also try dietary supplements; they contain ingredients that will make your beard grow faster and stronger.
  • A high quality trimmer is a must have; you can’t shape your mustache with a razor reason it comes too close on the first shave and may cut off the mustache. It is therefore much better to invest in a hair or beard trimmer with different sizing options and guard shapes to make it much simpler to accurately shape your mustache. A mustache is that beard type that must be kept neat; keep practicing to master the trick so you do not have to go to the stylist every now and then. Those with fast growing beards might have to trim daily and those with a slower growing beard can trim just once every week.
  • Ensure to keep the beard clean; beards trap a lot of dust and oils so you are advised to always have good quality shampoo or cleanser that you use to wash your beard daily. This will not only keep the beard clean but also give it that sexy and attractive appearance as well as keep the skin under in perfect condition.
  • Other instruments that you may need; to shape your beard: you will also need a disposable razor, mustache wax used in taming and keeping your preferred mustache style in perfect shape, men’s grooming scissors and a beard comb.



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