How to Grow a Goatee Beard

A goatee is one of the trendiest beard types you can ever pull off because it is funky, very stylish and looks good on most men’s face shapes. What is a goatee anyway? For those that did not know what a goatee is: it is that beard where facial hair is only left on the chin according to men in the 1990s. Some people think that the goatee beard is for younger men but personally think any man that wants to look trendy will nicely rock the goatee despite of how old they will be.

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They are two types of goatees and these include the circle goatee beard where the beard comes from the mustache and down to the chin. Then the van dyke goatee beard where hair on the chin is completely disconnected from the mustache. Both these types are unique, very sexy for men of all ages so it is all up to you to choose which one best works for you. Growing and maintaining a beard a goatee calls for a lot of practice and some devotion. You will probably need some beard growth products along the way but that is not all. So if you feel like you really have what it takes to rock the goatee beard here are some really good tips that will be of great help.

grow a Goatee beard

 how to grow goatee beard

Steps on how to Grow a Goatee Beard


Let hairs on the chin, around the mouth and below the nose grow; this means that for some days you have to keep away from shaving so that hair on these areas can grow. If hair has grown after a few days then you have the potential to have a goatee. Trying out a new look can be a little challenging but you must be very confident about it. Do not let other people choose for you. If you want the goatee simply go for it.

Think about what kind of goatee matches with your face and personality; make research on the internet; through different magazines and carefully look at the different lengths and shapes of goatees, visualize them with your face and see which one will work best for you. Your personality will help you choose if you want to keep hair only on the chin or whether you want it connected to the mustache. Some people will prefer a short goatee while others want it a bit longer. So it’s up to you to choose what kind of goatee you want.

Work on your goatee; shaping your goatee on your own may not be a simple task however with enough concentration you will definitely be able to pull off the look if you simply follow these steps.

  • Grab your razor or shaver. To shape the goatee perfectly you must use a new razor for those who shave with manual razors and if you are using an electric shaver: it should be very clean.
  • Reach out for the edges of your goatee and be extremely careful on the edges ensuring that hair does not go beyond the smile lines. The smile lines actually help you to measure where the goatee should stop.
  • Hair on this area grows in different directions so start shaping your goatee by moving the trimmer or razor in different directions. This way you will be able to make you beard super neat.
  • Move to the mustache beard to keep it very well defined too. If you do not want the goatee connected to the mustache; shave the area between your mustache and chin leaving it super clean. You goatee will not look good with hairs around it.
  • Keep in mind that the jawline corners have to be sharp for a well-defined goatee.


How to Maintain the goatee; to keep that goatee neat and looking new all the time you need to take good care of it. Below are some ways you can follow.

  • A goatee looks very attractive and neat with the rest of your face cleanly shaved therefore if your hair grows very fast, you might have to shave daily to prevent stubble from growing next to your beard to make it look messy.
  • Get a perfect trim every once a week. You might not be good at shaping the goatee on your own so go to a barber who is very good at working on this particular type; he will help you trim your goatee much more perfectly.
  • Wash your beard; you must always keep your beard clean by washing it with a good quality beard shampoo and beard conditioner. Shampoo will cleanse your beard and conditioner will help to moisturize, soften and leave the beard very smooth.
  • Always spray the beard with a beard spray every after washing the beard use a dry towel to get rid of any excess moisture. Wait a few minutes for the beard to dry completely then apply a beard spray for shine and more attractive appearance
  • You can also try beard oil, if your goatee is rough and dry some beard oil will help to moisturize both your beard and skin. The products you use will keep your goatee looking fantastic.

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