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Having a beard is one trend that has been and is still stylish , for some reason most women tend to love it and the men feel more powerful with it. It fits every single man regardless of their status in society from the Kings, the most powerful men like the rich and famous, the average men and any other category you can think of. The beard trend has been around from the very beginning of life and is considered the epitome of manhood so that is why every man should have know how to grow a beard. But not every beard on every single beard grower will look the same like for example others having thicker while others scarce; others longer  while others only a few inches and a lot more.

What determines an admirable beard is foremost what you eat or apply to it. Yes, a beard also needs beard food to nourish and grow perfectly so you can easily shape it to the best beard styles. You might be a first time grower or old timer and you would want to know the best ways of how to grow your beard to the shape you have in mind. Go on as we look at how to grow a  beard using different methods, the best tools to use, which products will be best for your beard and finally the different types of beard styles that you can explore;

how to grow a beard fast

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How to Grow a Beard Faster;

Some people are so blessed that they have hair that grows quickly without any effort while others like me like to try hard to achieve a faster beard growth. But with all the available beard growth products like beard oils, beard growth supplements and other natural remedies you can be able to achieve wild growth within a few days or weeks. Let’s look at some of the ways of how to grow a beard fast;


  1. Using beard supplements; first of all, a  beard growth supplement refers to a product that can enhance beard growth in this case. The best supplements are the ones that contain natural remedies in them like vitamins, proteins, and other oils that are meant to boost faster beard growth. Most of them are tablets or capsules that can be swallowed daily for a particular period of time and they will greatly fasten the growth of the facial hair. The best supplements you can use include; Vita Beard Growth Supplement, Beard Grow XL Supplement, Beardilizer and many more.


  1. Using beard oils; now beard oils are very important not only for people looking for a faster beard growth but also if you want to enhance a healthy and strong growth. These oils are usually applied directly to the scalp and hair and will work best when used daily. When shopping for a beard oil look out for the ones that contain a high percentage of unrefined jojoba and even pure Argan oil because they will provide the best condition to allow a healthy faster beard growth. The best beard oils include Pura D’or Pure & Organic Argan Oil, Beard Growther Oil, The Gentlemen’s Beard Premium Beard Oil and so many more.


  1. Use natural products; using natural products is the best way to have a faster beard growth regardless of your hair type but I should warn you that you will need the patience because they usually take a little longer to become effective as compared to the other remedies. However, there positive effects are long lasting and your body will also be healthy as well. Here are some of the natural ways you can use for faster beard growth;
  • Coconut and olive oil; this natural way will apply best when it is done is a hot oil treatment procedure. So make sure to first heat these products either in a double boiler or a microwave before you gently massage it on the areas of facial hair growth. The purpose of heating is to make sure that it can penetrate deeper in the hair shaft and also it will minimize on dandruff  on the skin.
  • Rosemary; this is one of the best natural herbs for boosting beard growth making it faster with strong growths due to its ability to contain antioxidants, sulfur and silica to control hair loss. It also has the ability to darken a beard and unclog hair follicles as well. All you have to do is mix a few drops of Rosemary into few tablespoons of base oil before you gently apply it to the beard, leaving it for less than an hour and finally shampooing it.
  • Castor oil; this oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids as well as E vitamins that is great at facilitating faster beard growth. It will greatly add moisture to the beards, increase its volume and prevent frizzing as well. Some of the other natural remedies you can use as well include eggs, juice from lemon, Indian gooseberry and a lot of other natural remedies.


How to Grow a Beard Normally;


Natural methods of growing one’s beards are the most affordable methods for everyone and have greater outcomes most times because no harsh chemicals are used in the growing process and below are some of the simplest steps in which you can use to grow your beard normally;

  • Exfoliation; first of all exfoliation is the process of eliminating dead cells that are usually on the skin and if you are a person growing beards, you should exfoliate the skin weekly so that beard growth will be stimulated greatly. The dead cells are basically the old news that has been pushed outside to the epidermis after newer cells have grown inside in the dermis. So if you don’t exfoliate, these dead cells will clog the pores preventing a better and healthy beard growth. Some of the natural products you can use for exfoliating the skin include things like sugar, baking soda, honey, oatmeal and so more.
  • Cleanse the skin; a clean skin is very healthy for accelerating beard growth faster as compared to the ones that are not regularly cleaned. So you should make sure to at least clean the skin twice every single day using water that is warm and even a cleanser that is very mild in nature. This is because stronger cleansers can be sometimes irritating to skin especially when you have a sensitive type.
  • Moisturize skin with eucalyptus; this is a natural method to help boost beard growth because eucalyptus is a fast growing Australasian evergreen tree that contains oils that are very great for the skin especially where hair grows. It s obtained from the leaves so you should always make sure that while you are moisturizing the skin, the moisturizer should contain this great eucalyptus to assist you promote the growth of facial hair. Some of the moisturizers that include eucalyptus oil include; Noxzema Plus Deep Cleansing Moisturizer, Eucalyptus SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Moisturizer and so many more.
  • Good diet ; now there are particular type of vitamins that will greatly boost the growth of your beards in the most natural ways. Some of these vitamins you can obtain through regular food in your diet and they are vitamins A, B, C and finally E. In the same way you will have to increase the amount of protein intake in your body through eating foods like nuts, meat, eggs and fish to enable your beard grow faster naturally while looking good and strong in texture so it doesn’t easily break off.
  • Massage and don’t cut the growing beard; when you constantly massage your face, you will have improved on the blood circulation that can arouse growth of new hair an also you should avoid going with the myth that cutting beard makes it grow faster. But rather you should only cut after it has fully grown like after six weeks.


The Best Tools Used to Grow a Beard;

 How you will look after your beard after its grown will definitely depend on the tools that you use to maintain them especially in regards to the shape. You will need the right combination of the best beard grooming products to help style your beard.  However, it is wise to use a tool that comes in a package with different trimmers, brush and so on. Let’s look at some of the excellent tools to use if you want to grow a beard;


Best Value Beard Trimmers:


  1. Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB80-S

The reason why I really love this Tweezerman scissors is the fact that they are so easy to travel along with and you can trim your beards anywhere even on the road or in the public office washrooms in case you feel they aren’t perfect enough. The finger holes are really large so that it can fit any finger size and so that your fingers can also be comfortable in while the blades are extremely sharp so that you only get to chop once and quickly without using a lot of energy. The comb added to it is designed to assist you straighten the hair so that you can cut the right amount and achieve the perfect shape.

Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB80-S

Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB80-S is the kind that is a must have for every beard grower because of the features that have been built inside it and they work without fail. It has steel that is very durable and super sharp with an angle that is 45 degrees to cut your beard well even in the places that are highly contoured. Even more exciting is the adjustable features in this beard trimmer with triple combs that provide 39 precision settings that you can personalize in order to achieve a trim that is very detailed. Its grip has been rubberized so that it is very comfortable to hold even when the heads are wet.


Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100 series

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 5100, BT5210

Phillips Norelco trimmers will always be the leading makers of trimmers and now with this beard Phillips Norelco trimmer 5100 series, you are using the best beard grooming tool. It’s the kind of beard trimmer that will get you the exact length and size you are looking for the long, short or stubble. With this trimmer you will be able to have a modern integrated hair lift comb that is designed to help guide the hair into a  steel blade that is self sharpening so that you only trim once and acquire perfection. The short and long hair clippers you see in the image above is used to help the beard growers comb to finish up the style you want.

Tweezerman Mustache Scissors

Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with Comb


Wahl 8685 professional Peanut Classic Trimmer


Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper Trimmer

This amazing trimmer used for grooming grown a beard weighs so little that is only four ounce so that you get to use it well without feeling like it’s a heavy burden the whole time you are trimming. Wahl 8685 professional peanut classic trimmer is designed with up to four amazing cutting guides that range between 1/8 inches to ½ inches. Using this tool even if it’s your first time will be so easy and the outcome looking professional especially aided by the cleaning brush, red blade guard and instructions for operation that it comes packed with in the box.



How to Grow Different Beard Types;


The choice of the type of beard style mainly depends on your personal style, your facial shape, your hair type, your type of profession and a lot more. But you can also get to play with more than one type over a period of time depending on some factors after all to have the same beard style year in and out is boring unless you have a particular signature style. Let’s look at some of the easiest ways you can grow to the different beards styles;


  1. How to Grow a Full Thick Beard;


how to grow a thick beard

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There is something about a thick full beard that provides the impression of power;like you can conquer it all. It will even change the whole look of the face making you more manly and hunky. No one I know admires a beard that is scarcely spaced so that is why I am providing the steps on how to grow a full beard or thick beard like the one in the image pictured above;


  • Eat well; the first step to achieving a thick beard is to feed yourself with a healthy diet by eating well otherwise you will use all these products and they won’t provide you with the thick beard you long for. So make sure that you have almost a daily intake of foods rich in proteins and fats that are saturated like fish, eggs, and nuts and so on.  Proteins are a great boost to thick hair growth that is very healthy because they help raise the amount of testosterone. Also, you can add some vegetables that are leafy like kale and spinach while minimizing on the sugary food intake.


  • Vitamin supplements; taking  beard supplements that are rich in vitamins is very important for thick beard growth because they have the capacity to optimize healthy hair and then stimulate beard growth that is thick as well. The excellent ones  include a great amount of biotin in them as well so with daily intake; get ready to welcome your thick beard. The vitamins to look out for as well include the B1, B6 and B12 and a number of other multivitamins that come with a number of good effects like reducing itchiness through controlling the oil production on the skin.


  • Get enough sleep and relaxation; I know this comes as a surprise but I tell you that this rest is very important towards achieving a healthy beard. This is because during sleep, the cells will repair and also regenerate so that you can have a healthy thick beard growth. The sleep has be of good quality without any interruptions of up to 7 or 6 hours every single night. Also, try hard to limit on the amount of stress because it can have a great impact of hair loss leading to scarce facial hair growth.


  • Remain hydrated always; the first step to maintain hydration in the body is by taking a lot of water because this water has the ability to help flush out any toxin from the body so that the skin especially where the hair grows can remain hydrated from the inside and so the beards growing will be very thick and healthy as well.


  • Don’t shave; yes, you will have to ignore the myth that if you shave the beard it will make it actually growth much thicker; it’s only a myth. So when you are looking towards a thick beard make sure you stay away from all those tools until you have achieved the  right thickness and length then now you can use a nice pair of trimmers to help you with the ideal shape. In a nutshell stay away from scissors and shavers at least for the first six weeks of beard growth.


  • Keep them clean; make sure that you always keep the beard clean using an awesome choice of a shampoo product. The shampoo should be anti dandruff so that you don’t have itching and thereafter don’t forget to moisturize the beards as well using any good oil that will protect it from direct sunlight and other harmful conditions.


  1. How to Grow a Stubble Beard;

 how to grow a stubble beard


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First of all, a stubble beard refers to  the beard types that seems to have just been cut and have grown again a few inches long or a grown beard that is only a few days old. However, stubble is sexy when it comes to the beard with all its roughness in looks and feel. This beard style can be grown through the following simple steps;


  • Don’t shave; this applies to the case if you have just started growing your beard. Now depending on how fast your beard grows; for other people it will only take a few days to achieve the stubble beards while for others it will go a little bit longer than a few days.  Either way ensure you do not shave at all unless the hair has grown a few inches long before you decide of which length you would like to keep it at. The advantage of this style is that it always looks almost effortless and can be pulled off by about any gentleman regardless of the hair density. This style is so easy you just might sit back and relax as the beard grows.


  • Take  beard supplements; this  is one type of product you can’t stay away from if you are looking towards a perfect beard that is very healthy with a faster growth.  Unless of course you have been blessed with great hair that doesn’t require any of the above. These supplements are the same regardless of the type of beard styles that you want to have so just make sure they are rich in vitamins and proteins and you will have to have other foods that are rich in them.


  • Use a long setting on the trimmer;  after a few days or weeks of letting the beard grow or even when you want to switch from the longer beards to a stubble,  pull out your trimmers and trim to the beard right length. However, you will start by using the long trimmers so that you don’t have to cut the facial hair completely off in case you use the shorter ones. Also this gives you an opportunity to decide whether you can go on even shorter or stop right there with the first cut.


  • Reduce on the settings; growing a stubble beard means making a trimmer your number one best friend and sometimes, after you use the long setting trimmer, you will have to go a shorter one. This way as you go down you have to finally find the perfect length that works well with your facial features and hair density or even the color. This stubble beard style can either be full throughout the face or just fuller at the bottom and lighter at the top.


  • Use a good beard oil; beard oil will be like food to the stubble beard especially if you don’t want it to look like a mad man’s beard that no one wants to touch. So in this case it is a must to invest in some beard oils that will help moisturize, nourish, and minimize dandruff and breakage. Some of the products were mentioned earlier in this article so be sure to use them to maintain a stylish, modern celebrity look ,always.


  1. How to Grow a Mustache Beard


 how to grow a moustache beard

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A mustache beard is mainly described as a beard that grows in the areas between the nose and the upper lips and it is one of the oldest beard styles that we have heard and it will never go off tend because just when you think it has; it comes back booming all over again. It is one of the sexy best styles you can use especially when you want to later on experiment on the rest. Below are some of the ways on how to grow a mustache;


  • Diet well; I have mentioned before in some of the steps above about this first option of a good diet because the type of hair you will have will depend on what you have been feeding your body with as well. A daily intake of foods rich in proteins and less on sugar will greatly improve on your hair and even make it grow a lot faster than you would expect it to.


  • Grow out the beard; now because a mustache is a beard style that covers basically a good portion of the face that can grow hair that is why you will need to first entirely grow out all the  facial hair before styling it to your desired choice. In order to maintain a uniform look of the beard, you will have to grow the hair above the lips and below the nose at the same time as the rest because it usually has a tendency of looking thinner and definitely awkward when you grow it alone. And then after they have grown, you have to ensure to trim of the rest of the hair apart from the above the lips hairs and this way the whole changeover will look amazing.


  • Set up a good grooming routine; this is a must and it should be done on a daily basis because it will keep the surface of the skin clean allowing faster growth while preventing any sort of irritations from dandruff, itchiness and so on. You should make sure the cleanser you use to wash your face contains a natural foaming cleanser because they work really well at removing the dirt.


  • High quality trimmer; you don’t just have to buy the first trimmer you see but rather take the time to inquire and make sure that it will do exactly what you would want your mustache to look like. Some of the  best beard trimmers like the ones mentioned above in this article will do an excellent job especially with the fact that they come with different lengths to help you acquire an expert look. When you are trimming make sure to start with the long cutting trimmer settings and then to the rest till you get the length you prefer. However, if you want your moustache beard to be really long then you will have to opt for a pair of scissors instead as it will help you maintain a great shaped style.


  • Shaping the mustache; this is basically the hardest step in growing a mustache but with the right skills it will be as easy as combing it. But before you start shaping it make you already have the right shape in mind and it should be able to match your facial features so you get the whole look admirable. For some mustache styles you will have to first acquire some expertise training and even a good amount of waxing but others all you will need is a beard comb. Some styles like polished pencil or a bountiful handlebar will need steps involving a comb, trimming, twisting and then finally daily shaving to maintain the look. Make sure that the kind of comb you will use for growing it has finer teeth and is a beard comb as well.



  1. How to Grow a Goatee Beard and a Sideburns Beard

how to grow a goatee beard with side burns

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Be stylish as you rock out one of the most modern looking trends of the beard . The goatee beard style alongside some sideburns is the real deal of a perfect beard style and it is so easy to maintain provided you get the cut right especially at the chins. Whether the goatee is connected to the moustache making it like a circle…it will still be known as a goatee beard style because it has more influence. Check out how to grow a goatee beard with sideburns below;


  • Keep away from the urge to shave; to grow a goatee you will first have to make sure that you don’t have to find yourself shaving the areas where the goatee beard and the side burn beard grow. This way they will grow well on their own for a period of time like basically one week or two after a month depending on how fast your facial hair can grow. If you are looking towards a very short goatee style then you won’t have to wait that long only a few days hair growth can do. When the hair is fuller, it will be much easier to select a style that will suit best your personality and even facial features.


  • Eat a lot of proteins; it is said a lot that a person is what they eat which means when you eat the right foods then you will maintain a look that most people desire and so this is the very crucial step if you want the rich type of beards in this case a goatee with some sideburns. And the way to start is with eating a lot of foods that contain a greater amount of proteins simply because they will make your beards nourish from the very roots and when they grow out you won’t have to invest a lot on buying products and oils to nourish them.


  • Use supplements and good beard oils; these supplements and oils are awesome because they will help make the beards look great and grow faster especially where dieting might have failed or is working a lot slower than you expected. Make sure that for best results you get to use these products daily especially some of the ones mentioned in this article that come with a high percentage of natural ingredients like pure Argan oil, jojoba that is unrefined and so on.


  • Shape the goatee; when your beard and sideburns have achieved the length, pull out the scissors or trimmers and start the shaping task. But first, you will have to begin with the edges carefully and they shouldn’t go beyond the smile lines on the face. Most importantly the hair on the sides all have to be uniform with the other then you begin trimming from the sideburns down careful not to spoil the shape.



  1. How to Grow a Full Beard


how to grow a full beard


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It’s hard or nearly impossible not to have a wide smile on when you have full beards no matter the length that you choose. This is a traditional beard style that has failed to go off trend reason being…its highly adored. Its the kind of beard that will take more parts of the face as compared to any other beard style you will find. To grow this kind of beard, you will have to have the patience as it take more time depending on your hair growth rate. Interested? Then here is how;

  • Keep skin healthy and clean; hair breaks out from the skin and if the skin is dirty or unhealthy then you might have risks of having ingrown hairs, breakouts of irritations and a lot more other negative things. So it is very crucial to take good care of your full beard by cleaning the skin at least twice a day especially using warm water and then any other cleanser that is very natural because it will work with almost every skin type. As for being healthy, the first step is taking lots and lots of water so that the whole body is always hydrated and then eating lots of fruits and healthy foods especially with a high amount of proteins so that you can achieve full growth that is healthy in every way.


  • Invest in combs and brushes; actually you will have to make this equipment as your best friends because they will keep the facial hair looking well groomed as you grow your beard to length of full growth. You know hair usually grows in different directions and so you will these brushes and combs to help you place them back with the rest in a more organized so it that it looks neat always. Please note that the combs and brushes you invest in should be the ones designed for the beard with a finer teeth to lift even the underlying hairs. The brush is very important especially for the sideburns as they are usually shorter than the goatee beard.


  • Trimming; with full beards ,all you will need is mainly scissors you help out with a little shaping especially when you want the beards to have a great shape. These scissors should be very sharp and easy to use so that you can only pull then when you have to. Otherwise, this hairstyle is so easy to maintain especially when you always shampoo and  beard oil so that it doesn’t trap dirt inside it.


Summary of Essential Tips on How to Grow a Beard in General;

Most people definitely have an idea of how to grow a beard already but don’t do it in the right way and so it always fails. If it’s your first time, then let me give you the best methods for growing your dream beard and if its not your first time then here is an opportunity to finally get it right;

  • Be patient; yes, it is important to always have the patience when you are growing a beard because it usually takes over a month for the beards to gain a reasonable length that can be styled or shaped. Do not get excited after a few days and start trimming off the beards or even shave off believing it will grow faster. But rather just sit back and relax as you wait for your beard to fully grow out.
  • Have a good personal hygiene; by this we mean that you should take time to always clean not just the hair but the skin as well so that dead cells and any other dirt are eliminated. When hair is growing especially after a week the skin will usually be itchy. However, you should stay away from the push to scratch it as it might instead cause irritation but rather you can use some anti itch oils to help you out with the itch. Washing the hair and skin should be done gently and on a daily basis especially in the morning and nights before bed time using water that is warm and a shampoo that is good.
  • Take proteins, vitamins and supplements; you cannot eat all the unhealthy foods with lots of fats and sugar daily and expect to have healthy beards. This is because the follicles of the hair are found inside the body at the skin level so when the body is fed right then the hair coming out will be healthier, stronger, and fuller and a lot more. If you can’t get some of those nutrients in food and fruits, then you will have to take them in as supplements.
  • Invest in grooming tools; you will need the right equipment like combs, brushes and even shavers or trimmers so you will have to invest in them. The things will help you with daily grooming so that you always look fabulous.



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