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Involving yourself in activities that involve bending the neck too much such as working on the desk for long hours or long hour driving and lifting heavy things on your shoulders can effortlessly result into neck pain. Neck massage with or without using massage oil or lotion can be one of the most effective ways in improving blood circulation in the neck and releasing tension in those muscles that could be causing you pain.  However, I recommend that you use some massage oil to make the session more pleasant and soothing. But do really know how to give a neck massage? If you do not know, today, you can learn how to properly do a neck massage.

how to give a neck massage

Follow these steps when giving a Neck Massage


  • Apply very light and long strokes: The neck has very delicate muscles therefore you are not advised to use penetrating or strong pressure while massaging it. Instead, you should use light movements that are tender. If you happen to come across any sore or tight muscles then you can apply a little pressure but focusing on just that one area.
  • Use the thumbs for kneading stressed muscles: Place your thumb directly on that area where you feel muscles stressed or where you feel any knots leaving the rest of the fingers falling back in front of the shoulder. Press the thumb down firmly and make circular motions along the shoulder but focusing more on the knots.
  • Slide finger tips over the neck using up and down movements: Move the fingers tips up and down along the back of the neck while sustaining tender pressure, thereafter make movements from side to side to work on the width of the neck with the same pressure you use on the length of the neck.
  • Focus pressure on the back of the neck: Stand behind the person you are massaging, place the right thumb to left of the neck and let finger tips reach out for the other side of the neck for stability. Use the thumb to make circular movements from the up the neck to down. Do this on both sides of the neck.
  • Slide finger tips downwards the neck sides: Begin with one side of the neck and apply pressure by sliding your fingers as they face downwards starting from the up the neck going down wards. Move to the other opposite side and do the same, on any knots that you find knead with your fingers.
  • Knead the shoulder blades with your finger tips: Using your fingertips to make circular movements along the shoulder blades so as to get rid of any tension in the upper back muscles.

 neck massage

  • Apply focused pressure between the shoulder blades: Use the heel of your hand on this area so that you are not using focused pressure on the spine which can result into more pain. Make firm and long strokes from one shoulder blade to the other with the heel of the palm.
  • Involve various techniques on more parts: Sometimes neck pain is not specifically caused by the neck muscles but by areas around the neck for example the shoulders, upper back and even the chest so use different techniques on all these areas to make the massage more effective and interesting. Focusing on mainly on area can possibly become boring.
  • Avoid focusing pressure on bones: While massaging the neck do not over focus your pressure on bones because the bones may end up elevating the pain instead.

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