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Head massage is that one of the massage types that has not been so common but lately it is increasingly becoming popular because if done perfectly it can relieve terrible headaches and brings a very rare kind of relaxation not just for the head but for the entire body as a whole. The head is the most sensitive body part so if you are opting to give someone a head massage please do it with great attention and follow the techniques on how to do it perfectly. Research has proved that head massage can be very helpful in getting rid of depression, anxiety together with many other stress related problems. There is absolutely no need for you to go through the trouble of swallowing pain killers when  you can get rid of stress, headache and relax with a simple head massage.

how to give a head massage

Step to follow when giving a head massage

Get ready for the session: To have an effective head massage; relaxation and comfort is not an option. You must create an environment that will be very comfortable for the person being massaged. You can prepare for the massage by lighting some candles so that the room is not too dark and at the same time not too bright. Get rid of any unpleasant noises and put on some soft music to enlighten the mood. Do not forget to obtain some massage oil , especially the kind equipped with all the aromatherapy benefits, to be used for the session and remember to use as little as possible when needed.

Stand behind the person receiving the massage: When you are standing at the back it becomes very easy for you to reach your hands different parts of the head. Coming from the sides, spread your fingers through the person’s hair and gently apply pressure on the scalp with your finger tips and the heel of your palm. Keep moving your hands around the scalp until you have reached each and every area of the head, repeat the process for about three to five times.

Use one hand to rub the scalp: Let one of your hands hold the person’s forehead firmly so that it is stable enough and use the other hand to gently rub around the scalp. Use the heel of the hand to smartly rub different areas while moving the hand back and forth.

Man receiving a shiatsu massage

Rapidly rub with fingertips: For around one minute and a half; run through the scalp with just your fingertips but ensuring to reach out for all parts of the scalp. Start from the front sides going inwards to reach out for different parts of the scalp.

Make long strokes from the forehead backwards: You should make the person being massaged to tilt their head back a little bit so that your fingers can reach the hair line or top of the forehead. Make long strokes from the forehead taking your fingers backwards through the hair as you back down try to make circular movements for more effectiveness.

Make use of smooth strokes: As you finish the massage; make plain smooth and long strokes from the forehead downwards to the back of the head. Begin with pressure and as you get to the back of the head, carefully reduce it. After this you will be through with the head massage and the recipient should already be feeling some relief.

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